BlitzWolf BW-HOC5 Mesh Office Chair US$197.99 (A$257.07), BlitzWolf BW-HOC6 US$129.99 (A$168.13) Delivered (AU Stock) @ Banggood


Update: Rep added 20 more units for HOC5 use coupon 10%FORNEWBW credit drawkcab & coupons for three additional office chairs.

Banggood are having an Australia Day Promotion with several items from their AU warehouse on sale. Link to Promotion. I noticed the new Blitzwolf ergonomic chairs are also on sale, having recently got the HOC5 and impressed with it, decided to share.

Main differences between the two besides dimensions are that the HOC5 has height adjustable backrest and a seat slider which allows you to adjust the distance between your seat and the back of the chair. HOC5’s seat base has an angle adjustment feature also. HOC6 misses these, but gains a retractable footrest and of course is much cheaper. The weight capacity of the HOC5 is 160kg, the HOC6 135kg.

Check out all the features in this demo video

Both ship from their AU warehouse, mine was delivered in 3 days by Startrack.

Product Coupon USD AUD
BlitzWolf BW-HOC5 10%FORNEWBW $197.99 A$257.07
BlitzWolf BW-HOC6 BGG18433 $129.99 $168.13
BlitzWolf BW-HOC4 BGG18432 $129.99 $168.78
BlitzWolf BW-HOC2 BGG18435 $72.99 $94.77
Douxlife DL-OC03 BGG20460 $59.99 $77.89

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD. Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at cheackout.

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  • Not much review however definitely +1 for the price. Main considerations are head rest, lumber support and adjustable settings. For this price … worth a bargain. Even one wants to try.

    • +3 votes

      Have only had the HOC5 a few days, but very happy with it. The main reason I chose the HOC5 is that it appeared to have a much thicker seat base compared to other similarly priced office chairs. Sitting for extended periods has been very comfortable so far. It's got a steel core so very sturdy, no creaks, moans or noises when moving or reclining. What I particularly like is how you can adjust pretty much everything from the height of the backrest, to sliding and locking the seat base to adjust seat depth. Seat base can also be angled slightly and the armrests can be adjusted for both height and width. Lumbar support is also adjustable.

      • Awesome. Might just leave review their on site.

        If I hadn’t got the ErgoHuman one, definitely would have ordered this. So tempting. Thanks OP for such awesome deal 👍

      • Out of curiosity, how long have you had the hoc5 for? And no issues so far?
        Also, have you tried any of the more expensive ergonomic chairs previously for comparison? If so, how does this rate against them?


        • Only had it for a week, no issues so far. Haven't tried the pricier ergo chairs so can't make that comparison unfortunately.

  • Thanks I will try the ho5. Just yesterday I was trying chairs at office works but my horrible back didn't like any. This will be my first ergo chair ever.

  • Might want to wait for genuine review for the chair.
    I purchased Blitzwolf gaming chair version last year it was horrible. After 1-2 hours sitting on it my back and butt hurt so much because of hard cushion.
    Also when I tried review the product on banggood, apparently they dont post and let people see any review below 4 stars.
    Be careful of banggood review manipulator.

  • +3 votes

    You've somehow missed the $203 bidet, with code BGSMTOIAU43

    It's like a dishwasher for your butt - you don't need it, but it's one less chore to do.

  • I worry mesh chairs are going to tear?

  • You get what you pay for.
    I've had a Secretlab Omega Softweave for just over 3 years, used about 4 hours a day and it's still as good as it was day one. I've just purchased a second one for another room.

  • BGG18434 coupon doesn't work, says can only be used 10 times

  • Coupon still not working?

  • I would have considered if the base was mesh

  • Signed up to Banggood and promised new user discount of $26+ sitewide.
    Got email that says $20 sitewide.
    Tried BGG18434 code and got the 10 users already message so tried the other coupons they offered for a discount of only $6+.
    Their website claims 10% discount to download the app.. but it doesn't exist anywhere.
    There's also no way to cancel your account.
    Seems like another scam company so deleted app but can't unsubscribe.

    • Not sure how new user discount works, trying to get coupon extended on Monday.

  • Any update on the coupon extension?

    • Not yet, should get a response in the afternoon or evening.

