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Seiko Limited Edition SNE566P $399 Delivered @ Starbuy


This is a great deal for a limited edition numbered model. Have seen this selling over $450 in the second hand market.

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    1500 in the world, all of which owned by Ozbargainers :P

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      it does have a sort of ozbargain colour scheme going for it lol

  • Is this one made in japan or just the movement?

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      $54050 pfft price error ;)

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        Damn the baby boomers that bought Rolex when they were a shit company for $600 to $1000 each. Some of these people actually thought they were paying a lot of money when it was only 2 month worth of pay.

        Now 2 month of my pay wouldn’t even be able to afford the Rolex watch band.

        • 2 months pay can afford a womens oyster perpetual!

          Really though the solution is to slow down consumerism, but thats a task that will take many a year.

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            @Jenny Death: One good watch instead of 10 crappy ones :)

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    There was a guy on the Facebook watch groups trying to sell these for $899 shortly after they were last on sale. It didn't go well for him hahaha.

  • SZSB012 deal was good too.

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    Really unnecessary for Seiko to pay homage to the Root Beer. Dilutes Seiko's brand value imo.

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      They've been doing this since forever, it's nothing new. Seiko gets a pass cos they're innovative in other ways.

  • This one might be worth heaps one day. Look at the crown!

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      It’s a MagSafe crown

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    I personally think it looks quite clean and nice. If you’re in it because you want to own a quality time piece, I think 399 is a great price.

    If you’re in it to resell… I don’t think this is really highly sought after, at least in any foreseeable future. A quick google search shows quite a few retailers with these in stock for less than the $995 retail.

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      Obscenely overpriced at $995.
      More and more retailers are now starting to put a RRP on goods which are just silly.
      This way, they can constantly have 20-40% off sales, to try and make like you are getting value.
      But they are still making a tidy profit at the discounted levels.
      So GENUINE Value doens't start till we get 50% or more off.

      So, on that basis, this watch is genuine VALUE.

    • im happy to resell at $700 :D
      kidding i wont buy

  • Damn thats a large watch!

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    Not even saphire? I stay with steeldive capt. Willard

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      Yeah get a Pagani design submariner homage, $100 can't go wrong, Seiko movements and the rest of it

    • Hardlex is better for dive watches as it's more impact resistant.

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        Agree they should include sapphire crystal for watches $800+, many of the cheaper offerings and montages do now representing great value.

        Most people won't wear their watches diving but they are a great choice of watch (dress them up and down, great legibility etc).

        Ceramic bezels aren't impact resistant either, but that combined with sapphire crystal is a great combo to keep your watch scratch free and looking like new for years and years.

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          I don't disagree. Most watches will probably never see water.

          Still, at the end of the day it is a dive watch and hardlex is used for a reason.

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            @ihfree: Yeah that's fair enough, and good if you are putting it to real use :)

            Most high end watches are still sapphire, and mostly worn for day to day but I have taken my Oris to 30m and no dramas. Not afraid of leaving it on in the pool, beach or shower etc.

  • Wow it looks like a Rolex - best compliment ever

  • But it’s solar

  • Tempting as I'd like to add a solar watch to the collection.

    But damn, that cyclops magnification is tiny. Don't judge it by the marketing shots - watch a few videos. The date almost looks like it has no magification or perhaps 1.25 at most.

    Wish Seiko would put sapphire crystals on their lower priced models - it isn't that much of an added cost.

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    First time I see I thought GMT Root Beer, then I see the price. 😂

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    I'm mixed because this site offers me good promotion for things I don't need ^^ bought! thanks!

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      Don’t think I’ve ever bought stuff I need on OzB.
      Bought a shitload of other stuff over the years though

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    Solar pretty much means it will go down in value as soon as it's worn like any other quartz watch.

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      Their quality control certainly is very hit and miss these days.

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        Agree, and it's just a straight-up rip of a Rolex. You'd be better off just running a replica LOL

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