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BlitzWolf BW-HOC5 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Adj. Armrest & Headrest US$189.99 (~A$255.68) Delivered (AU Stock) @ Banggood


Great ergonomic office chair at an excellent price. AU Stock with 1 week delivery. Check previous deal for comments/discussion.

To get price in title:

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Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD. Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at checkout.

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  • +1

    Thanks, Been in the market for a chair, ant was looking at the really high end stuff but really didn't want to reach that far into the pocket

    will give this a go!

    Came in @ $272.51

    • How'd it end up being $17 more than price in title?

      • Not sure hey, i figured the calculation might have been out a bit on the exchange rate/

        • Did you enter the coupon at checkout?

          • @adr8: Yeah i did but i did forget to take off the shipping coverage

            Sub-Total: US$219.99
            Coupons:BGAUBWHOC51: US$-30.00
            Shipping insurance: US$4.40
            Shipping Fee: US$0.00
            Total: US$194.39

            • +1

              @buzurk: Oh ok, for next time you're better off selecting AUD, as it works out to be AU$264 with shipping insurance, so Banggood's conversion was much better than what you got.

              • @adr8: Oh, didn't know you could do that? Bummer :((

                Perhaps because I used Paypal which done the conversion.

                • +1

                  @buzurk: Yeah PayPal has a terrible rate. Best to get yourself a card with a decent rate and no international transaction fees.

                  • @Chickenleg: No worries, thanks for the tip!

                    I assume its still a good deal even what i paid (well hopefully hey)

                    Might be worth updating the post? I just thought it was another deal you enter a code and checkout, i didnt consider conversions etc ( i dont normaly buy from Os)

  • Anyone who bought this in last deal have any more feedback?

    • +5

      Mine is still going good after about 5 months.

      Seat cushion is definitely comfortable. And I do kind of use the headrest a bit if I'm just lounging and sitting back while watching Youtube or something, just not while I'm leaning forward actually using my laptop.

      There are a few rattles and noises with parts moving around a bit. But it's still all hanging together fine though. I did buy a set of rollerblade style wheels for it as with the weight of the chair it seemed to sink into the carpet protector and 'settle' more than my old one and that helps with moving it around.

      So yeah, for the price it still seems like a reasonable chair and I'm still happy with it.

      • Hows the base with it not being mesh?

        • Is fine for me. During summer I guess I did have a pedestal fan blowing on my back, so the mesh back was good then. But I don't think I've missed anything by having a cushion base though.

      • I have seen people mention this about the wheels, can I just buy any roller blade wheels and attach them?

        • I think so. I'm pretty sure the wheels (the fitting pin) are generally a standard size across most chairs?

  • Bought

  • If I buy 2 can the shipping fee combine?

    • If you want to purchase two and still get free shipping you need to make separate orders.

  • +1

    For those like me who bought one, make sure you watch their assembly video to augment any instructions that may (or may not) be included: Assembly Instructional Video

    • +1

      whats your feedback on the chair so far?

      • Yet to receive it but I'll update the comment with my feedback when I do. Previously I needed one urgently for wfh and made the mistake of getting a cheap $50 one from eBay. At night I play the last post on my trumpet in remembrance of my butt and lower back. I saw all the feedback on this one re seat cushioning so cannot wait to try that out.

        • Hows the chair?

          • @Koipanda: I'm actually really pleased with it. About 30 mins to assemble, and no missing/broken/leftover parts.

            I'm 6'2" and it's the ideal size for me. The best part in my opinion is the seat cushion, lots of padding. Summer might mean enough sweat to drive a water wheel however, but time will tell.

            The lumbar support has good adjustment, and overall it feels solid and durable. It's been a Dunkirk for my back - saved just in time!

  • @adr8 now that you've had the chair for 6 months.. .what's your thoughts? :)

    I was just reading the other post so thought I'd ask :)

    • +1

      I reckon for the price it's great, feels sturdier and better built than the similarly priced ergo chairs at Officeworks. Has greater adjustability than those also. The only complaint is the headrest as has already been mentioned, but for $250 I don't think you'll find a better alternative.

      After six months there's no noticeable signs of wear and tear, the seat base is still very comfy. Overall pretty happy with mine so far and would definitely recommend it.

  • +1

    I just received this chair. It's overall decent for the price you pay for it.

    1 complaint that i have is that the LOW height of the chair is quite high. I am one of those blokes who likes to sit low down and back reclined whilst i play games/work etc. The low height of the chair has my knees bent at 90 degs. Which is the "optimal" steating position. I am 1.75m tall, so anyone shorter may face an issue where your feet can't touch the floor.

    • My 172cm body with short legs agrees with you. I'm gonna have to go get a footrest from somewhere I reckon.

      • I'm also 172cm. Is this saying that my feet wont touch the ground even on the lowest possible setting for the chair?

        • Yes YMMV I’d say that’s most likely if you’re the same height as me. I’ve formed the opinion that the chair is much more suited to taller frames and I’m thinking about throwing mine in up in the classifieds.

