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TicWatch E3 $259.99 (up to 100% Cashback by Completing 21-Day Exercise Program, Twitter Required) @ Mobvoi


Interesting deal - complete a 21 day challenge and post Twitter updates and get up to 100% cashback depending on how many days you complete.

NOTE: You have to show an average heart rate of over 130bpm for each 20-minute session, which will not suitable for a number of people. As an intense exercise, HIIT is suitable for experienced contestants. Contestants should consult their physician or healthcare provider before joining the challenge.

Details -

Order Period: July 12, 2021 — July 18, 2021
Challenge Period: July 12, 2021 — August 18, 2021
Result Verification: Before August 18, 2021

During the 21 successive days challenge period (weekends and public holidays included) complete the 20 mins HIIT workout for (only 1 time per day) -

18 times = 100% cashback
15 times = 50% cashback
10 times = 20% cashback

Start the Challenge:
Order a TicWatch E3 from the Mobvoi Official Website (before July 18).

#1 Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

  • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3
  • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3
  • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge period.

#2 Daily Check-In:

  • Complete the 20 mins HIIT exercise with your TicWatch E3 (TicExercise —> Choose "High Intensity").
  • Share your HIIT exercise record Watermark or Chart (from the Mobvoi App) on Twitter and @Mobvoi_Official.

#3 Challenge Verification and Refund:

DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18).

You will receive a full/partial refund within one month. Congrats!

Referral Links

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Referee gets 5% off. Referrer gets 10% credit.

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  • +1

    Order just arrived as well which came from 'shipper only, not seller'

  • Mine just arrived too - now have to figure out if I have to do HIIT on their program or can do other things e.g. spin class?

    Being a complete twitter noob, what exactly do you need to post for the challenge announcement?

  • +1

    My Watch arrived but there's no HIIT Exercise mode?

    • +1

      Its updating hopefully that will sort it out.

      • let us know how u go, was interested to see if its possible to do "HIIT interval running" i.e. run during the HIIT stuff, then rest, then run again etc.. and not record "kms"

      • +2

        Update adds the High Intensity option for the TicExercise.

        • Hey I’m having the same issue, how do I go about updating?

          • @Calebb: Any luck? Mine doesn't seem to want to update…..

        • I think i have updated but it's still not showing up? How did you update it? Thanks

          • @ludeer: Once all connected to my phone it gave me a notification to download. Once that completed I restarted and it asked to install software.

            • @pepper84: This worked for me:
              1. First you need to sync the watch with your
              2. After pairing then you need to connect the watch to the charger, then it will install the update
              3. After installing the update open the “Tic Exercise” app and you will see the high intensity workout. There is a second exercise app, make sure you use the Tic one I guess

              Good luck :)

    • What's the watch like? Is the screen any good? Does it feel cheap or not too bad?

      • Screen is decent, a bit hard to see on normal brightness in the sun, but perfectly fine indoors

        Is ok if max brightness in the sun

        • I'll be upgrading from a garmin vivosport which is pretty dim unless the backlight kicks in so to me not coming from samsung watch/oled I'm sure it'll seem ok. thanks!

  • did my first warm up hitt session last night following some hottie on youtube. my heart rate went to 110 only… what do i need to do to boost it up more… can someone share their hiit program?

    • +3

      Here's some ideas on how to get a higher BPM fast.
      HIIT running. Do this in an oval or treadmill. When the timer starts, run as fast as you can. Like honestly as fast as you can. Walk during your rests. Guaranteed to get your BPM above 130 and stay there.
      Skipping. Literally just keep skipping as long as you can. When you fail, keep trying. Take a break every so often when you feel like dying but then start skipping again soon after.
      On my Mi Band I skipped for 15 mins and got an average BPM of 140. If it was for the challenge I would have kept going for another 5 mins for sure.

