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Wingspan Board Game $58 + Delivery @ Gamerholic


Hope everyone is doing well, haven't had a sale for a while!

We are offering $58 for Wingspan.

Please enter WINGSPAN10 for $10 off Wingspan at checkout.

We offer flat shipping of $10 & $16 for PO BOX, Parcel Locker and rural areas.

Dispatch within 3 business days from the day of purchase.

Due to lockdown, pick-up is not available.

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  • +3

    Is this game any good to play with the family ? say with kids from 8-16 ?

    • +9

      Yes, it's a great game to play with older kids to adults.

      How to play video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgDgcLI2B0U

    • +1

      It's a great game for our family. 8 years is a little young maybe depending on the child. Recomended age is 10+, but its is a great game around here.

    • I haven't played wingspan, but 8 to 16 is a hard gap to bridge - I've found playing in teams with younger kids helps (adult and kid plays against older kids).

      Check out the Jurassic park game - it's great because it's 1 dinosaur player Vs multiple human players, and the dinosaurs just demolish the humans. My 8 yo loves playing the dinosaurs, with the occasional strategic suggestion from me to keep it interesting. The older human players don't need to pull their punches because the dinosaurs are pretty over-powered.

      The other thing I do is arbitrary rules changes to make it easier for younger players (eg take two moves instead of one, extra cards/pieces, etc).

      A very weird coop game my kids love is aquicorn cove. Worth checking out, seems like it would work for a wide spread of ages.

      Castle panic is another good but simple coop - I've played that with 7yo and 16yo, worked really well. I think castle panic is probably your best bet.

  • Damn, any chance I can add this to an order I already made that hasn't shipped yet? Pretty please?

    • +10

      Sure, what is your order number? Only if it's made directly via our website though!

      • Thank you! It is #15044, it's still sitting at confirmed so assuming it hasn't been packed yet.

        • +21

          It's being packed today. I have sent you a direct invoice for this item. If you could kindly pay before 5pm.

      • Good job OP

  • +1

    Does this include the Swift Start Pack?

    • Hi,

      No it doesn't.

      • Hi Gamerholic, that's interesting, as mine did. Perhaps you thought it was a separate expansion, but I think it now is included in the stock standard box.

        • I think the early print did not have the swift starter pack, but the 2nd print did

          • @docians: I just wanted to say (and probably wasn't clear): The one I just received from Gamerholic did include it.
            So his statement that "it doesn't" is incorrect.

    • hi jozero, what is the Swift Start Pack ?

      • +1

        @nekov: not to be snarky but first result when searching: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Swift+Start+Pack

        promo pack that gets included in the base game from a certain reprinting onwards. Guess this version is an older printing maybe therefore the discounted price?

  • +14

    I have heard negative things about Gamerholic, beware

  • +1

    Love this game - hours of fun with the mrs before we had a baby - great price. Bought from gamerholic via kogan marketplace - item came box damaged but customer service was good.

  • +26

    Gamerholic are a very questionable retailer from the perspective of the boardgame community.
    They're well documented issues regarding poor packaging (for example they've sent games to me in the equivalent of a garbage bag - no padding), customer service and refunds/replacements.

    Here's my poor experience.
    They still owe me a refund (+ the shipping costs) of a game called Concordia Venus (purchased approximately 2 years ago). It is a unique game in that originally, Concordia Venus was an expansion to the base game Concordia - but a subsequent release (of Concordia Venus) included the base game. I purchased the latter (which Gamerholic clearly advertised as the version which included the base game and expansion), however the shipped me the expansion only version. I contacted them, they were unable to offer a replacement (as they were sold out), so they agreed to a refund (+ my shipping costs). I sent the game back (including a shipping receipt) - which was tracked as delivered. Correspondence across approximately a two month period (edit: just checked my inbox, it was 5 months) from memory, only for them to never actually refund the purchase or shipping.

    As someone who purchases a large amount of boardgames, this is very frustrating as they often have the best price.

