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30% off Almost Sitewide + 25% Cashback with Cashrewards (capped at $25) @ Under Armour


30% off Almost Everything + 25% cashback at Cashrewards (capped at $25) @ Under Armour

looks like a good deal. I want to grab some tights and long sleeves. let me know what you think please.

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    "Your payment was rejected. Please try again. " what happened?

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      Looks like your payment was rejected. You should try again.

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        Nice troll

      • I think so too

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        this made me laugh out loud

  • Damn it, I just ordered new shoes from UA before reading this.

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      Order the same stuff again with discount, and return the previous order (cancel it before it ships if you can).

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        This is the way haha

  • Did anybody's payment go through? it keeps saying "Your payment was rejected. Please try again. "

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      I just paid through paypal without issue.

    • i used paypal with my debit card, didn't have an issue.

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      Thanks all. i asked them to reset my account and the payment went through.

  • Even the Outlet items are still too expensive for me after the discount

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      Got 4 tops for the gym at about 20 each.

      Good quality so worth it.

      Tempted by the hoody for about 26 post discount but couldn't bring myself to get the cart above 100.

      Shorts / pants are still expensive though.

      No good ultraboosts left on Adidas site so was tempted by the shoes but styling / colourway not the best.

    • $25 for a tee plus 30% discount and 25% cashback seems pretty good value to me for good quality clothing.

      • Yeah the t-shirts are pretty good value but that's about it. Then there is shipping on top.

        • Just create a new account with a throw away email for the first free shipping.

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          Then there is shipping on top.

          free returns. Spend over minimum and send back excess

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    Yeah, to be honest when I went into the UA outlet in ACT they had ridiculously good prices!

    These are OK! The best sales go up to 60% off, plus CB.

    CB is capped, so you could probably get 1 item at half price from outlet.

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    Underwear is good value if you're looking for stuff thats good to excercise in. Works out at around ~$7 a pair if buying enough to avoid paying shipping :)

  • bit annoying how discount code woks, white shoes in a lot of varieties are still cheaper even with 30% off.

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    I want to grab some tights and long sleeves. let me know what you think please.

    Some photos would help

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      looks like there is limited options left. grabbed the cheapest ones.

  • Voted for the "Almost Sitewide"

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    Thanks OP, snagged some basketball shoes. Embiid 1 and Spawn 3 great value.

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      You will love the the Spawn 3 - absolutely incredible performance for this price. Probably the best non-signature pair I've tried from UA. Plus good outdoor durability so far

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        Awesome, can't wait. Black colorway is slick too!

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    Love their tights and tanks for gym!

  • Thanks OP. I was contemplating on whether or not to buy a pair of training shoes last night. Glad i waited, got two pairs and shorts

    • Which training shoes did you get?

      • Got the black HOVR Phantom Running Shoes and the HOVR Rise 2 Training in white

    • Cash back tracked the ex GST amount

      @tightarse - on the app it doesn't say anywhere clearly it's ex GST. It's advertised at 25%, max $25 with no mention of ex GST.

  • Thanks OP!

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    Curry 8 never discounted

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    Once again I am late but ask any questions if you have any! I'm not paid to do this and not connected with the online store so I'll be completely honest with you

  • Waiting anxiously for this to track o.O, bought this morning at about 10am and used the browser extension

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      Mine just now tracked instantly

  • $83 for Men's UA HOVR™ Machina 2 Running Shoes OR $108 for Adidas Ultraboost 21? Any recommendations?

    • maybe youtube performance review can answer. i would go for adidas UB

  • Can’t get the Project Rock 3 shoes
    Must be excluded?

  • Can you use afterpay as payment and still get the cashback?

    • I did and so far looks good with Cashrewards showing as tracked.

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    Ordered a pair of boots yesterday morning using the code, just received an email issuing a refund.

    "Here’s the gear that was refunded. If you ordered this gear and didn’t receive it, we’re sending you a refund because it was out of stock. We’re sorry for the inconvenience."

    Still showing up as in stock on the website. Disappointing.

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