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Boost $300 Starter Pack for $233 @ OzTechBiz


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Got a ripper deal from Officeworks, price beat (5% price beat) with online store for boost mobile $300 starter pack for $221.35. 12 month plan with unlimited calls to Aus no..also includes international calls..240gb data.Also no need to port out port in ..just call customer service they will add new credit to exiting sim.. all went well. Invoice picture attached. Enjoy

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            • @GDayStraya: Well , I got the tracking number yesterday and it says “ it’s being prepared “( on Australia Post app) since yesterday but I will update it here if anything changes. Cheers

            • @GDayStraya: Seriously mate. I got optus sim today delivered. Also got email from the seller apologising that he MAY have sent me the wrong order. Here is the email from the seller

              New message from: joycefl_37 (269Turquoise Star)
              Dear Customer:
              This is a sorry message, we just find maybe we shipped the wrong items to you because of the new operator in the warehouse, if you receive the wrong item, please let me know, we will issue a full refund or reship the correct items to you(we also provide Half refund when you want reship), sorry again for this trouble, please let me know if nay concern, Thank you

              What should I do now ?

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                @Gavezy890: This looks soo fishy ….
                It seems to be a well-executed scam … Probably if you go for a reship, they'll provide you with a half refund and you might still get some random SIM card…. So I would suggest you go for a full refund. Inform about this immediately to customer support ASAP.

                Lately, I'm seeing that the same seller is selling 100's of those SIM cards. I'm not sure how they could get it for such a cheap price …

                • @GDayStraya: Ok, I have asked for full refund and seller told me that he will arrange it. Now just waiting for him to refund and then I will contact support. Thanks

                  • @Gavezy890: Very odd, I just got the same tracking update + message combo. Does seem like its a scam, would love to know how it works tho?

                  • @Gavezy890: Everyone has to complain to Customer support about this fishy seller ..

                    If not the seller would do this continuously … Among 100 buyers, even if 3-4 just ignore to contact the seller for a refund, that's a profit for him … This is a very unethical way of doing the business …

                    In the last 24 hours, the seller has sold around 50 SIM through their eBay store … Their eBay store have to be brought down …

                • @GDayStraya: Yeah if everyone negs the seller and then eBay get flooded with reports they should act.

              • @Gavezy890: I got same word for word email. Tracking number still says only tracking number provided. Received nothing.

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                  @buy swap sell: I got the refund today but my purchase date was 09 july and package received on 19july. Also have to remind the seller for my refund twice but anyways got the refund.

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                    @Gavezy890: I left them negative feedback and they quickly refunded my money just now.

                    • @buy swap sell: You did right!! Let's hope people either receive correct SIM or get Fully refund.

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                        @mountains: Yes its a scam for sure. I never received anything. Tracking number only ever said tracking number provided on 15th. After I received that same shipping error email from them I messaged them and left negative feedback the tracking then updated to shipping information received and approved on 21st. But it still hasn't been received by Australia post and they now cancelled my order and refunded me.

                        They are now listing them even cheaper.

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                          @buy swap sell: Was curious, too, how come they list for $169.99. When they cannot ship for $199.99.

                          • @mountains: They rely on some buyers not bothering to chase up their refund. Some people will find it too difficult. Scammer wins.

                        • @buy swap sell: I'm also on the same boat, received a stale tracking and same warehouse error message. I've now raised a dispute through paypal.
                          Such a waste of time!

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                            @ColourWolf: Leave them negative feedback, they quickly refunded me after I did.

                            • @buy swap sell: I just left them a negative review on eBay and opened up a case with PayPal. They sent me a free giffgaff sim card with absolutely no value at all. I recorded myself opening the parcel to use it as proof so I shouldn't have any issues with getting back my money.

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                                @Emre: Yes they gave me a fake tracking number originally and after I complained on 21st they sent me the same free Spanish sim card instead of the boost card. Luckily I sniffed a scam and was the first to leave them negative feedback on 21st so they cancelled my order and refunded my money.
                                It is an elaborate scam they have using multiple eBay accounts. If you look at all the positive feedback it's all fake accounts and transactions. Nobody with more than 5 feedback had left a positive and they ate all for low value items. Every time they lose % for negatives they add more positives from their fake accounts. I reported it to ebay but they don't care. The seller has made tens of thousands of dollars from hundreds of fake sim sales.

                                I ended up buying my sim from officeworks $227.05 price beat on the techano deal

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                                  @buy swap sell: Looks like all their listings besides 2 got taken down by I assume eBay, their ratings have also taken a massive hit because of this scam. Hopefully everyone gets their money back.