      • Id imagine interval running is the best too - just sprint for 30 seconds as fast as you can, and then walk quickly for a couple of minutes.
        Or run up a hill/driveway, then walk down

    • Use LesMillsOnDemand 14 day free trial to do some of their Grit Cardio/Strength/Plyo workouts - they have got 2 grit cardio workouts on YT if you are too lazy to sign up. I've been doing HIIT for years(p90x, insanity etc) and these are still tough. My resting HR is 50-55 but these workouts will still push me to 170(90% max recommended HR at my age). I can't do some of the YouTube strength workouts as my HR will only get to 110-120 so will have to do proper HIIT workouts for 3 weeks.

  • +1

    So just got my watch - is the idea your "21 days" challenge starts whe you upoad your unboxing?

    • thats my understanding

    • +1

      When you post your unboxing is the start.

    • Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

      • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3

      • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3

      • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

      21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge period.

  • +1

    Edit: updating now to get High Interval.

  • Looking for people to tag when my watch arrives, add me @Tehhaas

  • Just got the watch today. But Can't find 'High Intensity' within TicExercise menu.
    Anyone have that issue?
    Is it just a fraud?

    • +2

      Think you have to update watch or app, look above as someone comments about it.

      • +1

        Yes, a system update is required. It is initiated on the watch.

  • +2

    Initial thoughts:
    - took ages to update
    - wish the vibration was stronger and/or it made a noise
    - it vibrates when it comes from rest to exercise but not vice versa
    - the timer only updates once every 5-6 seconds, wish it updated every second when exercising

  • My body is ready, and I hope yours is too!

    Follow for a follow @Henry00912403

  • i cant seem to find a lot of people posting their accounts…

  • follow for a follow :) @xenobiotic_

  • https://twitter.com/D84400
    Follow for a follow

  • Can't find the hiit - went to update software on the watch but it says it's up to date. For the mobovoi app on my phone, nothing there. Help??

    • It has to be a system update, which is buried in an About menu.

      Add @CultivateDeath

      • Found it finally but the system update seems to have hanged. Will persist

  • +1

    mine still hasn't shipped ordered on wednesday :(

    • +1

      Did you order in the morning or night on Wednesday ?

      • night..

        • still waiting on mine too

  • anyone in perth get theirs? mine hasn't shipped yet (wed late order as well)

    • Not in Perth, though ordered Wednesday Night and the only status it is up to is Fulfillment: Success

      • +4

        Same here! I've emailed support to see whether I can get an ETA. Will report back if I hear anything.

        • Thanks

      • I haven't heard from Mobvoi yet, but I did get an Auspost notification saying a parcel is coming. Oddly, it says the package was sent "shipper only, not seller".

        From comments above, I'm guessing that's the watch.

        FYI, I ordered to a NSW address on Wed evening. Never got a confirmation email from Mobvoi, but can see the order on my account info.

      • +2

        Got a reply:

        Thank you for reaching out to the Mobvoi support team!

        We apologize for the inconvenience.

        Your order has already been shipped and your tracking number is [removed]. You could track the parcel via the link: [removed]. The tracking information will be updated later. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding. Generraly the delivery time is 2 to 5 working days, you still have enough days to take part in this activity.

        Kindly please be informed also that E3 is out of stock in your country now, that's why we mention"All orders will be shipped 7/31", for the orders that the shipping is delayed, the activity time will be extended.

        As always, thank you for supporting Mobvoi. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

        Best regards,
        The Mobvoi support team

        • for the record got mine today and started a workout!

  • +1

    Dont forget shopback cashback.

    • +1

      And referral codes

  • Ordered last night. Online in my mobivoi account I can see the prder, but I didn't get a confirmation email.

    • It was the same for me, I've got mine now.

      • When did you order it and do you know if it was shipped from within Australia or from overseas?

        • +1

          It says its from Silverwater NSW

  • Just received tracking ie. (Auspost App Notification) saying watch is being prepared/received tracking - brought Wed night.

    • what state are you? what is the ETA?

      • +1

        QLD, Auspost Notification just states: Shipping information received by Australia Post. Until it is processed at the Facility in Sydney they won't/have not got an ETA yet.

    • Same boat, wonder if it'll get delayed because of all the lockdowns at the moment.

  • Can anyone who has received theirs comment on battery life? Not many online reviews seem to have a position on it.

    Thanks in advance!