  • Seeing lockdown is extended and I gotta work from home … might as well do it while comfy.

    I've just ordered … hopefully I get it soon :D

    @adr8 thanks for your feedback .. .appreciated :)

    • How has the chair been? Might make a purchase tomorrow.

  • Hi guys, i followed the instructional video (couldn't for the life of me find any paper instructions anywhere) and I have the 2 silver washers left over? Where were they supposed to go?

    • Usually being a screw or bolt. Sometimes they pack extra;

    • +1

      They're for the armrests.

      • Ah right, cheers m8

  • Ordered one and received last night. It is very disappointing to find one of the handles is broken :( anyone please can you share how to contact Banggood for replacement claim? Thanks!

    • Under 'My Orders' click on Return/Repair to submit a 'Ticket' and upload photos of the broken handle.

      • Thank you mate!
        I have done that last night and still waiting for someone to pick up the ticket :)

        • Usually takes 24-48 hrs.

    • I cannot believe that I am still waiting for the Banggood customer service to initiate the return process. It has been 4 days…

      All the customer service could do is one comment asking for more videos or photos to be uploaded, or asking if I am willing to wait for a weeks to get another chair part delivered.

  • Review: setup the chair in bout 30 mins. I had issues with trying to screw the bolts in to hold the back part of the chair up.

    Anyways it's super comfy…

    WFH tomorrow is gonna be awesome! Lol

    Thanks 👍

    • I interpreted as WFH as something else at first 😅😅

      • Maybe after I finish doing my room and then move it in there 😉

    • heyy im having the same issue. Can't seem to plug in the 3 bolts to hold the back part of the chair to the seat. Any tips?

      • I did the "single" one first… Then flipped the chair over a table (careful the legs don't come out when you're doing it or its gonna drop)

        Then just keep screwing it … Like the first few turns are extremely hard but after that it gets easier.

        • cheers mate much appreciated!

  • just in case anyone's wondering - the lumbar support can actually be easily removed as it's only held in by 2 screws. Would have been great if it was depth adjustable but oh well, easy enough to remove and live without it.

    • I'm 6'3 and think the head rest and lumber support are perfect… Lol

      I guess everyone has different experiences with it

      • I’m a smidge over 5’7 with a short limbs 😆

  • If you’re planning to pay with PayPal turn off one-click payments in the settings BEFORE checkout, otherwise it will automatically convert to AUD before you have a chance to even change it. It’s a terrible integration of PayPal.

    $258.31 vs $269.05

  • +3

    Warning if you are considering to buy from Banggood:

    You might get an item that was returned by another customer;
    If you are unlucky, just like me, you could get a damaged item;

    And then you will have to deal with their horrible customer service: Basically in the first few days, the customer service will keep asking you to provide more evidence of the damage, photos, videos, etc.

    Then once all the obvious evidences have been submitted, the customer service would start asking questions like "Even the item is damaged, but you can still use it correct?" Come on Banggood, I bought a brand new chair not a second hand one.

    After bringing up their own 7 days DOA policy (https://au-m.banggood.com/return_policy.html), they started talking about "it would be very expensive to return the item and it might be detained by custom" or "We have to order the part from providers and it will take weeks". I bought this chair because it is in AU stock and it was actually shipped from a warehouse in NSW.

    Right now I have given up the replacement and asked for a full refund. The worst part of the customer service is that they only reply to your message once a day. I am not sure if this is sort of strategy but it is really working: I am so tired and frustrated. I have even considered to let it go and just live with the damaged chair.

    So again guys, think twice before you buy from Banggood. You will not want to go through the customer service as I did.

    • +2

      If you're ever worried, use PayPal so you're covered for any issues.

      If Banggood turns into drama.. lodge a PayPal dispute about the product and how they aren't willing to assist you.

      PayPal will generally favour for the buyer..

      • That’s a lesson learnt. I wasn’t using Paypal.

        Still waiting for the customer service to respond

        • +1

          they replied me today and rejected again my request of refund. Also they said something like “ you don’t need to make a big fuss about it. “ “ if you want to return then you need to pay for the shipping fee”

          • @zmsbd: that sucks :(

            contact your bank and discuss the matter with them … request the bank to do a chargeback on the purchase :)

            tell BG that under Australian Consumer Law, you are covered and they need to assist you otherwise you're going to report them for breach of practice. even if they are from overseas, they shipped from Australia to Australia… you're covered.

          • @zmsbd: What was the issue with yours if I may ask? Seems my gas lift cylinder is faulty too as I cant adjust the height of the seat.

            Were you able to get a repair at least?

  • Ordered Sunday, dispatched Tuesday (Moorebank, NSW) and delivered Wednesday (3XXX, VIC) via Toll. 7/10 ease of assembly, with three leftover washers (intentionally supplied I believe) + the use of an impact driver to force the 3x M8 bolts to join the seat back to the seat frame (the screws have blue thread locker applied). Super comfy, ready for the next lockdown here in VIC.