    People on Australian Boardgaming facebook groups have had similar experiences and they even have a warning (regarding that some users have had issues) on the main price comparison website for board games (the only store to have a warning).

    Edit: I welcome gamerholic to contact me to discuss further/refund me my money

    • +2

      Can confirm, packaging is terrible. Thankfully my games arrived unscathed and I didn't have to deal with them.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your message and I do apologise for the inconvenience.
      If you could kindly send an email with [email protected] with the following details.
      Date of purchase:
      Refund Amount:

      Thank you

    • +3

      Thanks for the warning. I was half considering this deal but now will definitely avoid. Mistakes happen but to have no response / refund after that length of time is unforgivable IMO.

      • +2

        They responded quite a few times, including apologising for their mistake, providing shipping details etc.
        They just never bloody refunded. Looking back through the email chain the main sticking point was that postage was $25 instead of the $16 they expected.
        I just emailed them again, so fingers crossed a refund comes through promptly.

        • Sorry yes I understood what you meant - just pretty bad for the whole thing to drag out that long and still no refund.

          I guess some may still consider them if they have an option to pay by PayPal so that such disputes are assured to be better handled.

    • +1

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I've ordered from them for the first time (one previous order, they didn't have stock and refunded promptly, it happens and no complaints there).

      The customer service I've received today has been great. I'll see how the order arrives. They do often seem to have the best prices (ignoring dodgy ebay sellers), but not by enough to overlook significant issues. Australia post is not gentle, so boxes (with fillers - paper/air pack things - if there are biggish gaps) or padded bags really are required and that's always the way I've received my board games from other stores.

    • Thanks for the report of your experience. I was going to purchase this but it sounds like the hassle isn't worth saving $10. I'll avoid them in the future too.

  • +1

    Wingspan is a competitive bird-collection, engine-building game for 1-5 players.

  • -1

    Cheaper on ebay after throwing on shipping…

  • -1

    Would be tempted if not for gameologys bad reputation.

    • +5

      wrong store

      • +2

        was halfway through fixing it when edit got disabled because you replied XD

    • Sorry meant gamerholic, I hate how similar all the tabletop shop names are >.<

      • +2

        It's funny because as much as I struggle with all the similar names I find it really hard to remember any that don't have 'game' in the title

        If I were opening a shop it would definitely be game + a random word:
        - gameloaders
        - gameboxbox
        - gamewatchers
        - gamecrawl
        - gamerock

        all could be viable

  • Shipping makes this less off a deal compared to Amazon (which has the Swift Start Pack) and eBay - @Gamerholic any chance of a shipping deal?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your message.
      I do apologise but not at this stage.

  • Waiting for this game to be release on iOS.
    It’s currently on sale ($20) on the switch

  • +7

    No idea what the game is but buying to surprise the wife as she loves birds and volunteers to help wounded ones. Cheers.

    • +1

      Great game for birders.

    • -1

      buying to surprise the wife

      I think the aim of the game is to shoot more birds than the other players…

      • +1

        I think you're confusing this game with another one. You attract birds to your wildlife reserve with food, where they lay eggs and live happily ever after.

        • +1

          Some birds do get eaten by other birds though.

      • Remember Duck Hunt on master system?

    • is an amazing game to play, you don't know the other people score until the end of the game so is kinda relaxing?!

    • And if you end up enjoying it, there's an Oceania expension for something more local!


  • +5


    That's a bit hard to swallow…

    • +5

      You should tweet your comments

    • +4

      Well, if it isn't our resident galah.

    • Yeah it would take away from your nest egg.

  • +8

    If you have any interest in Scythe, Viticulture, Red Rising or the Wingspan expansions I strongly recommend going directly to the Stonemaier webstore, paying the $20 to becoming a Champion member then you get 25% off all their games. They currently have Wingspan for $80 (so $60) and the Oceania Expansion for $40 (so $30) so that's the membership covered (and then some) and then by the time you've bought Scythe and all the expansions you'll have saved a packet and you'll get the latest printings too, not an older version like this deal.

