This was posted 6 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Pre Order] Samsung Tab S7+ (256GB) Silver $1249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Have been looking out for cheap prices for the Tab S7 Plus since a month now and this seems like a good deal for the 256GB WiFi version.

Delivery mentioned is about 1-2 months but it is Amazon AU stock and sold/fulfilled by Amazon AU.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Still waiting and hoping for another drop to $850 :(

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    Quite expensive.. 1250AUD..

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      Yeah going by the comment above, it seems its not the best deal :p

  • Lots of spelling errors in the listing overview itself 👀

  • Way to high price

    • Compared to what?

      • Previous prices, S8 is not far away the price is only going down.

        • -1

          Exactly. I got the S4 for $500 when the S6 came out for around $1300. Plus there were almost no differences in the models. 2gb extra ram, slightly thinner and the s6 even had a smaller battery! Newer doesn't always mean better with Samsung, sometimes its the opposite

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    Have been looking out for cheap prices for the Tab S7 Plus since a month now and

    … and you gave up?

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      Looks like it based on everyone's comments :p. Its an amazon preorder so I can cancel it right away.

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        Nice! Don't focus too much on storage IMO, SD card slot can cover you there, but the bigger issue is that there should be the next model announced in a few weeks.

        At the very least, wait for a price drop based on that. I would expect the S8 Plus version to be cheaper at launch, and an S8 Ultra version to sit above it at this kind of price point.

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          Don't think the new tablets are until 2022

          The event coming up is phones and watches

          • @noise36: Yeah I hadn't seen the recent leaks until after I posted this, but I would still expect a new tablet this year, otherwise we wouldn't see one until at least April 2022.

            Given the capacity to offer the S8 and S8 Plus as essentially a drop in upgrade with the SD 888, I'd be shocked if they're held back.

        • Yeah.that's true a newer version should be coming out. Patience is in scarce supply, my friend. Haha. Storage yeah I am more keen on a 128gb version since I have a 128gb sd card lying around. But the 128Gb cost more than this one for some reason.

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          Don't focus too much on storage IMO, SD card slot can cover you there

          I respectfully disagree.

          The tablet with more storage also has more RAM (6GB v 8GB).

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    I guess if you absolutely positively don't want to go apple….

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      Much more to it than that, these have better screens than iPads, OLED vs LCD.

      Depends on usage , these are better than iPads for some things and not as good for other stuff.

      The Android tablets suck get an iPad meme is past its use by date.

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        yeah the display is one of the main reasons I wanted to go with this one. And also the aspect ration compared to iPad pros.

        • Maybe you should add a survey asking people who bought a Samsung tablet if they would buy another one or switch to IPad? My experience wasn't that great (Tab S4), wouldn't buy another Samsung tablet, be interested to see what other owners think.

          Certainly at the $1200+ region, IPads would appear to offer a longer lifespan and thereby better value. I understand the mini LED panel on the 12.9 pro is comparable with an OLED.

      • True. Both have their advantages. I have both an iPad and an S6 Lite. At this point, I tend to use the S6 Lite more as I usually have better user experience with it.

  • Not that great of price, i've been following the s7+ 256gb for MONTHS…MONTHS i tell you….waiting for a drop under $1000. There's been a couple times it hit under 1200, and you can get grey imports right now for $1100.

    I'm also waiting for sub $1000 and even got the uni I graduated from 20 years ago to set me up with an alumni/student email so i can use the education stores if a deal pops up again.

    • I think the next drop might only be once the tab s8 is announced.

  • There's also this 256GB 5G version with a coupon that comes down to around $1600

    • got my tab S7+ 5G for $1450 hongkong stock though.

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