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eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wireless with Homebase 2 $279 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems an okay price for this doorbell and homebase. Looks to be a decent system, especially since you can store locally to the homebase rather than rely on cloud storage. I know you can price match with Office Works but it doesn't look like they have any stock atm.

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  • Camels say you can do slightly better at 263

  • thank you, i will wait

  • Have been using this for a couple of months as I have poor visibility from my front door so this serves as a camera to see what's going on. Have been pretty happy with it so far, I wouldn't use this as some hardcore security system but it has some nice basic functionality and the battery has been solid. I will likely add a few more cameras later on.

  • how long does the battery last?

      • thats way too short, is there any other hard wired solution besides ubiqiti which im leanings towards? the problem is that you also need to buy some other chime seperately.

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          This product (battery variant) has the option to be hardwired too or you can buy the hardwired only variant (which is way more streamline than the battery model as it does not require the battery pack).
          180 days is quite good and charging is VERY easy, no different than charging your phone with all cords provided.
          I would highly recommend this product to anyone! Especially anyone not wanting to pay the absorbent aftersales fees of Ring.

          • @Punkmak: This one gave me a chuckle.
            absorbent = exorbitant?

            • @Frank Murphy: What a banger, you have to love the aggressive autocorrects on phones especially when glide typing

          • @Punkmak: ignore me

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          This model can be used both wired and wireless.

          I've had mine for a while now and very happy with it. Still had 30% battery after 3 months when I first recharged it.

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            @WalterBiH: Depends where is mounted too. Mine barely lasts a month. I need to move it so it isn't constantly filtering out cars driving past.

            Also, the motion detection is rubbish

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    Obligatory "have they patched the security vuln yet?" commment

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    I have had this for over 6 months and highly recommend it. Video quality is good., Battery lasts at least 4 months and it is easy to remove and recharge.
    I have a few of the camera's as well which are pretty good but video isn't as good as quality as the doorbell. (2k vs 1080p)
    I paid just over $200 for mine last November without the base station. I got base station (v2) with cameras I bought from Bunnings.

  • Thanks OP, got one from Supercheapauto. And -$10 from combank reward. Bring it down to $269

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    Bought on the Supercheapauto 30% off sale so cost me about $240.

    Been running for about a month now and still at 80% (411 detects) but I'm lucky because it's aimed into a small courtyard, so really it's only recorded the family coming and goings and the post man twice and some door knocking energy "expert" once. :)

    Notifications are quick (I have it scheduled to send me notfications only from 11 am to 7pm) on your phone and picture quality both day and night are pretty good. Human detections seems to work pretty well as it hasn't yet once picked up the cat walking past.

    Does work with a Google Hub (Hey Google, show me the doorbell) but it does take a while to finally get the stream up.

    The selling point for me was the local storage and no sub fees to store my videos and the quality of the video.

    So far so good.

  • Have anyone found any deals on this? Looks lile prices have gone up. Thanks

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      Just bought it on Amazon for $279. Been waiting for it to drop again.

      EDIT - sorry my bad. That was for the wired version. The base and battery one is $289.98. :(

  • Google just released their own, Im still tossing between this or the google one

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