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[NSW, QLD, ACT] $99 Gift Box @ RASHAYS


RASHAYS® Gift Box:
An Angus Beef Lasagne,
4 servings of Chicken Schnitzel,
a serving of Smoky BBQ Wings,
a serving of Creamy Chicken Risotto,
10 Chicken Nuggets,
10 Panko Prawns,
a Garlic Pizza,
5 Arancini Balls.
3 servings of Chips,
RASHAYS® Creamy Mushroom Sauce,
Tomato Sauce
Ranch Sauce.

RASHAYS® Dessert Box: A Brownie, 5 Churros, a Waffle, 2 Nutella Portions & 5 Strawberries.

All for $99

Found in the Gift Box tab on the site. Also available are Adult Gift Bags, Kids Gift Bags, Cooler Bags and Water Bottles

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  • +2

    Garbage food, why pay $99 for it? Not a deal

  • +3

    I can't support a business that think they are over the law! Wear masks , stop the spread
    and show the example to the community . And you will get the support of many people. I used to love rashays but the way they behave and talk on national tv was quite disrepectfull ! Yous struggle as a business but individual are struggling too and want to be out as soon as possible.

    • If your fart can come out of your jeans, don't expect a cloth over your face will stop viruses.

      If you want to stop viruses wear a TGA approved medical device or a hazmat suit.

      • Please stop being ignorant.

      • -1

        Finally someone with some common sense. I never knew OzBargain was filled with people that watch the evening news and believe everything they're told.

  • +1

    These guys will be destroyed on Ozbargain much like Youfoodz

  • +1

    Rashays was a garbage place before covid.

    Now they have attracted the anti maskers and they deserve each other. They should all get covid and their anti mask customers.

    • You seem nice

      • +1

        I'm really not.

        You want nice? Go visit your mother without a mask and give her something to remember you by.

        • I sympathise with him explaining how hard the lockdown is on small business, share your pay with them and let them do your job

    • -3

      A disease with a 99.5% survival rate. Much scary! yawn

  • Sort of reminds me of Sizzler but without the all you can eat …

  • -3

    Love that this pretty average deal has 32 upvotes. The downvotes are less, but I couldn’t care less if the they were more. Also enjoyed the moral superiority and dramatics of some downvoters.

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