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TicWatch E3 $259.99 (up to 100% Cashback by Completing 21-Day Exercise Program, Twitter Required) @ Mobvoi


Interesting deal - complete a 21 day challenge and post Twitter updates and get up to 100% cashback depending on how many days you complete.

NOTE: You have to show an average heart rate of over 130bpm for each 20-minute session, which will not suitable for a number of people. As an intense exercise, HIIT is suitable for experienced contestants. Contestants should consult their physician or healthcare provider before joining the challenge.

Details -

Order Period: July 12, 2021 — July 18, 2021
Challenge Period: July 12, 2021 — August 18, 2021
Result Verification: Before August 18, 2021

During the 21 successive days challenge period (weekends and public holidays included) complete the 20 mins HIIT workout for (only 1 time per day) -

18 times = 100% cashback
15 times = 50% cashback
10 times = 20% cashback

Start the Challenge:
Order a TicWatch E3 from the Mobvoi Official Website (before July 18).

#1 Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

  • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3
  • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3
  • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge period.

#2 Daily Check-In:

  • Complete the 20 mins HIIT exercise with your TicWatch E3 (TicExercise —> Choose "High Intensity").
  • Share your HIIT exercise record Watermark or Chart (from the Mobvoi App) on Twitter and @Mobvoi_Official.

#3 Challenge Verification and Refund:

DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18).

You will receive a full/partial refund within one month. Congrats!

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Referee gets 5% off. Referrer gets 10% credit.

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  • I'm a bit confused on how to setup the HIIT session. Can I just add 10 X Other sessions and then increase the time for each one to 2 mins and remove the breaks and I just need to have an average heartrate of 130bpm or higher in that timeframe? And I assume the resting time is part of the overall 20 mins it's just that your heartrate might decrease in that time?

    • +1

      Yeah, that's what I did. Basically loads of 'others' with no rest time, just made sure the overall workout was well over 20 mins.

      • Ah okay cool and just stop it manually after 20 mins?

        • +1

          Yep. Hold down the bottom button for about 3 seconds and you are done.

  • How do I get Twitter followers for this? I've added people from this thread but have no followers so won't be able to complete the challenge?

  • Add me guys and I'll follow back, let's do it!

  • Try this
    inhale longer and more vigorously than your exhale to Increase your heart rate

    • Yeah i was testing this with my trial run with my fitbit. artificially upped my BPM a good 10-20beats probably not the healthiest option but also helps maintain the BPM during resting phases i suppose.

  • +1

    Still waiting for the watch to arrive in QLD…

    Received and ready for processing
    Date & time Thu 15 Jul, 6.44pm

    • Same

  • We're kick starting a cheap skate twitter fitness community!
    Add me and I'll follow you back https://twitter.com/PeterWilkinso18

    • Hey please follow me back @baddychuu

  • +2

    If you've got tips on how to achieve the target without destroying yourself for the next day, share them here!

    • +1

      I said it above but try emphasizing the inhales, the opposite method can be used to slowing heart rate too

    • +4

      I use www.fitnessblender.com and pick cardio-focused workouts that are at least 20 mins in length and 4/5 in difficulty.

      I like fitness blender because it’s unpretentious, free, and usually includes warming up and cooling down sessions in the videos (so I pick videos that last >30 mins and look in the fine print for the actual exercise time). I think warm ups / cool downs will be very important for longevity (18 days is a long time).

      Also, I don’t start the HIIT function on the watch until after the warm up, and I end the session on the watch before the cool down. No point in dropping the “average” heart rate for the session.

    • +1

      Finished my 1st workout and found it pretty tough going. I started out running up a hill, but really struggled to get my heart rate above 130 doing that (lord knows why, I was puffing like a train…).

      Did some push ups and planks for a while because my legs felt like jelly. At 8 minutes in I seriously considered bailing as I knew my average heart rate was unlikely to be over 130 and I was busted.

      Decided to try flat ground running and began jogging to the nearest field, surprisingly even the jog was enough to kick my heart rate up to 150. Finished the last 10 minutes by running about 80m whenever my heart rate dropped back to 140.

      It's going to take a big effort for this watch to be free…..

      • how fit are you? i'm overweight my heart rate easly gets over 130.. which is not great.. also i get near to 180 at times which is not good..

        • Somewhere in the middle. I'm 85kg and 195cm. Not carrying much excess weight, but it has been a long time since I did regular exercise.

    • Also I suggest making sure you've got at least 25 minutes in your HIIT routine. I stopped at 20 minutes and my heart rate was still well above 130bps at 21mins 30 seconds when my routine ended. Would have been a bummer if my average had been under 130 and I could have snuck it up just by letting the watch record my terrible recovery time.