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                                    @knight321: That 2 cheap listing is kept by the seller to keep buying through new accounts for +ve feedback. Check out the patterns of +ve feedbacks, looks like all new accounts with single digit rating.

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                          @buy swap sell: everyone that got scammed should report seller to https://www.ebay.com.au/help/action?topicId=4850

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                            @jaj024: When people contact paypal or do a CC charge back should set off alarm bells at ebay.
                            How much notice they take is another thing because even scammers create income for them.

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                              @Cheeper: Bloody ebay needs me to send back the dodgy sim in order to get a refund. How frustrating

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                                @ChillBro: They certainly side with the scammers.

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                                @ChillBro: Lol what a joke.. if you got a giffgaff sim card you can literally get them for free on there website. Just tell eBay the seller can just order another free sim card for himself and that you're just wasting your own time by posting a free sim card back.

                                • @Emre: Exactly what I told eBay but they won't listen and the seller won't even respond.
                                  Last time I'll ever consider buying from an ebay seller that's not a store.

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                                    @ChillBro: Has anyone tried getting a chargeback on their CC if that is what they used to pay?
                                    Also has anyone gone directly to pay pal and requested a refund if they paid via them?
                                    Has anyone reported this to Scamwatch? https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam
                                    It is so typical of ebay to give victims the run around especially when there is an obvious rip off like this one.

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                                      @Cheeper: I paid with PayPal and opened a case with them, but the seller went AWOL and isn't replying to anything. So I have to wait until PayPal step in and give a verdict by the end of the week. Hopefully it's just a full refund like I requested, but I wouldn't be surprised if they give me the run around and make me post back a free sim card lol.

                                      • @Emre: There must be more than just your complaint about the seller. Hopefully PP will notice this and just process your refund.

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                                      @Cheeper: Like eBay, chargeback via credit card was utterly useless for me. Both told me I had to go through the return process despite the lockdown restrictions.
                                      Got an email earlier saying the seller has refunded me though so I'll see how that pans out.

                                      • @ChillBro: Hope it comes through? When requesting a chargeback it helps if you give them all the info necessary. Better if done at a bank where you can show them proof.. print outs etc. Lockdown does make that awkward though.
                                        I hope everyone that has been affected by this has reported it to scamwatch?

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                                          @Cheeper: I just spent 2 hours on chat to ebay and after wasting that time for both of us, the rep finally agreed to issue a refund instead of requiring me to send it back.

                                          • @JoJoker: Could not find a more obvious scam. Why are they so obstructive when they know they are wrong?
                                            Have to be wary on Ebay and dont rely on them backing you up.
                                            Another incident I had was an item ordered on ebay not long ago was delivered broken. It was a fragile item packed in a flimsy plastic bag and arrived broken and totally unusuable. The seller offered a 25% refund… :-(.. then 50%! I did get the full refund from him but it just shows the gaul of some of the shonksters that dwell on ebay. Most are good just some grubs ruin it for others.
                                            Hope you actually get your $s.

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                                          @Cheeper: Nah, chargeback was as useless as eBay. Luckily the seller actually gave me the money back so at least there's that. This was a good lesson for me though; don't ever buy from random eBay sellers.

      • Sorry should have been more specific – the data is the main thing we're buying here and even if you can't make 100GB stretch for the full 12 months, its still good value if you make it last 9 months then move to another plan after that.

    • Its showing $139 for me .. is there a coupon code that brings it down to 129??

      • Price has been jacked

      • Just checked. Now it’s 132.99$ for plus members and before it was 123.49$. So seller jacked up the price.

  • My sim only deal with optus (80Gb) has just went up to 50 bucks pm. I barely use that date so im looking for a cheaper package. How is the boost coverage? is it easy to port your number?

    • Yes, I find Boost coverage (basically, Telstra 4G coverage) better than Optus across the country. Port-in done in 10 min.

      • Thanks! I think i will make the move

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    Out of stock at OzTechBiz, and officeworks no longer price matching.

    HOWEVER, they WILL price patch 'enjoyebuy.com.au' who have it for $239.99, officeworks then $227.99.

    Almost as good as the above!

    Took 30 mins on hold waiting to get thru to officeworks but worth it in the end!

    • It shows in stock? Also, would they pricematch if you just went instore or does it have to be via the hotline?

      • Both, you can price match in-store or Via Hotline as long as it shows in Stock. I got 1 last week from OW (was showing 5 in stock for the site)

      • I walked in and got it price matched a couple of hours ago for $226.10