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[NSW, QLD, ACT] $99 Gift Box @ RASHAYS


RASHAYS® Gift Box:
An Angus Beef Lasagne,
4 servings of Chicken Schnitzel,
a serving of Smoky BBQ Wings,
a serving of Creamy Chicken Risotto,
10 Chicken Nuggets,
10 Panko Prawns,
a Garlic Pizza,
5 Arancini Balls.
3 servings of Chips,
RASHAYS® Creamy Mushroom Sauce,
Tomato Sauce
Ranch Sauce.

RASHAYS® Dessert Box: A Brownie, 5 Churros, a Waffle, 2 Nutella Portions & 5 Strawberries.

All for $99

Found in the Gift Box tab on the order.rashays.com site. Also available are Adult Gift Bags, Kids Gift Bags, Cooler Bags and Water Bottles

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  • +37 votes

    thanks but no thanks. ps great publicity lately by your team

    • +8 votes

      No OH&S… Terrible.


      • -11 votes


    • +9 votes

      The owner of the Rashays restaurant chain has been charged after police received a tip-off about breaches of the public health order.

      Police attended the Chester Hill headquarters of Rashays in south-west Sydney yesterday and allegedly found the owner and a number of staff not wearing masks.

      The 46-year-old owner allegedly became aggressive towards police and refused to provide his details.

      He was later charged with hindering police and will front Parramatta Court next month.

      Two other staff members were issued with $200 fines for not wearing face masks indoors.



        Have a watch of the whole incident that was streamed on fb then decide what happened, sometimes things aren't clear cut. Will be interesting to see how court goes for him

    • -5 votes

      thanks for your input karen

  • +22 votes

    Yeah thanks but no thanks. Not hard to follow public health advice and wear a mask.

    Gotta tell your boss that.

    Stay safe and work from home even though all work is essential work. Because G-ladys hasnt defined what 'essential work' is.

    • +14 votes

      7news link for those wondering what it's all about

      • +5 votes

        Old mate is really claiming ignorance when there have been announcements EVERYWHERE…?


        why weren't the staff working from home?

  • +7 votes

    just need 1 second to tell that those are way too expensive for $99
    omg… when you create some marketing plan please use common sense

  • +6 votes

    After the $25 family snitzel box I got I don't think $99 is worth it after the serving sizes. 2 piddly overcooked snitzel peices and a load of chips.

  • +18 votes

    Used to be a member of this place. Cancelled the membership following the disgraceful display of entitlement. Follow the public health orders. Half of Australia is locking down because of this type of behaviour.

    • +5 votes

      Wasn’t a member but have been a few times. Never again. We all need to do the right thing to get out of this bloody lockdown.

      Call centre staff can easily WFH and any boss allowing staff to ignore health directives should be held responsible if staff catch covid at work and pass it to their families.

      Makes you wonder, what other health orders do they ignore?


      In their defence, the first cop on the scene was a bit if a dick and it went down hill from there.
      No one helped themselves from that point on, but the secondary officer that showed up salvaged the situation.
      Side note, the two front staff members were eating as evident in the video. Probably shouldn't be front of house but they were.
      Anything else come of this dumpster fire?

  • +6 votes
    • +1 vote

      Plates, bowls and boards included?


      Looks much more like a slice of lasange rather than a lasange.


      The photo is extremely pixelated but that doesn't look like a "garlic pizza" to me

  • +7 votes

    I'll never forget going there for mothers day and paying $30 for a schnitzel which no joke had like 2mm of chicken inside.
    I don't understand how people go there willingly

    • +4 votes

      I mean you should feel thankful you actually got chicken. ;)

  • +29 votes

    I have a firm opinion that rashays food is overpriced. I don't know how it's so popular. The pizzas are terrible and are like mccains but priced like woodfire ones. The beers cost 9 dollars. Who do they think they are? A fancy restaurant?
    Sorry, but I had to get it out.

    • +10 votes

      Don't you love it when it's OK to serve alcohol but too haram for pork products

  • -2 votes

    No pork ribs?

  • +9 votes

    The restaurateur argues that his two staff members hadn’t broken any rules as they were “sitting at the front counter eating” when a member of the public dobbed them in.
    While masks are currently mandatory in indoor settings in Greater Sydney, you can remove them to eat or drink.

    which sounds fine. so, are the keyboard warriors suggesting he was lying and staff were in fact not eating and wearing masks at all? /confused

    • +3 votes

      Agree, but pretty sure the police wouldn't have fined them if it was correct, so we are probably not getting the whole story.

      • +9 votes

        I am not for either side but the full length video does seem to prove the staff were eating while not wearing masks.

        I think Rashays overreacted but at the same time, the police overreacted as well by sending 10 officers for a couple of masks in an indoor office.. way worse offenders out in shopping malls, public areas etc. The first officer who started it wasnt even wearing the mask over his nose which is ironic.

        This should have been settled quickly and quietly with either a warning or fine.

