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ASUS Tablet - Slate EP121 $999 (TF101 $329 16GB or $439 32GB with Dock. SOLDOUT)


We have just received a clearance shipment of 55 ASUS TF101/EP121 units. They are brand new and with full Australian warranty.

We have 14 EP121 units at $999 (EP121-1A017M) cheapest price on staticice is $1445

We have 5 TF101 16gb units (without the keyboard dock - TF101-1B179A) at $329 cheapest price on staticice is $399

We have 36 TF101 32gb units (with keyboard dock - TF101-1B180A) at $439 cheapest price on staticice is $570

I am sure everyone will have heard of some better deal at some time or another - but this is a "genuine" deal with transparent stock levels and these units are "not" refurbished.

Below is 3 photos of the shipment:

Kind Regards,

ASUS Notebooks

MODEDIT - LOOKS like many of these have been sold out. Site says you can leave email address and be notified is available. But if its a true clearance probably not.

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  • I just got the 32GB with dock recently.

    The unit exudes quality.

  • tempting :)

  • Rep, I am going overseas on the 17th of March. Can I buy one now and get invoiced next week so I can claim tax back?

    I don't mind it being shipped next week.

    • How much is it for the 16GB version with the dock?
      Edit: sorry, didn't mean to reply to your question!

      • The 16gb doesnt come with the dock, and unfortunately the 5 16gb units sold out quite quickly. The 32gb still has some stock left, but we have sold 30 of the 55 tablets already, the only one with decent quantities still are the slates.

    • +1 me too me too.

      rep you didnt include shipping fee. Do we assume its free shipping?

    • Maybe the Rep can also dummy up the price so we can claim more GST?

    • @ ragnaboy2010 - Don't forget that you need to actually take the goods (i.e. the Tablet PC) with you when you go overseas to be able to claim back the tax. You'll need to show both the goods + the tax invoice to the TRS agent when you depart.

    • +2 votes

      Sorry for the delay guys, I had mixed netball tonight! We can definitely delay the invoice for you:)

  • Hey Rep, what about going under the "magic" threshold of 300??

  • go to officeworks and get a price match, that will get you closer =)

  • Not really good to submit the serial number of these items. I hope people dont' get the one in the photo…. at least blur it out.

  • No 3G model :-(

    • I went to hardly normal and play around with it. It looked and felt great but I found the touch screen not very responsive which annoyed me. I'm comparing this to the Xoom which I already own and that has a really responsive screen.

      The salesman said its like that because so many people have touched it. I lold on the inside.

      Edit: not suppose to be under your comment

      • +6 votes

        +1 for the salesman

      • I wonder if the one you tried had the latest update, because the screen on my tf is very responsive.

        • It was version 3.2.1. Hmmmm maybe it's because I'm use the xoom. Has anybody else used both tablets? Which one did you find more responsive ?

        • I've both, and screen is good. Unlike Xoom, speaker is better because is not behind the tablet. It is thinner and lighter than Xoom. BTW, its up to personal preference actually. I personally like Transformer than Xoom

      • Lol at the contradiction of "lold on the inside"

      • I had the same experience with the Asus TF101 the screen colors were better but just felt too big in my hand and a bit laggy on screen touches and.sometimes had to tap several times for a response.. decided on the Xoom.. I thought the Xoom felt better in my hands to hold and snappier.. But as always it is personal preference .. I am sure they are both have their positives and negatives..

        My 2 cents !! Try them both then buy whichever feels more comfy..

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    What's with the apostrophes below, rep?

    I am sure everyone will have heard of some better deal at some time or another - but this is a "genuine" deal with transparent stock levels and these units are "not" refurbished.

    • This is an apostrophe '
      This is a quote mark "

      The rep putting quotes around those two words usually means, in that context, the opposite of what is being written. So maybe the deal is NOT genuine and the products ARE refurbished.
      Or maybe he had a pretty bad attempt at EMPHASISING those words.

      • As the last deal we listed was for a refurbished TF101, I wanted to point out that these were brand new units. So that there is not any confusion

  • Tempted.. I can't decide between a tab or laptop for Uni :\
    Best price I've seen so far too.

    • been through uni just now and wish I had bought a tab. You don't really need all the processing power of a laptop to do uni note taking..battery life is king.

  • Actually, how to know whether a unit is brand new or refurbished?

    • They are sealed in the pics and in the retail boxes so one would assume they are new + I don't think asusnotebooks would risk the good reputation they have here.

      • They did put "not refurbished" in quotes so..

        • We purchased these from ASUS as new stock. You can see in the photos that they are new, all refurbished units have a big green refurbished sticker, which leaves a big sticky mark on the boxes when removed.

  • I'm tempted to buy one… but i don't need one!!

  • Will you have that TF prime on special soon? :P
    and prefer to pickup from Sydney

    • No, these units are a clearance item, as the Prime is in short supply we can't imagine it dropping too much too soon

  • TF101 16GB all sold out.

  • I'm waiting for a decent deal on a 3G model.

  • Hi
    Any one know the promotion or coupon code for this deal?

    • Didn't think there was one. Deals like this, you just need to check ebay, amazon & the usual suspect sites to compare prices. At $100+ below the regular advertised prices, I wouldn't be hunting around for coupon codes! When I got in last nite, the 16GB units were sold out. Got the 32GB, didn't think there was much left & this morn, that sold out as well.