    • +2

      Not great actually but then I did quite a few hrs of exercise today (inc with gps tracking on). I had screen always on off too and it was fully charged this morning. Battery died at like 7pm

      • Thanks mate… Hope you finish the challenge and get it for free!

  • +4

    FYI; Feedback from Mobvoi re a possibility of the delayed deliveries for AU. (Info msg in shopping card: All orders will be shipped in 7/31.)

    Thank you for reaching out to the Mobvoi support team!

    We are sincerely sorry that the Ticwatch E3 is currently out of stock in AU. Please don't worry, if your order is placed before July 18, 2021, you will still be able to participate in this activity.

    The challenge period is 21 consecutive days after the day of the delivery, and the result confirmation date will be extended accordingly.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Best regards,

    The Mobvoi support team

    • +1

      So as long as you have brought it before the 18th of July, you'll still be able to go and do challenge and be eligible for refund is that right ?

  • follow for a follow :) @ceviche666

    • Followed, hmb @HIIIIIIIIIT1

  • +1

    Just checked my cc and was charged a international transaction fee for this transaction :O
    Anyone else??

    • Nope, did you do you order through the AU Store ?

      • Yes, from the au store it was. I think it is because, even though the payment is in AUD, it is processed outside Australia.
        Excerpt from HSBC CC documentation

        " … any currency (including AUD) that is processed or billed by either the
        merchant or its financial institution or payment processor outside of Australia."

        The transaction appears on the CC as
        www.mobvoi.com Hong Kong
        Posting date: 14 Jul 2021

    • Same here. I'm trying to get it refunded so I can use a different payment method.

    • I'm with Commbank and didn't get charged a fee

    • +1

      I also got stung with int fee via PayPal

  • If people still need an twitter add! @DiegoJosePT

  • Anyone add my Twitter acc pls @WilliamKok9? Thank you.

    • You sure that's right? no result when searching @WilliamKok9

  • So what's the go with the workout? You actually need to program it with squats etc and can't just press start and follow a video on YouTube for 20 mins…? Seems a little clunky

    • It seems like it needs to have a program set up. That said, it could be several groups of "Others" in a row to total 20 minutes. I don't know anything about HIIT really, and literally do, "Head, shoulders, knees and toes", for a while as part of "Others". I think it is all about keeping the heart rate up, not the specific moves.

  • Add mine as well @peterlr95 Thanks

  • ordered a day ago and was told shipping was 2 weeks due to stock issues. The contest will be hard to qualify.

  • Ordered Wednesday night and apparently AusPost has the parcel now, god help me.

    I'll be working through the thread following everyone, hit me back https://twitter.com/Sl0th_man

    • http://bit.ly/selfyoutubesub

      I'm addition, the mobvoi posted in the challenge

      Stay tuned to our official Twitter account. Every Monday (starting from July 19), we will publish a one-week training plan/demonstration video, which could be a good start to your HIIT challenge.

  • Can someone share some hiit program?

  • Someone to add me pls?? https://twitter.com/crazymadmayo

  • it seems to be out of stock now , says payment failed and is not accepting PayPal too

    • I couldn’t pay by PayPal but can pay by credit card

  • Thanks for contacting Mobvoi support!

    I am sorry your order hasn't dispatched yet because TicWatch E3 has out of stock. The estimated shipping time of your order is July 31. Your patient waiting and understanding is very much appreciated!

    As always, thank you for supporting Mobvoi. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    • +2

      You should still be able to participate in the challenge. That's the response I got from them:

      Hi there. Don't worry, If you ordered in 7/12 - 7/18, and the logistics problems caused late receipt of goods, you can still participate in the challenge. And the challenge period will be 21 consecutive days after you receive it and announce the challenge.

      • Good to know thanks..

  • +1

    Rookie error - did an excercise today with lots of 'others' and figured it would just keep on going. Nope. It stopped at 19.25. Disaster.
    Did a new excercise style with more of the 'others' that is meant to take 40 mins instead and sent the wife out for a run with the watch on. She just stopped it after 25 mins.

  • Anyone add my Twitter acc plz

  • Can a few people add me too :)


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