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[Klarna] Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $411.75 Express Delivered @ Adore Beauty


The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer can be purchased for $411.75 using Klarna's current fourth payment is waived deal.
Original Klarna 4th payment waived at Adore Beauty deal (thanks to Blighst) - expires midnight Friday 16th July

Fuschia bundle (with bonus comb and brush) OOS
Iron/Fuschia non-bundle
Black/Nickel non-bundle

I ordered on Wednesday night and the hair dryer was delivered at 11:30am on Friday (they dispatch same-day if ordering before 4pm).

For customers to be eligible to have the 4th and final payment waived the first, second and third instalments must have been paid in full and on time. You can pay the first three payments immediately via the Klarna app. I chatted with Klarna live-chat and told them I had pre-paid the first three instalments, to which they replied they would escalate this purchase arrangement and have the fourth payment waived in 1-2 business days.

If you use GoCashBack and a new account you can get $21.95 cash-back as it indexes the Cashback based on the full price including GST, bringing the total down to $389.80, which is just slightly more than the awesome deal posted by Dealbot at $384. I can see the $21.95 Cashback as pending in my GoCashBack account.

Klarna x Adore Beauty deal t&cs

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  • With they have Airwrap bundle like last deal :(. Already get Supersonic for my wife from last deal.

    • Looks to be about $10 more for the Airwrap if you include GoCashBack 4% Cashback (which is indexed on the full price of $799).

  • Anyone know if I can use the Klarna deal at JD Sports (the accept Klarna). I can't find anything about this promototion.

    • It depends on which store Klarna wants to promote. If they do not have any promotional banner, then those stores are not participating.

    • Not this particular deal; 25% off is only for Adore Beauty.
      T&Cs: https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/klarna.html

      • Thank you

  • +4

    Decent price but goddamn still $400 for a hairdryer.

    • +1

      My wife is quite invested in her curls, and from all the research she's been doing the Supersonic's performance through the diffuser is second-to-none. We had a GHD Air before this and from first tries it looks to have cut drying time by half.

    • +3

      As someone with tight curls, this hairdryer is the best on the market.

      • I guess compared to a hairdresser trip being $200-300 or so for someone who does colours, curls etc. it might make some more sense.

        I'll talk to the girlfriend and suss out if this would be a good christmas/birthday present

    • +3

      Should see how much graphic cards cost.

    • I'd say it worths it! Happy wife happy life

  • +5

    Does the hairdryer run at Mach 1 or higher?

    Otherwise it should be called the Dyson Subsonic, Supersonic implies a sonic boom every time you turn it on.. misleading advertising

    • +2

      The acoustic problem also proved tricky, but it gave the dryer its name, Supersonic, as the engineers pushed a tone in the sound frequency to ensure it became inaudible to the human ear..

      • +2

        Thanks, kinda interesting!

        Though you could have just as easily said subsonic or infrasonic right? Basically they just mean - you can't hear it (which is also a lie because I hear that thing going all the time lol).

  • +13

    Thanks, been waiting to pull the trigger on this. I still think $390 is way too much money, but my fiancée will be VERY happy when it arrives, and that (to me at least) is worth it's weight in gold.

    • +6

      yeah, yeah, we get it. You're getting some! username checks out. :)

  • Knew it. People were excited when this was $50-$60 pricier like a week ago. Said it was overpriced, now this is a decent price. Thanks to Klarna I guess.

    • Still not under $400 as you said haha.

      • Is with cashback :)

      • @onlinepred Yep is with cashback PLUS bonus comb and brush (I bet the RRP on them would be frightening). If I could choose between deal I got and this post - I'd easily choose this post.

  • +1

    Few years ago its quite easy to get this hair dryer under $400
    Usually eBay list price were $499, and with 20% brings down to $399

  • +1

    bought one for my wifey, thanks op

  • +2

    First time Klarna users: don't get too excited. I was just rejected on the $549 purchase. I am guessing because I haven't built a history with them yet. It seems low.

    • Aww, that sucks. I bought a graphics card for $1600 with that deal lol. Pretty good deal if your credit history allows it.

  • +4

    I bought mine recently for $366, it seems to be at that price quite a few times. Wait for it I reckon.

  • +3

    Don't forget to link your KLARNA to your FLYBUYS so you can get another 5000 points.

    • Arrr missed that before making the purchase, can you link that after? Can't seem to find the option in app.

    • I managed to claim the points after the purchase :) thanks for the tip!

  • That comb looks really hard to handle

  • +1

    Fuchsia bundle sold out