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15% off Catch.com.au Gift Cards @ Coles


Greetings everyone, seems like a great deal from Coles starting on Wednesday :)

Limit 5 gift cards per customer.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Been waiting for this. Thanks OP.

  • I wish Australia post can let me return the gift card.

    • Who does let you?

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        Nobody, just a wish.

  • Can Catch take multiple GC in 1 transaction?

    • what product restrictions are there with gift cards?

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      I think 5 maximum in one transaction?

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      From Catch website:
      Can I use multiple gift cards in one transaction?
      You can use a maximum of 5 gift cards (both digital and physical) to cover the cost of your purchase.

  • do these have no expiry or not?

    • 3 years from the day you bought it

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    Do catch of the day cash backs normally work with gift cards too?

  • is it just the $50 denomination or the $100 denomination as well?

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      Last year I couldn't find $100. Maybe they don't have them.

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    What's even ever worth buying on Catch, other than getting kmart stuff discounted with offers. Its such a weird site

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      Indeed. Also who wants to pay delivery fees when we have got so used to Amazon.

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      Exactly I still hold two $50 cards bought two years ago. I tried comparing Catch and eBay/amz/AliExpress for both serious buys and no-regret buys. Catch never stood up. Sometimes there seemed some offer, but soon got broken by the delivery charge. I knew they recently change the way of there club fee from per year to per month, still could not find a reason to shop them. Official listing hardly being cheaper and market place listings are not better than AliExpress if you can wait for a week or so, otherwise always always use eBay plus. It is $4.99 per month cheaper than Catch member isn't it?

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      It’s easy to just mock than compare. Plenty of good prices on there.

      Xiaomi Curved monitor will be $419 after using Unidays and 15% off gift cards.
      Apple AirPods Pro will be $252.45 after 15% off gift cards.

      Switch Pro controller will be $58.65 with Club Catch and 15% off gift cards

      • Based on my question and a response above it doesn't sound as though the $100 catch gift cards are sold at Coles so may not be able to get that price for the Xiaomi Curved Monitor (that's actually what I'm looking for), keen to hear if I'm mistaken.

    • CatchConnect mobile annual plan…. when on sale $89/60GB plus cashback end up down to $72.54/yr, can't complain $6/pm

      • only the sim pack on their catch.com.au works
    • The occasional food stuff that's cheap, it's like an online bargain bin. You have to go digging through a bunch of shit noone but you'll probably find something worthwhile.

      Bing Lee, Kmart etc too.

    • theres a lot of really high end make up that is a good deal cheaper than other sites

    • I've found homewares I wanted from other sites cheaper there, cheapest current price red bulls, snack foods, the occasional slashed alcohol.

    • From my experience, prices often comparable to other sites however Catch shipping always super fast delivered in 1-3 days. Also when I bought a toy that was missing a part, new one was dispatched immediately no questions asked, received in 1 or 2 days and no return of original item needed.

      • That was nice.

  • Sadly only $50 denominations.

  • Why do people buy on catch? It has definitely lost its appeal.

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      Things like the latest and greatest Apple TV 4k (2nd Gen) for less than $200 after 15% off GC ! $220 makes a FP deal , but Catch + Unidays + Spend $75 & Get $15 Off Our Bestsellers promotion makes things dead cheap

      • Is Marketplace excluded with Unidays discount?

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        I might be wrong, but don't think Unidays voucher and $15 off voucher stacks, it's either one or the other.

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        That is so bloody confusing.
        No wonder people can't be bothered.
        I just buy a one particular grocery item that is cheaper than anywhere else.

    • I hadn't bought anything on there in years but a week or two ago i actually found some boots I wanted in my size…

      So naturally the discount appears now D=

    • I used to buy my ASICS Kayanos from there. They used to have good specials from time to time.

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    Seems like good deal, and I think catch is doing well in general, but you hardly see any real deals from catch these days, same with Kogan in the old days.. Anyone feel the same?

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      It is now owned by Wesfarmers (owner of Bunnings and Officeworks) just in case you are wondering why no real deals from Catch anymore.

  • A maximum of 5 Gift Cards may be used in a single transaction. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Catch Connect services.
    Not available for Catch Connect services.
    Not for me.

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      You can buy your catch connect plan on catch .com.au using these cards. Just not on catchconnect.com.au.

  • Can I use it on catch market place

    • want to know this as well

    • Yes

    • thinking to buy the kathmandu down jacket which is in sale for 200.

  • Apple AirPods 2 down to $122 then if you use free trial of club catch, gift cards and unidays code hmmmm

    • What! How?

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        They would be refurbs

    • unidays code Don’t work on apple products.

  • Would this work on Catch Connect?

    • See comment above.

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    Can you stack 5% coles employee discount with these gift cards?

  • can you stack this with the regular "Buy X and get $15 off or so" emails I regulary get from CatcH?

  • Apple products do not have big discount, Any discount that is payment-related is good.

  • +2

    I buy a fair bit of stuff from catch for work..lockers, stainless steel benches, safety boots! Lots of random stuff.

    FlyBuys and qff points using the online mall..no complaints at all.

  • Can you use gift cards at coles to pay for gift cards?

    • You can use Coles Master Card to pay for all gift card.

    • According to the Coles gift card terms and conditions, no.

      According to a whole bunch of OzBargainers, you can under certain circumstances:

      • If you go through a self-service checkout, you cannot use split payments if you are purchasing a gift card. The Coles gift card balance needs to be sufficient to cover the cost of the gift card you are buying.
      • If you go through a serviced checkout with a checkout operator, you can do split payments to pay for a gift card, but it’s up to the checkout operator if they will let you pay with Coles gift cards. Some operators will let you, some won’t.
  • Can a gift card be used over multiple orders if the item purchase amount is smaller than gift card amount?

    • +1

      Yup. You sure can.

      • Great! Thanks.

  • My local coles only had $50 cards :(

  • Does this gift card work for 3rd party marketplace sellers ie. computer stuff ?

    • yes just watch shipping costs

  • no Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) in stock 😑

    • +1

      Just pinging you that the Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) is back in stock via the Marketplace (Mobileciti):

      Marketplace seems to be fine with using the discounted gift cards, at least my order is on its way.

  • can we do split payment - i.e. giftcard use and pay remainder with latitude pay (current $15 promo for over $60 spend)

    • I'm interested in know if this is possible too. If anyone spends and achieves it please let us know. Appreciate it

    • Not possible for Catch, TGG, but for HN.

  • Combined with this you're down to less than half price. As others noted previously, the expiry date is meaningless - dark ale should improve with age, like red wine. Too bad I'd already bought three cases. :P

    White Rabbit Dark Ale 4x 6 Pack 330ml Bottles (Case) $43.99 + delivery @ Catch

  • Can I use that on marketplace?

  • Can't find any inner west Sydney. Anyone see any around ryde area? Need 150 bucks worth :(