This was posted 6 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phantom 10GB (Non LHR) $1788 + Delivery @ TechFast


Update 2pm 19 Jul: My order which was placed 1 minute before posting this deal just got a tracking number, for reference

Luke from TechFast reached out to me about this incredible deal on a RTX 3080 non-LHR model, a good $150+ off from the recent popular deal

Gainward may not be a well known brand in Australia, but they are a subsidiary of Palit, the largest GPU manufacturers in the world. From a quick look around, this gpu cooling is decent enough to mine ethereum without any further modification if you so choose

Upon further inspection, this card seems to have the same pcb as the Palit GameRock 3080, (Source), and the Palit GameRock is renowned to sometimes be able to mine Eth at 100Mh+ @ 175W, (Source), so you may get lucky :)

From Luke:

Cards will be shipping now through to the end of July. These will be the final non LHR cards we have and are getting.

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  • I have shipping confirmation - will let everyone know when I receive it. I ordered within the first 30 minutes.

    • I also have shipping confirmation. Ordered 30mins after deal was posted and paid for Express.

      • Also received confirmation around an hour ago

        • Nice , mine order at 515 pm on the 13th and they just email me said aiming to ship by end of July , sigh 😔

          • +1

            @Justintime88: I'm probably in the same boat, got my confirmation email at 5:23pm on the 13th, but no shipping estimate yet.

            I think my 650w PSU will just cut it.

            • @ozb1986: I dont know much about pc build and I am going with I7 10700kf with 3080, my friends said 850w as minimum otherwise i am risking kill the card, so just to be safe and I brought 850w sfx gold psu for my itx mini build

              • @ju57in: From the research I've done, the card will use 350-420W (if overclocked), leaving approx 200W for the rest of the system which should be okay seeing as my current setup (i7 8700K + GTX 1080Ti OC) uses about 350-400W whilst gaming.

    • i also got shipping details too

    • I got my order confirmation email at 3:37pm (so within an hour), paid for express shipping (thinking they were in stock), and haven't received any update yet. The window of those getting shipping already must therefore be rather small (somewhere between 30-60 mins after post went live).

      • I got my order confirmation at 15:28 and also paid for express shipping. Also haven’t heard anything yet :-(

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    Received order confirmation within 1 hour of deal being posted.
    No shipping confirmation yet.
    Borat is sad in pants

  • +1

    Still pending shipment email, ordered 13/7/21 @16:54.

    • same. ordered 13/7/21 ~ 5:20pm

    • I think you will have to wait as there were a lot of orders when the deal was posted, with many buying more than 1 as well

  • +1

    Anyone have their card and want to share info on noise/mining values?

    • Don't have card but yet from info online people have sent it back due to it being very loud. Aside from noise it's apparently a good card

      As a side note does anyone know how hard it would be to change the fans? Would you have to ditch the shroud?

      • Ok that's interesting to know.. I'm also wondering if it's easy to put custom fans on it as well. I'd gladly buy it and just put quiet fans on.

        • +2

          If you want a demo of the noise there's a Spanish review of the phantom ds on yt.. you can search "gainward 3080 um dos" and it's the first result.
          At 10:52 he demonstrates the sound.
          41dbA at max load on a test bench, and there's some annoying humm as well.

          • @Sitri: Can confirm the card is noisy. Annoying coil whine too. For those interested in mining results:
            Core 1050. Had to lower mem to 9600 (+300) to reduce/prevent thermal throttling. Approx 85MH/s @ 142W. VRAM hits 102-104 ish.
            Pushed it higher for short burts and observed it hitting 95MH/s+ but would throttle and reduce.
            This will definitely need replacement thermal pads. Anyone have any recommendations?

            • @Currify: What fan % are you running at? Whats the environment like? (open air frame? Ambient temps?)

              Mine arrive tomorrow so I can comment further then. I saw someone online with 100MH @ ~86C mem w/ 70% fan (without replacing pads).

              Also, did you mean to say 242W instead of 142W?

              • @AaronR: This is running at 95% fan speed. Running in a techfast lance v case with side panel open. Ambient room temp approx 20 degrees C.
                Nicehash reports 142W. There's a comment below that says there's a big difference between actual and reported power.

    • 100.3mh/s stably using HiveOS at 1100 / 2400 / 75% fan speed at "160W". There's something weird about these cards where it registers a much lower power usage aka 160W however i measured this at the wall and it is actually drawing approx 230-240W of power.

      It's noisy with a hum, but i don't hear coil whines or get overheating (i'm in open air frame).

      Hope this helps.

