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BlitzWolf BW-HOC4 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair US$119.99 (~A$161.48) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Another BlitzWolf ergonomic office chair on sale and a model down from the BW-HOC5 shared earlier. Features include an ergonomic design with breathable mesh, lumbar support, adjustable height and a removable headrest.

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  • +3

    Anyone got this? Any good?

  • Cann't checkout, showing invalid products, no available shipping method

    • +1

      Make sure the AU warehouse is selected on the page and not the USA.

      • +1

        I just find out it only allow you to buy one not two…

  • Sounds like this one got mixed reviews after the last deal


    probably expected for this price range

  • +2

    Avoid this chair.
    The mesh bottom is rubbish and will be saggy after a few uses.
    If you like sitting on metal bolts then be my guest.

    • Here I was thinking it would be better than the PU leather ones. I guess not.

      • Everything besides the part you sit on is actually fine.
        The backing is firm but solid.
        A good amount of adjustability.
        Just a real bummer about the saggy mesh seat…

        • +1

          Can you PM me your order ID´╝čand I will arrange customer service to follow up with your product issues.

  • +1

    Warning if you are considering to buy from Banggood:

    You might get an item that was returned by another customer;
    If you are unlucky, just like me, you could get a damaged item;

    And then you will have to deal with their horrible customer service: Basically in the first few days, the customer service will keep asking you to provide more evidence of the damage, photos, videos, etc.

    Then once all the obvious evidences have been submitted, the customer service would start asking questions like "Even the item is damaged, but you can still use it correct?" Come on Banggood, I bought a brand new chair not a second hand one.

    After bringing up their own 7 days DOA policy (https://au-m.banggood.com/return_policy.html), they started talking about "it would be very expensive to return the item and it might be detained by custom" or "We have to order the part from providers and it will take weeks". I bought this chair because it is in AU stock and it was actually shipped from a warehouse in NSW.

    Right now I have given up the replacement and asked for a full refund. The worst part of the customer service is that they only reply to your message once a day. I am not sure if this is sort of strategy but it is really working: I am so tired and frustrated. I have even considered to let it go and just live with the damaged chair.

    So again guys, think twice before you buy from Banggood. You will not want to go through the customer service as I did.