    • +1

      great point
      I wasnt aware of this store and was looking for viticulture
      Do you know if there is a shipping fee? (sorry I have to put in all my details to find out)
      and it alerts me that there will be an international credit card fee, though I may order from the Australian webstore

      • +2

        Shipping seems to be

        $8 -small
        $15 - medium
        $18 - heavy
        $34.50 - extra heavy (i may have this one slightly out, but I think it's right, either this or slightly higher)

        I played around a bit earlier as I'm considering getting some items.

        • +1

          So shipping kinda cancels the benefit of having a membership?

          ie you pay for your membership to get your discount on the games and then lose it back on shipping

          Unless you buy many games

          Eg membership $20
          Viticulture $60- save $20
          Then pay 18 shipping
          Total cost $98 plus international cc fees

          Or buy at Amazon for $80

          If I buy many games I pay $35 shipping
          But like Ausgeno said, you get the latest prints, and then you don't have the hassle of dealing with another company that may take two years to refund your money

          • @docians: You get the discount off the shipping too.

            I just bought the membership, Oceania and European expansions for Wingspan, plus the starter pack this doesn't come
            with (I'm not sure I need it, it was pretty easy to learn without it, but for $6 I got it anyway) and Viticulture for $154 including shipping, which was $13.50 (heavy 25% off).

            I have some bank accounts that don't charge international fees, otherwise it seems touch and go whether you get charged them.

            They also say 7-10 business days to ship, which is less than ideal. They do have a 20 day price guarantee so if they put it on special you can claim a refund of the difference.

  • Thanks OP. Been looking for something else to do with missus rather than Veg Out on the couch and be subjected to love island!

  • +1

    Don’t order from this company. I’ve had 5/6 orders get canceled due to no stock. Worth paying the extra $10 or whatever to be certain you’ll get what you pay for. They’ve also had years to fix the issues discussed.

  • Check back soon! We are constantly restocking.

  • I'm admiring the cover/art.

  • The shop very bad reviews
    Checked a few five star review and most of the account only has 1 review and created on the day of the review.

    But if you can meet them in person, they can arrange meet and pick up service in Hurstville, NSW

  • Decided to go with Amazon because it includes the swift pack, plus all the poor reviews for this retailer.

    • Go with your flgs instead of Amazon

      • +1


      • I can easily claim price protection with Amazon sadly

  • +1

    OP should take the comments in the right spirit and revamp their customer service!

  • Is it fun just for two adults?

    • Also curious…

    • +1

      I enjoyed it with 2 and 4 players.

      4 player was more frustrating because if you need something that's available it's likely to be gone by your next turn, plus you have to wait while everyone else has their turn (not too long if people are decisive). Stuff gets reset more often though, so if you need something and it's not available, it might get reset by your next turn.

      2 player is kind of the opposite, almost no time between turns, but stuff doesn't reset as often so you might need to use more of your turns to do it if you can't get the stuff you need. Often if you need something it will still be there next turn.

      I preferred 2 because it was a bit faster paced. Board Game Geek voted 3 players as best, which is probably true, a balance between 2 and 4, but it's still enjoyable at either 2 or 4. I guess it also kind of depends if you're evenly matched.

      • I do like the mechanics that keep you engaged between turns, it's not a game where you are bored or can completely tune out between turns as what other players do might affect you.

  • +1

    Pros: lovely bird art
    Good engine mechanic placing a card on the mat to progress in the three environments

    Neutral: less competitive as you aim to build your optimal sanctuary (almost silo gameplay)

    Cons: lots of text reading
    Flimsy birdfeeder

    Overall good game for medium to advanced boardies, for beginners I would suggest a gateway drug game

  • +1

    Just received my copy, it arrived quickly, well packed and undamaged!

  • +1

    Received my order today. Ordered several items and they came in a sturdy box. No damage, all items accounted for. Very happy with the customer service received and the items.

    Edit: Just realised it came with the Swift-Start Pack too. Very happy with that. I'll give the pack I bought for a few dollars to a friend who bought the game before it was included.

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