    • I can hit the target easily just light jogging on the spot - and I mean light, downstair neighbors wouldn't even notice.

  • +1

    I've decided not to go through with the challenge and I'm trying to return the product now - so far it is a disaster. To return you need to register for their support account, to do that you need to get a verification email, and the system is not sending out verification emails.

    • was having same issure, i had to register thought their sales site

    • +5

      Not keen on the excercise? Or don't like the watch?

  • Has anyone had an issue with connecting the watch?
    I have an iPhone X with the latest iOS. I downloaded Wear OS and for all intents it seems to be connected through that. I can access the Watch Battery window on the app for instance. However on the watch itself it seems to be stuck on the "On your phone, download & open Wear OS". Anyone have any ideas?

    Edit: After resetting to factory settings and restarting and more importantly, skipping set up with a Google account on the Wear OS app, the set up seems to have gone through successfully.

  • I received my tw3. Unboxed and connected to my phone wearos and all.
    I don't see the HIIT mode on tw3. How do I force update the software? Others on the forum said they received an update automatically.

    • +4

      On watch, need to go to Settings then About then you'll find the Software Update option.

      • Thanks mate. Kicked that off. Feels chunky on my tiny wrist but watch is smooth and no other complaints.

  • was at a steady 145bpm and i think while i was rowing it minimized the session, and then when i reopened it, it said my heart rate was 80? (definitely wasnt) so i had to go hard constantly on the bike to compensate, it very very slowly rose up and then after a few minutes it got up to 197 lol, hope no one gets screwed over by that happening to them.

    • It's average over the 20mins?

      • yes but with it staying between 80 and 100 for a few minutes without it updating was gonna bring down the average, even with reaching 197 and staying around 170 for the remainder i still got average of 143

        • +1

          Yeah i checked my chart earlier because I was noticing my BPM dropped from 140 to 90 randomly. Checked the chart i posted to twitter and it was the only drop throughout the workout. I did tighten the strap right after to ensure contact, unsure if that did anything, but it was odd because I'm unfit as hell and there was no way my BPM dropped that much right after burpees. definitely going to over deliver on the BPM requirement to get my money's worth

    • +1

      Sounds like a faulty or shitty HRM sensor? Please report back if the issue persists, because that can affect us completing the challenge.

  • ordered 13th still waiting…..

    • +2

      Maybe reach out to their support/twitter. seemed someone other's have reached out for clarification on orders. I've already received mine, ordered on the 16/07.

      • Lucky duck.
        Ordered on the 15th (Thursday) still no response..

    • Got mine today

  • Do we need to have people following us twitter? cant we just tag?

    • +2

      Yeah that's what i thought

  • +2

    I checked with TicWatch support by email and this is the reply I received:

    Thank you for reaching out to the Mobvoi support team!

    We are sincerely sorry that the Ticwatch E3 is currently out of stock in AU, all orders will be shipped on 7/31 Please don't worry, for orders that are placed before July 18, 2021, you will still be able to participate in this activity.

    The challenge period is 21 consecutive days after the day of the delivery, and the result confirmation date will be extended accordingly.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • +8

    Hopefully everyone read the further info on the mobvoi site and realised you have to DM the Mobvoi Twitter your details after your challenge announcement to confirm availability?

    -DM Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) by sending your Order Number + Mobvoi App ID (User Name + Email) to confirm eligibility.

    Just thought I'd point it out since it wasn't in the original post and it might save this "ending in tears" for some people if we don't tick all the boxes.

    • Good to know, thanks

    • thanks. May I ask do you get reply after DM?

      • Yes, they replied to me after 15 hours.

        • thanks really appreciated it

      • Yes but it can take a while, it took 22 hours for me to receive a reply. Perhaps they respond once a day

    • Thanks @frosty88.. missed doing that

    • I read it as this was a final step.

      "DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18)."

    • Thanks for this. I DMed them this morning and got a response within the day thanking me for sending in the details and wishing me luck.

  • +3

    A tip I would add is to have your session slightly longer than 20 mins if you can bear it. Usually at the start of any session you'll be way under 130 so you might spend the first minute just getting up to speed. Having a couple of extra spare minutes will also help in terms of if you happen to rest a bit longer throughout the session for any reason e.g. I just got a call in the middle of my session but even after taking it and talking for a few minutes, I hopped back in and smashed through the rest of my session to end at 22 mins and still got an average BPM of over 130.

    Remember the conditions are a HIIT session of at least 20 mins so there's no harm in doing longer.

    • +1

      I recommend making your session well over 20 mins. Make it 30. You can stop it when you like. When you're done, keep the session going until your heart rate drops back under 130 and then stop it.

  • +1

    anyone got screen protector for the watch?

