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Telstra $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit for $279.99 Delivered @ Techano


Not the greatest price or reputated seller.

But price match with OW might make this deal bit sweeter with extra 5% ($265)

Note : you can get cheaper deal from boost, but if you are someone looking for eSim this might be a better deal.

4G only.

Bonus data
Get 50GB once off bonus data when you activate on Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan (200GB = 150GB + 50GB bonus). Must activate between 6 July 2021 and 27 September 2021. New customers only.

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  • New prepaid services aren't able to get an esim.

    • Why tho? It doesnt make sense they cant give u an esim. Optus gave me one through email almost immediately when I signed up.

      • +1

        Telstra prepaid used to allow esims but a recent change to a newer billing system means the new system is no longer capable of issuing esims with the feature yet to return. They claim it's coming soon but thats been the case for a while now.

        Optus is significantly better given you can now just sign up for an esim (pre or postpaid) via the app.

        • One very cool thing about Optus is that you can only get an eSim for the flex plan which is $1 a day but if you sign up and set it up, you can change the plan from the app to any other prepaid plan you like and the eSim functions normally. Even tho officially they say its only for Flex plans

        • I can confirm the same. I recently switched to a yearly prepaid plan from monthly and bought a galaxy s21. Went to their store and asked for an esim…it could not be done. The store rep attempted to do it on my request and showed me the process and how the system could not process it. I was kicking myself. If I was on the monthly plan like before I might have been able to get an esim. So frustrating

    • did you try recently?

      • How recently? I tried about 3 weeks ago and the website is yet to be updated to reflect otherwise.

        • did you try from their app using a esim device?

        • Just had a chat with telstra. They say yes to esim on prepaid

          • +1

            @hopper: Be careful with the chat. They often say one thing and when its time for you to change, they will clarify it only applies to past stuff. Has happened to me with Telstra before. Make sure you visit a store to confirm before signing up.

  • I wish I could get a discounted recharge - I only have a few days left (and more than 100G remaining)

  • Used to be unlimited international- now it’s capped. They changed the rules after I recharged last time. Not happy with Telstra doing this… so unfair. This should be illegal.

  • They also removed international roaming last year. They said a new plan would be released by mid this year but still haven't seen anything.

  • "or reputated seller." For a second, I was like sure that's Telstra for you…. Then I realised what you meant :P

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