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Free Acer Tablet (A200) with Purchase of a Computer from a Limited Range @ Harvey Norman


Just heard this on the radio, thought I'd post. There are only 6 different computers to choose from on the site, not sure if it's different in-store? It starts today, ends this Sunday (19th).

The Acer tablet is the new A200, has had good reviews so far. A good deal if you're looking to buy a computer or laptop, and one of the ones on offer suits your needs.

T&C's: Offer available from 16.02.12 to 19.02.12. *1 Bonus offer applies only with the purchase of the selected products.Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Bonus can only be redeemed at the store from which the applicable product(s) are purchased. Bonus is not transferable for a discount, cash or gift card. For a full refund, all items must be returned in their original condition. Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    typical mark up deal from HN, just look at the spec of the cheapest Acer Aspire AS5560G-

    $500 to $600 spec stuff regularly found on deals here.

    • Agreed, cheapest (laptop) from the list is $1000 and its only a quad core AMD with 4GB of ram, for this price you'd expect an i5 or even i7 with 8gb of ram

  • +1

    That acer is even worse than this:
    and it costs $600 more

  • +1

    The Acer Aspire AS5560G is $479.99 Internationally. Add $50 for Shipping. Your paying double for a bonus tablet? Not a deal.

    • Not arguing, I think the prices are ridiculous. Wasn't aware when I posted the deal, I don't follow PC prices these days.

      I think a lot of people will still buy from HN for warranty purposes, peace of mind, and such. The $350 tablet is a bonus.

      • i don't think so
        EVERYONE KNOWS that HN charges a lot more than they should
        and you can always buy the laptops from a local seller for MUCH MUCH cheaper
        The warranty is still valid

        • +1

          If everyone knows that, then no one would buy a PC from HN. Why are they still in business, selling computers then?

        • To answer mtbjaz,

          HN probably the most haggle-able physical store here in Aussie. I have got many decent bargains in the past, including washing machine, receivers, speakers, and fridges (few of them for friends). But you need all the skills you have to haggle down the price. There is a reason why they put the store-front price so high, and for sure there are many reasons why they willing to drop down that price ;)

          In this particular case though, i am not sure if you can haggle the price for the PC, because it is under special promotion.

        • +4

          Pfft, my partners' family are not tech savvy AT ALL. The parents, plus four kids (between 19 and 26) have always bought their laptops from Harvey Norman. They just don't know any better, and they're happy to pay the prices, obviously.
          So I disagree, not EVERYONE knows. Maybe everyone on OzBargain knows, 'cause we're all tightarses - well I am at least ;)

          In fact, I can imagine their dad pouncing on this deal. Then never actually using the tablet…

  • Didn't know that deals you post were automatically +1'd (you know what I mean). I wouldn't plus this as I'm not interested in it at all, but I did put it up in case other people were interested.

    Just sayin'

    • +1

      if in doubt, post it! buyers will ultimately determine how good the deal is, speaking of which, this is just another 'all flash and no substance' promo from Hardly Normal, do they really think people won't check the laptop prices and what the tablet is worth?? give us another 2-for-1 laptop deal and i'll bite!

      • 2-for-1 laptop deal would be killer right now. My partner and I are both in want (not need) of new ones… but still… it's HN :S

  • Damn these computers look too expensive!!!

  • Actually, if you can find the same laptops / computers somewhere else cheaper and get it price matched… would you still get the free Iconia?

    • HN would never do that

    • Worth a try, but I doubt it. Try a couple of different sales guys if you don't succeed the first time ;)

      • highly unlikely, when you read the promo fine print they will usually have something like 'offers cannot be combined' or for bonus item promo the item you buy has to be non discounted i.e RRP pricetag, and apparently a pricematch is considered an 'offer'!

      • don't they have the price match guarantee for 7 days after purchase? surely you could price match afterwards? unless they consider the tablet as part of the deal and say its not the same product?

        • +1

          my guess is, depending on the individual retailer they could give you the choice, either you get(or keep) the bonus tablet or you can claim the price guarantee but not both, i suppose if someone else dropped the price of your new computer within 7 days and it was worth more than the tablet you would go for the price guarantee, keep in mind HN isn't stupid, just like a casino at the end of the day they will make money off you, one way or another!

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