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Schweppes Range 12 x 1.1L - $15/$13.50 (S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Schweppes Range 12 x 1.1L look to be a good deal if you have Prime.

Dry Ginger Ale
Soda Water
Soda Water with Lime Juice

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    I like Schweppes, but last time I bought these from amazon they were flat.

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      Sans schweppervescence!

    • Same

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    I always feel sorry for the delivery driver that has to carry a box of these to my front door so I just buy them from the shops now…😅

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      I feel the same way, since i have two women who alternates delivering my Amazon stuff. Though, I might still order it. 😈

      • Yeh, one time I ordered 2 boxes of 24 cans and stupid Amazon put the 48 cans and all my other shopping in a giant box…the deliver driver was like f* that was heavy and told me to be careful carrying it in the house. 😬

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    aren't these often $1 each?

    • It's being around $1.25 (on special ) from woolies

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    Not sure if I love ginger ale and rum, or just ginger ale.

  • It’s $1 at Coles right now and $1 at Woolworths starting Wednesday 14 July. Add the 10% discount I get each month because of Woolworths mobile will be getting a dozen for 90c each.

    • for shwepps? It's $1.25 in Sydney, good to know sydneysiders get a 25c tax

  • No sugar raspberry and lemonade available too.