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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Hi Top - Unisex $91 Delivered @ The Iconic


Noticed these were included in the 30% off sale currently on you can also get another $20.68 extra cashback if you purchase through CashRewards so brings the cost down to $70.32 which is considerably better than any I've seen in recent times.
I realise you can get funky colours at slightly better prices but in my experience they rarely include black/white colours.
Hope this helps a few ppl.

Update! Cash Rewards has sent some people a bonus offer of $10 for any spend over $20 so check your email and activate it before you purchase your Chuck's or feel free to try the link posted recently I wasn't eligible unfortunately :'(
I highly recommend going 1/2 size down from your usual Adidas/Nike/ASICS sneaker size as these do run large some people even say go down a full size but everyone I know finds 1/2 a size is a good reference. If anyone disagrees please post in the comments.

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  • Chuckawena!!

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    $72 at Myer at the moment: https://www.myer.com.au/p/converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-hi-...

    Been on sale for a few days, so only 1 size left in this type. Plenty of other converses available in all sizes though.

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      These are only size 9 and this is a different cheaper converse shoe. The ones listed here are the 70s and are much much better.

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      They are the standard model, the 70s are the higher quality ones that are made closer to the the original 70s design. Better insole, thicker canvas & reinforced in a couple extra areas.

    • But thankyou for looking, that's why I love OzBargain you can guarantee if you post something and it isn't the best deal someone will let you know there's better out there lol

  • Ah sorry about that!

    I bought some white converses from Myer the other day - $72 seemed like a bargain (normally have to pay ~$100). Anyway, good for people to know in case they are after other converses!

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      Once you try the chuck 70s you will never want to wear the regular ones ever again

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        Agree 110% much more comfortable and durable. I'd even go so far as to say they look better but that's just my personal opinion.

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  • I agree with OP re: sizing.
    I'm typically a US13 with Nike and US12.5 with Adidas, but the US12 is my size in Chuck Taylors.

  • Catch is selling at $69 but only limited sizes left now, what's the difference between this and the one Catch is selling ???

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    Damn they don’t have my size :( If anyone is wondering if the 70s are much different/worth it than the normal chicks, I have both and the 70s are definitely higher quality and more comfortable.

  • I would NEVER recommend downsizing. Bigger shoes always make your overall shape look good. For more references, please check youtube videos, you will definitely see the differences (btw I own 3 pairs).

    • Ok you are the first person who's said that although I don't think you are alone as there are quite a few ppl who feel the same online. For me I'm 10.5 almost perfectly in Adidas, Ascis ECT for running shoes but for the 70s that was just too big. Even with 10s I wear thicker socks than I do with my normal running shoes both for comfort and because I usually wear ankle socks with my running shoes and most higher socks are thicker at least mine are.
      I do have fairly skinny feet though, i think the smartest thing is to try on a pair and remember canvas isn't going to be as flexible as most modern sneakers so you want a touch extra room. If you can afford it maybe buy both sizes and then return the one that doesn't suit for your first purchase I believe they offer free returns but you'll need to check that for yourself. I'll try to look again later when I get a chance and update the post.

  • CW tracked at $20.68 so total be $70.32

    • Nice, mine hasn't tracked yet so I just used the calculator to work out 20%. I'll update the post. Thankyou :)

    • does it automatically track?

      • If you make the purchase from within the Cash Rewards app it'll automatically track (it may take a few hours or so to show up) I've never had any purchase not track through this method. Otherwise if you are doing it through a browser I recommend clearing all your cookies then going to the cash Rewards site and through there straight to the iconic to make your purchase. & Take screenshots just incase.
        But if possible do it from within the Cash Rewards or ShopBack app whenever you want cashback in my opinion is the safest and easiest way to avoid any problems.

  • Is the 70 Lo in white a good deal for $71.50 (doesn't have 30% off)

    • Combined with cashback it's a pretty good deal. I haven't paid as much attention to the low tops although they do seem to be slightly easier to find at a discount than the high-tops are. You can't go wrong at about $55 which is what it'll work out as after cashback. Hope that helps?

      • Was the 25% CR a flash boosted rate cos it's now 10%? :( SB is still 15% though

        • Yes it was 25% capped at $25 but I think it expired at midnight last night.