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Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phantom 10GB (Non LHR) $1788 + Delivery @ TechFast


Update 2pm 19 Jul: My order which was placed 1 minute before posting this deal just got a tracking number, for reference

Luke from TechFast reached out to me about this incredible deal on a RTX 3080 non-LHR model, a good $150+ off from the recent popular deal

Gainward may not be a well known brand in Australia, but they are a subsidiary of Palit, the largest GPU manufacturers in the world. From a quick look around, this gpu cooling is decent enough to mine ethereum without any further modification if you so choose

Upon further inspection, this card seems to have the same pcb as the Palit GameRock 3080, (Source), and the Palit GameRock is renowned to sometimes be able to mine Eth at 100Mh+ @ 175W, (Source), so you may get lucky :)

From Luke:

Cards will be shipping now through to the end of July. These will be the final non LHR cards we have and are getting.

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      Radeons perform better if you're CPU limited, like smashing 80-90%+ of your CPU usage in games, as GPU scheduling is done by hardware, where Nvidia cards need some CPU resources for scheduling.

      Wait….really?! Would that mean microstuttering is eliminated if I were to crossfire as to sli or when cpu is not strong enough to render some scenes and drops the frames down intermittently but so much that it feels like stuttering?

      I watched some reviews and most say the 6900XT barely beats the 3090 even with its mad tune mode or whatever it's called I forgot the term they have for it, the 3090 will also be a few frames or at least a couple of frames higher in most games?

      ALso what about gameworks and physx? You can do any of that with an amd card….but then again, you can't do any of the amd stuff with an nvidia card….

      • ALso what about gameworks and physx? You can do any of that with an amd card….but then again, you can't do any of the amd stuff with an nvidia card….

        What AMD stuff can't I do on an Nvidia card? seems like at the moment It's the Nvidia cards that can do more unique things. (CUDA/NVENC/DLSS)

        • What AMD stuff can't I do on an Nvidia card?

          I remember there being AMD only graphics options that would be greyed out if you didnt have an AMD card.

  • This is too tempting… Does it have good memory temps with mining?

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      Nevermind… Noisy fans no thanks.

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        100mh at 160w at 42 degrees c in open air rig

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          I find that hard to believe

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            @dsiritz: It's actually 240W, multiply whatever it says by 1.5, the reading is wrong.

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              @comeMidnight: You are absolutely correct. I just did a wall reading and it is indeed drawing 240w. I only just got these and HiveOS shows 160w. Welp, i did get excited until the bubble popped lol.

        • Core temps mean basically nothing considering it's the memory you're overclocking. Memory temps will be closer to 90+C to get 100MH on a 3080 without replacing thermal pads or water cooling.

          • @LilyRose2798: I got two cards, both are doing 101 MHS, but one is at 87C next to other cards and the other is hitting 104/6C in a pc with good airflow.

  • What's the warranty on the cards?
    How noisy are these cards?

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      Warranty on my gainward was only 2 years. Noise on the other model they have is pretty loud, but performance is great. I paid $1300 AUD right in the middle of the gpu price hike… At this price ($1800) id still wait until prices come down. If its needed for work, I dont know pay w.e and claim it on tax lol

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    Are these in stock / shipping now, or is it a pre-order?

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      It's both. Good numbers in stock now, but also more coming which will ship later this month. The listing will go dark when it sells through. We aren't taking unlimited preorders.

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        Hi Luke, I selected bank deposit - is stock allocated for the people choosing bank deposit? I also just sent an email with payment receipt. TF4655602631

        • Same here, TF4655782631

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          Allocated, yes. Held indefinitely, no. Strong advice is to transfer and send proof via email as soon as possible.

  • any 3070ti deals at $1100-200 upcoming ?

    • Do you mean card only?

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  • Credit card surcharge

  • @luketechfast Is there an option for pickup instead of delivery since I'm also in SA?

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      No sorry, we have removed that option for a couple of reasons.