      • Nice that sounds good. I wish they were actually in stock or I'd probably just get one tbh. I'm sick of waiting 🤣

        • I know what you mean… Aren't we all, lol

      • Nice, sounds like it's pretty similar to other 3080s then, my Zotac Trinity is really noisy when the fans crank up, but think you can tune the power/fan ratio for decent ambient noise

      • Hey @howard22 what kind of temps is this running at? I found mine started throttling almost straight away with even low memory overclocks of +600 and above

        • Stable temps between 40-44 degrees C in open air rig.

          I'm not experiencing throttling.

          Perhaps point a fan and blow at it to try cool the shroud?

          • @howard22: Tried this. Added an extra fan on the side of my case too. Keeps VRAM temps to 100-102 ish. This is with reduced memory overclock too. Ah it would appear I have a sus GPU. The one I ordered for my colleague sits around 80-82 degrees at a much higher overclock.
            I've sent an email to Techfast mentioning this. Let's see how they respond :)

            Cheers All.

            • @Currify: Yeah that does seem oddly high given others are getting way lower temps! Can you please keep us updated with how you go with TechFast as there's not much around on how good or bad their support is.

            • @Currify: there isn't much you can do, it's a luck of the draw like silicon lottery, some cards have better QC than others. Your card is still performing within specs

            • @Currify: hey, did you get any response from techfast on this, received mine today and experiencing the same things.

              • @houmousy: Silicon lottery. Not much you can do.

                Not all cards produced the same.

                The silicon lottery usually refers to overclocking limits. A better overclocking GPU is considered "winning the silicon lottery."

                GPU have variances in how they overclock. No two OC the same. Therefore, we coined a term for it.

                • @bbqwer: reconfigured my case for better cooling and its a lot more stable now, does seem very sensitive to heat and will crash quite easily if there's even a tiny bit too much OC

      • +1

        I am seeing the same type of thing - the power is weird but at the wall is more inline with what I would expect (220-240watts per card).

        My rock solid settings are

        Windows: Locked-Core: 1200, Fan:60%, Power-Level: 73%, Memory Clock: 1300

        Linux: Locked-Core: 1200, Fan:60%, Power-Level: 250W, Memory Clock: 2600

        101.5 Mh/s on all cards

        Temp on Windows showing 86c Memory overnight (open case with fan blowing at it), 48c CPU

        • Got mine yesterday and pretty much copied your Windows settings and left it running overnight

          Getting 99.5Mh/s

          GPU temp - 50.2c
          Memory temp - 85.8c

          Opened case, no fan blowing into it.

          And yeh fan is noisy, but not too fussed.

          Games run great too 👍

          • @jonske: How long those 99.5mh can hold ? Try 24 hours and see if it drops ?

            • @bbqwer: How was the 10 day test? Did it stay on at 100~ Mh/s?

    • Alright I've been testing it for a few days and here's what I have setup:

      105-106 mh/s
      Power limit: 53%
      Core clock: +0
      Memory clock: +2000
      CPU Fan Speed: 100%
      Afterburner shows memory 11251 MHz
      GPU-Z shows Memory Clock 1406.5 MHz
      GPU-Z shows GPU clock 1380 MHz
      Memory temperature: 90º
      Nicehash shows usage 178.90 but I measured at the power point and it's around 260W

      I've also tested some other configurations and the lowest power I had was 231W and 99 mh/s

      • That mem clock is really really high.

        Is it actually stable and consistent?

        Also, your afterburner mem clocks dont match up with the +2000 math. Something isn't right here?

        Have you tested using an actual separate miner and not NiceHash? 105-106 is within the realm of possibility… but also quite a high number to sustain over time without issue.

        • Yeah not sure if it's just a visual bug on Afterburner or what, but I've maxed the memory clock (+2000) and it didn't crash and it's been running fairly stable.
          I've been running on quickminer (excavator, 0 fee), but I've just isolated it and changed to nbminer (ethash). I'll leave it running over night and will revert back in the morning with the results.

          Right now, as I've just started, it's running at 107.7M on nbminer, 61 accept, 1 reject, cclk 1305, gmclk 11251.

          I need more time to fine tune it anyway, I still want to slowly drop the memory clock to decrease the amount of rejected shares. Only had it for a few days now. Was excited to get 100, didn't expect to see 105-107.