    • Not yet, I might order tonight. Just gonna get a generic tempered glass 38mm and see how that goes.

      • cant find any on ebay as E3 is pretty new.

        • It doesn't have to be for the E3, there's plenty of generic 38mm glass circles.

      • Couldn't tell from ebay pages - do the discs come with adhesive?

    • Would be funny to see a screen protector that costs more than the watch

  • Is anyone aware of an app that you can hit a start button and it will then show your average heart rate since you pressed the button?

    • Wahoo fitness can show HR and average HR.

  • +1

    Did anyone's HIIT session randomly stop? I set my "others" session for 26 mins, I went for a run today and was checking it everynow and then.. first time is topped at 11mins, second time it stopped at 18mins.. hopefully mobvoi accept two sessions

    • +1

      just going through twitter, they didn't accept someone who just missed out at 19:40 or something, then posted a 10 min run after.

      but haven't had mine stop yet.

    • Maybe turn the auto-pause feature off just in case. I wonder if your wrist hit the button long enough to stop the exercise. Dunno.

    • Day 9 now for me. I've had 3 sessions stop prematurely. I've had to start again which is extremely frustrating. I wear it on my right wrist, perhaps the button pressed against my arm during Burpees or kettlebell swings.

  • +1

    how to change tilt face? currently it's the red looking one

    • Did you mean watch face? If so, try swiping down > settings > display > change watch face?

      • Nah the face when you tilt your watch. It has red font

        • If you use "always on" display it shows a darkened version of the watch face you have selected

    • I had the same question! They offer so many watch faces but when tilting the watch to look at it, the terrible default screen appears and can't be changed (without setting always-on).

      • dont know how to change that but i disabled essential mode and now when I tilt it will go to the chosen watch face (maybe using more battery)

  • Haven't received mine yet but couple of questions for those who already have it :)
    - can you easily view your heartrate while the hiit program is running?
    - can you run the hiit program and then take dog for run without it showing up as different exercise? He stops every 2 mins anyway so it is essentially hiit but don't want GPS tracking or something overwriting the hiit program if that makes sense.
    Judging from comments above should be able to do both of these but just making sure it's doable before I open it if it ever arrives.

    Also, how detailed is the hr tracking? Some other newer watches say they have EKG function and can detect arrhythmias. All I could read on the website and reviews for this watch is that it has a heartbeat app so I guess just detects rate? Not rythym changes? Just curious,

    • +1

      Yes, you can easily view your heart rate while in the HIIT but the text isn't especially large. There are no numbers in the video but the end of the HIIT setting tutorial shows the blank area on the right where your heart rate will appear.


      Yes you can start the HIIT program on the watch and do other exercise. I have been doing this during my usual gym workouts, hubby has been doing beatsaber and another VR exercise program because he "hates exercise for exercise sake". Basically if he's doing something fun then he will do it 😁 Hopefully you can keep your average up enough while taking the dog for a run, can always do something during the short breaks if you need such as star jumps, high knees etc.

      I did notice yesterday an auto run setting turned on when I was warming up before I started the HIIT program, I assume this is triggered by your heart rate reaching a certain level but I doubt it would begin if you already started tracking. I was staying the the same room so I can't be sure but presumably it's just to catch those times when you haven't started a workout and wouldn't appear another workout was already running.

      As far as heart rate it shows your daily, weekly and monthly highest and lowest heart rates on a bar graph along with high and low heart rate alerts but there is no info there for me as I haven't hit either of those. I'm assuming it uses the age you entered and the standard formula of 220 - (your age) = maximum heart rate as mine is the same as that.

      I can't see anything fancier than that. There is a line with white dots connecting them on the weekly view - it doesn't say what that indicates but my guess is average heart rate as I can't think of anything else it might be.

    • +1

      No, this watch doesn't have EKC/ECG (same thing).

      • Thanks very much to both of you!

  • +2

    a tip for others, go to settings in the exercise app and turn on TTS . I turned on TTS - 10minutes, and i believe it now speaks to me when doing the workout, a lot more helpful than staring at the screen. (at every interval not 10min)

    also dont forget to turn on the always on display, although it doesn't update fast, its still helpful.

  • +1

    Anyone know how to turn off the TicHealth notification to get up and go for a walk? It's a bit annoying when it goes off and you're just trying to watch a 2 hour movie.
    Edit: I think I got it. Need to go into Settings, Apps & Notifications, App notifications, Show All, TicHealth, Reminder. Or just turn off all TicHealth notifications.

    • Thank you! Bugged the hell out of me too

  • Has anyone who ordered on 16/7 or later received theirs or any notifications?

    • +1

      ordered on 16 havnt got mine yet

      • +1

        Ordered on 16 and haven't received either.

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