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Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Soul Calibur V $69 at JB Hi-Fi ($68 at EB Games)


Great prices for games that were only released two weeks ago. XIII-2 is much better than XIII, in case you're wondering. It's $11 cheaper from OzGameShop, but you need to wait for delivery, and it isn't Australian stock (not that that matters). When I bought mine (FFXIII-2) they were giving away the preorder bonuses for free in store, so you might get lucky and get one.

The price was $89 at JB and $78 at Harvey Norman previously.

EDIT: gaaraa has pointed out that EB is selling both these games for $68 each!

EDIT 2: jim999 has pointed out that it's $58 at Big W!

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  • As much as i hate EB (boo! hiss!), they sell both games for $68 each in the sale that's on now.

    • Jesus! EB selling below RRP?

      I guess this makes this deal moot. Oh well!

  • if they sell the collector's ed at that price, that would be a bargain

  • Or you can buy the pre-owned SCV for $98. Saw it there yesterday in Belco.

  • my friend got FF XIII-2 for $53. Not at JB anyway

    • +1

      Location or gtfo. Nah jk

  • Saw that too and was tempted over Zavvi $55 and waiting…

  • +3

    Now big W only 58.xx For both game

    Ps. I do match price at eb.

  • I used to be a FF friend like you, then I took a FFXIII in the knee (and bored to dead).

    (Yes it doesn't make an sense just like FFXIII. and I had lost hope for the franchise)

    • I agree - FFXIII is terribad. FFXIII-2 is much, much better.