        • +1 vote

          It's unreasonable to expect the public to react proportionally, even rationally during most police interactions, but their training & experience prepares officers for that. The first officer who responded was disdainful, disrespectful and behaving like a bully. What sort of response did he expect from the bald bloke? I'm not excusing baldy's theatrical / emotional behaviour but that is not an unexpected reaction given how ridiculous the response was for two people, inside & on private property, allegedly not wearing a mask whilst eating.

    • +3 votes

      Thanks for showing this, was wondering why everyone was dogging them. The only issue I have with rashays are it’s prices and shit portion sizes

  • +15 votes

    grossly overpriced, mediocre food.

    not supporting a clown of a CEO either

    • -15 votes

      It takes a clown to know a clown!

  • +6 votes

    The food is worse than the Mrs cooking…


  • +2 votes

    we were thinking about having it for dinner today but after all the comments I think I’ll pass lol

  • +3 votes

    yeah nah, their serving sizes are too small, no way that its worth the 99.

  • +2 votes

    Terrible overpriced bland food

  • +9 votes

    Had enough of microwaved food

  • +4 votes

    Are these food prepared by your unmasked staff?

  • +10 votes

    Not a deal. Standard price for the gift box from anti-mask anti-police nuff nuffs.

    • -4 votes

      Fail to see how reacting up to the unprofessional, overbearing & hostile manner of the police officers who attended (the initial guy was the worst) is "anti-police". You don't have to kiss arse & acquiesce to bully behaviour, even if they have a badge & the power to arrest. The conduct of the officers in the video Rashays shared, and many others from Victoria, are in stark contrast to QLD, which has seen high levels of compliance & low numbers of infringements handed out, due to the consultative approach of reminding people of their obligations & offering a mask if necessary instead of berating & fining them for what is usually an innocent mistake.


    I prefer $5 dessert last year. Wish to happen again.

  • +5 votes

    Get your food from anti maskers. good call

    probably anti washing hands too

      • +4 votes

        The zealot here is the boss - not the people attacking him. It's not a mild infraction - the co-owner didn't just bite the bullet and move on he blasted his anti-masker sentiment out to his staff, the police, and society by posting it on facebook under the official rashays account.

        The guy is a moron and worthy of all the hate he's getting.

    • +2 votes

      I agree that this is overpriced

      Well dude, why should we just ignore - downvoting is justified and well deserving. When other restaurants are publicising free food for needy all these mobs can come up with this [email protected] gift box? Really, is this all Rashay can do for its neighbours in SW Sydney?

  • +3 votes

    Post it on OzEntitlements not here

  • -2 votes

    Delicious! Love it!

  • +2 votes

    Ggood luck trying to get people to buy this so called gift box.


    If you're sick of cooking at home and like the offer, go get it!
    And remember to take off your masking when you are eating.

  • +13 votes

    Australia is rooted thanks to people like you. Why would I buy your food when you couldn't care if my grandparents die?

    • -1 vote

      What a dumb comment. On so many levels

  • +3 votes

    lol… came here to post about how I don't think it's much of a bargain at the price for that food. Didn't know about all the drama ha.


      Yea lol I had no clue. I originally thought the comments were about how terrible the bargain was, but after looking through, it's a LOT more than that sheesh

  • +6 votes

    Looks to be poor value for what you get. This goose still doesn't get it. Even in a recent facebook video he is not wearing a mask indoors while promoting this deal


    Last year Rashays pulled out of a 2 million dollar sponsorship deal with Canterbury Bulldogs. I was disappointed at the time however I think the doggies have very much dodged a bullet by avoiding this covidiot.


    The staff were eating which is impossible to do whilst wearing a mask and legal btw. I'd like to see how everyone who is bagging rashays for defending their human and legal rights react when a cop wants to fine you for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Be just my fellow ozbargainers !


      defending their human and legal rights

      against what? contracting covid?

    • +1 vote

      Lol it's very convenient that both staff members just happened to be eating when the police strolled in. I don't buy it, not for a second. Someone can just have some food in front of them the entire day and if anytime they are question regarding not wearing a mask they can point out that they are eating. But we weren't born yesterday!

      • +1 vote

        wouldnt put it past them. someone in another thread even suggested walking around with an empty paper coffee cup. if cop stops you asking why you not wearing a mask or why your mask is not worn properly. you show them the coffee cup.

        its these looking for loopholes that will result in the lockdown to go on and get tougher.


    am avoiding Rashay's like Eshay's 🤪

  • +4 votes

    I bought the pizza deal. They give you what they say. BBQ chicken gives you about 5 grams of chicken with bbq sauce and cheese. Nothing else. Worst store bought pizzas I ever had.

  • +6 votes

    Lol this doesn’t even surprise me…. Interviewed a guy for my own role ( as I was leaving) and one his previous work places clients was this mob…. One of the thing his workplace and this mob made him do is set up a Remote Desktop server using cracked keys/mak server so they don’t have to pay for licenses…. Pretty awkward sh*t to put a worker through…. That woulda been an instant resignation from me …