    • Coupon extended for another 20 units & 3 additional chairs added

      • it says "this coupon is not yet available" but coupon 10%FORNEWBW got it down to AUD$259.51 for me (used the Honey extension)

        • Oops should have checked before posting, will get them to fix it hopefully soon.

          Edit: actually cheaper to use coupon 10%FORNEWBW shall update OP thanks!

          • @adr8: Hey I got the chair and I'm trying to assemble it now (got the HOC5) are there instructions anywhere? I must be dumb or smth

            Nvm I am dumb i found it

            • @drawkcab: i was the same…no instructions…, then found a little flyer in the seat cushion part.
              The instructions are extremley vague., there's one part for the headrest that came in a ziplock bag & i cant work out where it goes

              • @biglethal: Check out the demo video above.

                Although the part you mention is not in the instructions or video it's for the headrest so when you adjust the height it locks in place. You will know which way it slides in by the notches and lining up the semi circle on the part with semi circle on headrest.

                • @adr8: yep thats the bit…cheers

                • @adr8: Hey more dumb Qs from me

                  The handle on the left (when you're sitting down) - I was wanting to push the chair back more but I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong - are you able to push it far back?

                  The front most handle on the right - this does nothing for me! Are you having trouble with it? How do I use it? I can't tilt when it's lifted up

                  • @drawkcab: That's ok took me a while to figure out what all the handles do too. The handle on left is for the seat slider(reference E in diagram), when sitting use the handle to increase seat depth. To return seat base to original position press lever again, I found it's easier if you're not sitting on the base when decreasing seat depth.

                    Secondly are you talking about right front rotating handle(reference A in diagram) which adjusts the angle of seat base or the second lever type handle(reference B in diagram) which locks or unlocks tilt and can also lock tilt at a certain angle.

                    All the levers and adjustments are working fine on my chair. I found watching the demo video a few times helped in understanding what they all do. The diagram in the instructions also explains it.

                    • @adr8: Your comment about the seat slider was helpful!

                      I'm confused with both the rotating handle (A) and the tilt handle (B)

                      Is the seat supposed to tilt when I loosen A? Nothing seems to happen.

                      And when I lift up B, and lean back, nothing happens. Nor does anything happen when B is down. Is it supposed to be:
                      B is up - > unlocked so I can tilt forward and back
                      B is down - > locked so cannot tilt?

                      The videos are not really helpful for A and B!

                      • @drawkcab: Rotating handle (A) adjusts seat base angle. Initially I thought the same, rotated handle while crouching to see if front of the seat base moved and it looked like nothing was happening. Then I sat in the chair and did the same and you can feel it moving, although it's only a small adjustment of 9° (-4°~5°) nothing like in the demo video where it moves a whole lot more.

                        Handle (B) locks (up) & unlocks (down) tilt. Unlocked it should tilt back, you could try loosening the big rotating dial which adjusts how freely the tilt moves and see if that helps.

                        • @adr8: For me arm rest pull in/out is not working, not sure if I assembled it wrong. If you have a look at the video at 0:18 that's what I'm referring to. Are you guys able to do that adjustment?

                          I can only loosen the bottom big screw thing to be able to move the arm rest in or out (and then tighten the screws again) - not like how they show in the video.

                  • @drawkcab: Hey drawkcab- thinking of buying the HOC5 what are your thoughts on it so far?

                    Thanks mate :)

  • Any thoughts on the HOC4?

    • Yeah, I was interested as well because it has a taller back than the HOC5.

    • Hmm… doesn't seem popular. I think I'll pass.

    • If anyone finds this dont get one of these. The mesh is low quality and sags at once so you are just sitting on the screws. Bad design. The headrest is too far back and will not stay up for taller people. Save your money for something better.

      • Yeah thanks mate. I lost interest as soon as I saw the partial refund (you have to pay for delivery).

  • Is this expired now?

  • I bit the bullet and bought one of these. Finished assembling it yesterday. All in all very satisfied with my purchase. Very solid, hefty and highly customisable ergonomic settings make this chair a steal for the price. Considering I got an ikea chair for 200 bucks that was garbage and super uncomfortable, an ergonomic breathable comfy chair for 260 bucks? I am a happy chappy haha

  • Bought the HO5, shipment is fast to Melbourne, I placed the order on Monday night and got it Wed morning. Spent 3 hours assembling and trying to figure out the adjustments because the instructions are vague. But anyway I'm happy with the chair at this price.