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        Thanks for replying, no worries.. understandable.

  • Hi @luketechfast,

    Any updates for this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633532, will it be shipped out this week?

    • +1

      3080s from all deals I've posted are in build now. We're working through them in date order but as they overlapped, all I can really say is that we're on track for July shipping for all of them, which was in the deal titles 👍

  • Anyone know what Gainward warranty is like? From a quick search I've only found experiences from 10 years ago.

    Their website says the warranty needs to go via the local distributor: https://www.gainward.com/main/support.php?lang=en

    But there seems to be no local distributors in Australia? https://www.gainward.com/main/wtb.php?lang=en

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      Warranty is 3 years, through us as the place of purchase.

  • Damn, paid for the GPU for 1.9k on another store's eBay and still waiting for shipping.

    • So this is a good deal

      • I cancelled it and still waiting 😂

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    I use GPU for heating only

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    I was wondering if you could check out my email regarding order TF4647682631. I would like to change it to order TF4656202631 and if possible you could refund the difference. I need the video card to finish off my computer urgently so I can work from home (kept home from covid). I dont actually need the other parts of the system and I understand it is slowing down. Thanks so much Luke!!. Please PM me if there is anything else you needed me to clarify

    • Did you buy a 3080 Build?

      Im tossing up that option too.

  • Does the name Gainward mean anything? I like the name evga but if Gainward cheaper and same quality can somewhere clarify if the evga 3080 is on same level as this?

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      I think I had a Gainward GPU in the early 2000's, which is still in use at a relative's house today…

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      I had a few Gainward cards back when they had a strong local presence in the mid 2000’s. I don’t know think EVGA even existed then. They were a great card. I remember getting some nice overclocks.

    • It's "cheaper" in the sense that people consider it a lesser brand. But going off the actual results from mining off these cards, the PCB setup seems to be top notch (even better than EVGA).

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    Can I change my build to just this card?

    • +2

      I want to do this as well

      • Me 3!!

        Would be great to get a response on this. Placed an order for 2 of the card alone but don't want to pay it before getting a response if we can transfer our system builds into credit towards just the cards.

        Would prefer to custom build using other parts I have around at home instead.

        • Me 4 !!!!

          Would be great to get a response on this. Placed an order for 1 of the card alone.
          but I am considering another card if could get previous pc build order transferred to this second card!!

          • @xerocopy: I guess also, the build price for the 3080 is really not so great if these are the cards that will be used, plus they've also had our money for a month.

            • @houmousy: Hi houmousy and bros who are in the same situation:
              I got TechFast email response saying that almost sure these are the cards been used in the previous pc build. I can transfer the pc build's credit to the card only, however, they will charge $100 for the processing fee as the build is in process. Besides, I will be moved to the end of the queue. in that situation, simple math tells me the previous 3600 cpu build would cost me ~ $700 without the card. Is that worth it?? I am a little hesitated to move to 2 cards. Anybody give me some thoughts?? thanks!!

            • @houmousy: Hi,
              To make things clear. I am paying $ 700 for :

              AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6c/12t processor with stock cooler. 120mm AIO from us or after-market cooler recommended for optimal gaming thermals.
              NO graphic card
              Gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard (various upgrades available)
              16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
              480GB SSD (brand/model may vary)
              Gigabyte P750G 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU
              Lance-V RGB ATX Case (New MSI Gungnir 111M(us.msi.com) case upgrade (pictured): $79)

              Worth it or not??

              • @xerocopy: Well seems to me the card on its own would be 1900 in that situation, vs the build was 2600 for me with the delivery and fees, so pretty much works out even. But I was just planning on selling the rest of the PC so saves me the hassle

    • Hm I have emailed them but will charge $100 for a swap. They said they are currently building. If they are not lying, they should be dispatching soon.

  • trying to buy the card but getting transaction declined ?