  • +1

    I received my chair too. It's in perfect condition. I also had issue drilling in the bolts connecting the seat to the back support.

    The chair is definitely comfortable. Two things I have an issue with though. I dislike the contours on the arm rests. I wish they were just flat. I'll give it another week to get used to otherwise will look for some armrest covers.

    The seat base is not as long as I'm used to. Luckily I've been able to slide the base forward, which has helped. But I've spent quite a while trying to find a good fit for my 185cm frame. Hopefully I'll get there with all the adjustment options.

    Overall though, the base is super comfy. The mesh back and headrest feel great. I love the tilt and adjustment options. And it looks pretty slick. Still happy with the purchase.

    • I'm 190 and thought the seat was alright…

      It wasn't anywhere that I read but there's actually a left and right arm rest so if it's not right maybe that's why … I had it so the "high" side went to the outside… Not

  • How come the shipping fee for me is AUD$55? I live in Sydney

    • Try again, as the AU Warehouse stock has been refreshed.

  • Can anyone tell me the height to the top of the arm rests, with the seat at it's highest and arm rests at the lowest. My desk is 70cm and I want to make sure I'll be able to slide the chair under the desk. I tend to like sitting high and right up against the desk but would still like to keep the arm rests on. Thanks.

    • Height to the top of arm rests is 73cm

      • Bugger. Thanks for reply, appreciate it.

  • Does anyone know what could be wrong if I can't adjust the height? the lever can't be pull up/down vertically.
    The push/pull to lock/unlock the tilt however works perfectly.

    • I'm assuming you're referring to the lever that operates the gas lift mechanism. If so, that lever can only be pulled up to raise or lower the chair. I couldn't find anyway to lock the gas lift so it sounds like yours might be faulty.

      • Is there any way to detach the gas lift cylinder from the seat base? I know that during assembly I just plugged them together and it clicked. Not sure if I missed something as the manual wasnt really detailed.

        • That's how I connected the seat base to the gas cylinder, although not too sure if it can be detached. If it can, I would try that and then reconnect it.

          • @adr8: I cant seem to figure out how to detach it if that is possible. Banggood support isnt very helpful

            • @emboon: Yeah not too sure if it can be easily detached also. I would seek refund or replacement under their 7 Day D.O.A policy. It might take sending a few messages and videos to BG support. They always start with offering a partial refund but stand your ground and demand a replacement.

              Edit: There's a few YouTube videos showing how to detach the gas lift cylinder might be less of a hassle them sending you that part instead of having to return the whole chair.

              • @adr8: Thanks for the idea. Could you share what your search keywords in youtube?

                What do you mean by they always start off with partial refund? Have you had much experience dealing with their support?

                • @emboon: I searched 'How to detach gas cylinder from an office chair?'

                  I also found this as what you describe sounds more a like a problem with the lift mechanism

                  Faults in the lift mechanism
                  Sometimes, the cause of an office chair not going up or down is a fault in the lift mechanism, rather than the cylinder itself. In this case, the problem usually lies with the lever not pressing the button on top of the gas cylinder that allows the chair to move up and down.

                  You can sometimes fix this type of fault yourself just by moving the lever back into proper alignment. Otherwise, it’s best to take your chair into a repair centre and let a professional investigate.


                  • @adr8: Thank you for sharing.

                    I saw this video too. https://youtu.be/p6cTZng224o

                    Did you by any chance remove the red cap on your cylinder? It wasn't stated in any of the instruction manual and video tutorial. :(

                    • @emboon: If it wasn't in the instructions then I wouldn't have removed the cap either. Also if you pause the Banggood instructional video at 1.40m the red cap is still on the gas cylinder when they attach it to the seat base.

                      • +1

                        @adr8: yeah I saw too. Just thought it might be the reason because there were lots of positive comments that it worked for them in the youtube comments.

  • Tried to buy it but my order was cancelled.
    " We regret to inform you that there is no suitable shipping method to ship the item in your order to your country due to some shipping regulations of the logistics company."

    I live in SE Vic so maybe it's because of lockdown but that kinda sucks. I'm wondering if anyone else had their orders cancelled.

  • Although the price is slightly higher than the deal price listed, the code BGAUBWHOC51 still works. Paid AUD$270.52 through Paypal. I did notice, however, the price kept jumping around if I tried different payment options…

    • I just purchased at the listed price too. Code still works

  • +1

    Just received this chair today and put it together, couple of washers missing in the kit but aside from that this is an excellent chair. Quality mechanism underneath with more than the average adjustments, including the tilt back function which I'm sure I could happily fall asleep in. Seat is very comfortable with some sort of fancy foam or somthing inside, very nice. I am tall (6'5") and this is a fantastic chair for me, hope this helps someone else looking for a good chair for their home office.

  • There's also HOC6 which is probably the same with the addition of a foot rest and slightly cheaper.

    • +1

      You can check the previous BW-HOC6 deals here for comments/discussion.

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