  • Finally got around to picking up my HOC5 from the post office halfway across the city. I hate StarTrack.

    Annnnnyway, the first thing I pulled out of the box was an armrest. Which was soft and padded. Love it already. And the lumbar support is padded. Both of which on my Officeworks chair I picked up at the start of Covid last year, are not. And I was starting to hate it because of that. Well worth the extra $50 over the Officeworks chair for sure.

    With all the adjustments, if I can't get a comfortable position I'll be annoyed. Ha. Straight off the bat, I'm not sure about the headrest, I would like it to be further forward, not sure how useful that's going to be. But it seems pretty good otherwise initially. The base is well padded. Although, I will say it doesn't seem to roll as easily as the Officeworks chair, might loosen up, might just get used to it. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    I did find it interesting how the wheel base had one leg not fixed. I assume to make it be able to fit into a small box. Not sure I've seen that before, not a bad idea.

    Of course, longevity will be interesting. Hopefully it'll last a while. Although it did have one small hole in base fabric near the Blitzwolf tag, which was slightly annoying, but hopefully with it being where it is it shouldn't get any larger. But for the price, it seems like a good buy based on assembling it and using it for about an hour.

    • I agree with everything you say - especially the point about the headrest being too far back to be useful unless you're really reclined. I've taken mine off for now.

      Build time was probably about 1hr with the supplied allen key. I found the instructions in amongst the bubble wrap but most of it made sense to me anyway.

      Great adjustability, build quality and especially lumbar support. $260 seems like alot but I haven't really bought any expensive chairs for home because I spent most of my time in the office chairs, which probably cost a fair bit more.

      Shipping to melbourne <2 days.

  • Place my order today but then received notification that my order has been cancelled…
    Not particular reason…

  • Just bought this, seems good value. Will let you all know what to think.

  • Seriously thinking of getting this, OP, any additional content after you had this for over 2 weeks? How long is warranty, can't seem to find any info.

    • +2 votes

      Not sure about warranty either. So far it's been great, very comfortable and build quality appears to be good. At this price I'd say it's great value, better than the similarly priced eBay or Kogan ergo chairs but not quite as good as an Ergohuman.

  • I need 12 of the BlitzWolf BW-HOC6s but the code will not work on that quantity?

    • Usually you have to make separate orders if you want to use the coupon more than once. Although I suggest speaking to the Banggood rep first to make sure, you might also get a further discount for buying in bulk.

      I would contact the rep ASAP here to make sure you get your order in before they break for the Chinese New Year.

  • +2 votes

    Purchased this a few days ago, arrived today. I'm coming from a 7 yr old worn out Buro metro.

    Initial impressions are that the seat cushion is firm and quite thick, similar to the buro metro which also had quite a plush cushion, but the BW one is a bit more firm. Tons of adjustments available. Feels comfortable to sit on, will see how we go after longer periods. Quality wise, can't complain - the thing feels sturdy and well made for the price.

  • BGG18433 code is showing as expired

    • I wanted HOC6 too but not only the coupon expired, the price seems to be increased as well. So ordered HOC5 - only one left now.

  • Hi,
    I am thinking of getting the HOC5 any reviews after people having it for a bit more time than a couple days?

  • Hi guys,

    Those that have HOC5, the neck adjustment is not working well for me. It either slides down fully or I'm able to set it up at the top setting but not any other height setting. Has anyone faced this issue?


    • Did you install that small rectangle plastic part with a semi-circle on the end. Check above comments here

      • I was wondering what that part is and where it goes? I didn't install it. So do I take the head rest apart, figure out where it goes before I put it back again? Or does it slide through after screwing in the head rest? Any picture would be really helpful thank you.

        • Yeah they should've included assembling the headrest into the instructions. Probably best to take the headrest apart, not sure if you can slide it in once assembled. You will know which way it slides in by lining up the semi-circle on the plastic part with the semi-circle on headrest.

          • @adr8: Got it, thank you very much! I first pushed it in the wrong direction; had to remove the other screw to take it apart and then pushed it in the right direction. It works now :)