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Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Rocking Swing - Raylan $80 (Was $149) + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with Club Catch) @ Catch


It is priced at Baby bunting for $199


Decent reviews couldn't find it anywhere for close to $80
Battery powered model.

I was considering the poweradapt model as well which has benefit of not bothering for batteries and plug in directly. Its got some bad reviews on baby bunting but mixed reviews on Target US website.


Big w price $149
Priced $229 at baby bunting.


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  • I really wanted one of these, but it seems the reviews complain a lot about a lean to one side AND also the plastic breaking. I don't really know how safe these things are and/or long lasting.

    If anyone has a different view of these, feel free to clarify.

    • I bought one for $20 on Facebook marketplace and would have to say it's the best $20 I've ever spent. You still have to supervise them while in it as it's possible for their airway to partially close, so it's not something you can let them sleep in, but if you need to distract for a bit to do the dishes etc it's well worth it

  • My kid hated it. Lasts no more than 5 minutes in it. Each kid is different so I'd suggest grabbing a second hand one off FB marketplace instead.