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Nintendo Amiibo Metroid Dread - Samus & E.M.M.I. Double Pack $44 + Shipping (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Not on bargain or anything (at least not yet ) but these are hard to find for Pre order and are being scalped for more than double the price.
Just letting people know where to get it while its available and not at scalpers price.

If these are like the original amiibos for Metroid Samus returns on the 3DS then it will be rare as hens teeth down the track and now worth $150+

Very confident these will be sold out soon.

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    So PSA and not a bargain?

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      It'll be a bargain in a few months when its worth more.

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        Almost every Nintendo product becomes a collectable at some point. Should we post everything Nintendo releases because it will probably be worth more in the future? I don't think so.

        • -2

          Yes sure. I'd like that.

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            @J6: Agree this would be helpful

        • -2

          Not really.

          not all Nintendo is a collectables, some are worth nothing nowadays. Look at Balan Wonderworld, no one even wants to touch that game and keeps dropping in price. JB Hifi also has some Amiibos sitting there for months and unsold even at $20 (i.e. Banjo, Terry, Simon, Richter etc.)

          I've been collecting Nintendo stuff for many years and simply pointing out items i know will go up overtime.

          As i clearly said this wasn't a bargain so I am not sure why you asking if it is a bargain and negging this post?

          • @SpeedRunnerLink:

            As i clearly said this wasn't a bargain so I am not sure why you asking if it is a bargain and negging this post?

            I'm negging it because it's not a bargain. The real question is if you don't think it's a bargain, why are you posting it on a bargain site?

      • Promoting this only exacerbates the bubble gaming is in right now. It'll cause a lot of people pain in the future when it comes crashing down, just like in the 90s when everyone was buying issue 01 of every comic hoping that one day it'd become valuable.

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    This is no different than the huge amounts of threads for ps5 and Xbox, ignore the negs OP, thanks for the heads up on this hard to acquire item.

    • Im not sure why people neg it.

      I did clearly say it wasn't a bargain.

      I'm just letting nintendo fans know that its in stock somewhere before they become overpriced and hard to find.

      • +1

        Probably because this site is called ozbargain, not ozrrp.
        And yes, the ps5, xbox posts are just as bad.

        • +1

          I respect people have different opinions of what are considered bargains.

          And I think that’s what the upvotes and downvotes are for.

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    Thanks OP

  • Alternatively, you can keep an eye on Amazon. Occasionally comes back into stock (I assume when someone cancels their pre-order).


  • Does this have a printing error or something? Not sure Amiibos are worth this much … they usually get discounted as part of clearance before they start appreciating in the long run.

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      Considering it's a two pack it's not that bad a price. I don't recall the Samus Returns of other Metroid Amiibos being sold that cheap, I think it's only certain ones that they made more of that end up in clearance sales.

    • At one stage Nintendo was producing more amiiibo then the market wanted which caused some clearances.
      Now they release enough or even a shortage and generally are sold out at full price.

    • Usually Amiibos specifically designed for the game are much more popular.

      The Smash bros' ones arent useful as they are not for the original game.

      Usually these Amiibos will provide bonus in game items or levels/difficulties.

      The Metroid ones (not the Smash Bros. ones) are usually very limited.

      Hence people are buying them up like crazy.

      If this release is similar to the Monster Hunter Rise 2 Amiibos recently which were very limited then there should may be a 2nd run of these.

  • I reckon you can figure out $16 more there and use the Latitude $15 off $60 if eligible .

  • OOS !!!

    • Just got one. It looks to be back in stock

      • Sold again lol

        • And back again. Kind of odd that they keep adding stock, most other places sell out and don't replenish presumably because they can't get any more

          • @FireRunner: Yeah looking a bit sus .

            I know they have cancelled orders in the past so don’t have your hopes up high

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    Bought 2 and used the $15 LatitutePay offer + free shipping, so $73 which is great.

  • -1

    Don't worry they will keep on reloading hehe .
    That why I'm out .

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    Last time I checked, this website was called Ozbargain and not Ozcollectables.

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