    Transaction declined: Suspected risk

    • +1

      Call your bank to get that sorted. I had the same thing when buying a lenovo laptop a few years ago, they sometimes shit themselves if you suddenly buy an expensive piece of tech.

    • ANZ temporarily blocked the transaction too, need to send some text message and wait a few minutes. No problem with Macquarie

  • +2

    So two things. I’m seeing prices dropping constantly, you’re better off holding.

    Secondly if this is but a blip and prices go up, you’re better off paying the premium for a next gen card in 2022 as this gen has been out for almost a year already.

    • +15

      So basically sit on the same card people have had since before 2020?
      Waiting is an opportunity cost, you're giving up the enjoyment you could have had now + whatever mining gains (circa $250~/month right now).

      I bought my 3080 in Jan for ~1800 but have been gaming and mining on it for 7 months now, if I hadn't and was sitting here reading your advice it would mean sitting on my 980ti for a possible release of a next gen card in Q4 2022, with a very small chance of snagging one.

      • -2

        Bruh it doesn't matter how you try and justify your purchase. You still overpaid.

        • Let's do the math on that one.

          Pay $1,800 in January, already made that money back via mining, has had a 3080 to game on it all year

          Or, pay $1,200 sometime near the end of the year when the price gets close to normal, can't make that back due to LHR cards and Eth2.0/falling crypto prices and keep gaming on a crap GPU.

          It's not overpaying when it's paying market prices, especially when there's a return to be had.

    • you rekon we will be able to get 4000 cards? won't it just be like this gen all over again?

      • By the time 4000 series releases Ethereum 2.0 will have launched which removes GPU mining. If people all flock to Ravencoin or other coin that can still be GPU mined then unless that coin has a 100x value increase then it won't be profitable when so many people mine (increasing miners = decrease in mining payouts).

        There's most likely a hard stop for GPU mining coming up in the next year. It's still profitable for the time being, but the days of making 100% ROI within a few months of buying a new GPU are over.

  • +1

    What a good deal, but hold off guys, prices are dropping and they will continue if we HODL!

    • this guy definitely spends too much time on /wsb lol

      • -1

        I also spend too much time with MILFs, reading Martha Stewart cookbooks, playing shuffle board and in video game arcades. It's a sickness. :(

        • nothing like a good MILF

  • +4

    the Palit GameRock is renowned to sometimes be able to mine Eth at 100Mh+ @ 175W

    100Mh+ @ 175W seems too good to believe. Would love to see their power at the wall.

    My desktop (9900k, 3080) pulls around 330W from the wall and i think it's around 220W for the GPU @ 96-98 MH/s:
    - PL 69%
    - clock 1110 locked @ 0.7v
    - mem clock: +1000 (will go higher when i get around to replacing the backplate thermal pads)

    • +4

      I'm sceptical to myself, I think it's just a sensor misreporting, a normal 3080 uses from 220-240w while mining

      Also you don't need to set PL if you locked the voltage fyi

      • Yeah, most of what i've seen online is close to 220-240W ish with some golden samples closer to 200W.

        And thanks for the tip, didn't know that. Probably will just leave things as is since i only switch my afterburner profile to game.

      • Yeah that sounds pretty normal from what I've seen, 175W sounds too good though

    • I think it is not wise to OC GDDR6X 1000mhz, they are hot, you need to think about the long term

      • +2

        My vram temps are in the low 90s which is probably better than most people mining on their 3080s out of the box at stock mem clocks. I'm fine with that. I repasted the front pads and aimed a case fan at it.

        Have been mining almost 24/7 since mid-October 2020 and no problems yet.

    • +1

      Yeah I doubt that's correct. My 3080 ftw3 does 102mh/s at 200 Watts and I'm pretty sure that's about as good as it gets

      • Very nice. What are your vram temps?