          • @quake3007: OK update for @AaronR, left it running overnight on NBMiner:

            [08:02:58] INFO - ======================== Summary 2021-08-04 08:02:58 ========================
            [08:02:58] INFO - |ID|Device|Hashrate|Accept|Reject|Inv|Powr|Temp|Fan|CClk|GMClk|MUtl|Eff/Watt|
            [08:02:58] INFO - | 0 | 3080 | 106.6 M| 4876 | 50 | 0 | 186| 40 |100 |1440|11251| 100| 573.1 K|
            [08:02:58] INFO - |—————————+———+———+—-+——+————————————————-|
            [08:02:58] INFO - | Total: 106.6 M | 4876| 50 | 0| 186| Uptime: 0D 13:36:04 CPU: 59% |
            [08:02:58] INFO - =============================================================================

            • @quake3007: You have 50 rejected shares….bit high for only 13 hours which is an indicator that the mem clock is too high.

              • @stealthmatt: I'm only new to mining but I thought anything under 2% is acceptable? Or does that apply for stales only?
                But yeah I can try and bring it down a little and see how it goes.

            • @quake3007: Very interesting. Are you able to share your effective hash rate (from the pool) for a defined period? (If you use Flexpool you can hover the "Average Effective" area on the Stats page of your wallet)

      • What equipment do I need to buy to measure the power?

        • I personally just bought a Kasa KP115 Smart Plug. It does the job.

  • Any ETA on this?

    • +1

      "Marketingluketechfast on 21/07/2021 - 14:38
      +2 votes
      We sent a large batch out earlier this week, small batches throughout this week and the remainder will be sent when the delivery arrives next week. We are operating at sligthly reduced capacity due to COVID lockdown in SA but we're on track for everything to go out in July as stated. Hang in there"

      • I gotta say that's some impressive commitment from them to keep chugging along and getting them shipped out.

      • Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Must have missed this comment

        • I hope that there's enough coming to cover everyone. It looks like only the people who ordered within half an hour currently have an ETA. I can't imagine that's more than 10-20% of the outstanding orders

          • +2

            @Sitri: ordered on 13/7/21 @16:54, asked them for a ETA got this reply as I have not got shipping confirmation yet.

            "Thank you for contacting us. Completely understand the need for an update. In regards of these GPUs we are still sticking to a July dispatch for all these orders, and are chipping away daily on shipping from oldest to newest. I can confirm your order is #40 in queue for a card, and I do believe we should be looking at having it shipped out early next week for you.
            when your order does indeed ship, you will indeed be notified by email, and your order will be updated to fulfilled, This email will also have the tracking number for your system within it, so you can track your order from our warehouse all the way to your door."

            • @kdashh: Thanks for posting this. That's heaps good to see.

              • +1

                @Sitri: Just got my shipping info now. Hopefully arrives tomorrow!

            • @kdashh: Cheers for the update. Much appreciated.

              All the extra lead time has given me a chance to find my other PSU 8-pin power cable haha.

              • @ozb1986: Has anyone posted that they have gotten it? Mine is arriving tomorrow.

                • @samkenny: Mine just arrived today, all installed and working well so far. Didn't realise how massive the card is. was a challenge to fit it into the case

                  • +1

                    @ozb1986: oooh, nice. I may have the same problem with my nr200p. Itching to install it but I am moving this week…

                    • @samkenny: My NZXT H400i struggled, had to slightly bend some of the metal on the case to get it to fit, but bent it back. Future me's problem when I need to take it out or upgrade 😂

                  • +1

                    @ozb1986: Right?! going from 1070 to 3080 this card is almost twice a big… had to dig up another 8 pin PCIE cable as well, didn't realize it took 3 x 8 pins..

                    • @kdashh: Yep me too. Luckily past me was organised and kept all the spare PC parts inside my motherboard box.

                    • @kdashh: Yeh this is one of them big boost OC boys, on paper is should be one of the best 3080's on the market but i havent seen much about the card because they seem rare to be sold out of Asia.

      • I am still waiting for my 'dispatch' email. Haven't received anything yet.

        Anybody in the same boat as me?

        3 more days until end of July.

        • Same here

        • Also in the same boat. I didn’t order until 14/7 at about 17:30 AWST however when I contacted them last week they said it should ship early this week.

          In a positive note, a friend that ordered on 13/7 about 1630 AWST received his shipping confirmation early yesterday morning. Fingers crossed!

          • @Theyellowbatman: In their new deal thread today ( it mentioned all previous orders will be fulfilled today so hopefully you all have tracking details now.

            • @stinger01: Yeah you're right, i did get the tracking details after my above post.

              Good to see Luke kept his word and makes a good representative for the company! Kudos to him.

  • has anyone that purchased on the 17th July received any confirmation?

  • Could anyone share a screenshot of the original listing? Just want to check warranty duration mentioned in the original listing.

  • If anyone changed their mind and want to sell it, pm me.

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