        • +2

          92-96C. I'm running a +1500mhz memory offset, but the card is running in P2 state so it's actually running at 21.5gbps

          It's a very impressive card. No repasting or installing extra thermal pads needed

          • @bumluffa: Amazing, can't say i'm not jealous mate. I had to repaste the front pads to get down to the low 90s with a +1000 memOC

            • @Noodles93: Yeah. Which is why I'm extremely sceptical when certain people say EVGA cards perform poorly. Which card do you have btw?

              • +1

                @bumluffa: Zotac 3080 trinity. Aka one of the worst 3080s but I paid $1139 (so it's well and truly paid for itself and then some), ordered on launch night and received it a month later so no complaints. Figured i'd get it quicker since more people would have wanted EVGAs.

  • @luketechfast

    hey luke i had an order done and I need to get my computer started ASAP due to quarantine in sydney and working from home. I was wondering if you could help me out. I've pmed you my details.

    Many thanks for your help!

    • @ luketechfast

      Can you reply to my email/PMs please before the order gets shipped out. I was advised today that my order wouldnt be available till late july, but then when i requested to switch over to the GPU only, suddenly my order was already packed and ready to ship. I would greatly appreciate if you could modify the package for the GPU only before it is sent out thanks!

      • Techfast are charging $100 fee to swap the PC to an order containing cards only.

  • +2

    Half way there, continuing to HODL $-

  • +1

    Aragorn: "Hold your ground! Hold your ground."

  • +3

    That is one ugly card wow

  • I have plenty of 3080, best is 96MH/s, 230w

    • +1

      getting above 100mh is normal for 3080s, all of mine are, getting 175w, however, that's very intriguing

      • what overclock settings are you using? I can't get over 92Mhs

        • most likely memory temp is too high on your card

  • +4

    Just started to dabble in mining to make some returns while not gaming… This card is showing $6.19 aud a day at 28c kwh.

    That's making $185 a month and possibly more if u have solar.

    At this price it is pretty good if you are not setting up a dedicated mining rig but rather to offset your gaming system cost.

    • 28c/kwh sounds very high. Do you get very cheap daily supply charges to make up for it?

      I'm paying $0.16/kwh in Melbourne with Globird, was previously $0.23 with Tango.

      • +1

        28c/kwh sounds very high.

        They're probably on a solar plan. I'm on Origin Solar Boost and pay 28c/kwh with 17c FIT (I think the default FIT is meant to be lower but I got Origin to match AGL).

      • +1

        I'm just going off from my plan in WA where it's like 28c flat. However I'm getting a powerwall 2 and 6.6kw next month.. So rather than feed back to the govt I will use the excess power to generate some income. Funny enough I've seen some YouTube videos where they use 8 gpus to warm their room during winter lol

        • +2

          With those rates are you on a solar plan feeding back into the grid? I'd think so if you're considering a powerwall. If not I would look into changing providers as 28c seems very high.

          I've had a few GPUs mining and while it hasn't eliminated the need for heating the last few weeks, it's drastically reduced the amount that I use the split system heating over the last few months.

          Split system AC/heat pumps are much more efficient at generating heat though. I think it's quite significant too like 2-300%+. 100w of using an AC compressor to heat a room could potentially only be about 30w of GPU waste heat.

          • +1

            @studentl0an: We only have one provider here in WA so we don't have a choice.

            Solar feed in is 3c so it's not worth exporting at all.

            The economics of powerwall 2 is crap but if I can mine it will claw back some of the cost.

            Yeah that is why mining as a heater makes incredible sense…

            • +5

              @acetth: 28c/kwh. 3c feed in. Ouch.

              No wonder you're considering a Powerwall. I didn't know Perth was that expensive for electricity.

              • +2

                @studentl0an: yes it is quite high. The good thing is solar is very strong here.

                I just checked again.. its actually 29.2c lol.

                With the battery one can jump onto the smart tarrif where its 15c from 9pm-7am, 29c 7am-3pm, 56c 3pm-9pm. So if you have a battery to cover the peak period then it makes economic sense to mine 24 hours.

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