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Free Course - Korean for Complete Beginners @ Udemy


Looks like a good course. Learn the basics and you’ll be singing BTS songs soon!

What you'll learn

Korean alphabetic system called Hangul
How to type in Korean using a Korean keyboard
Korean sentence structure
Beginner Korean grammar
How to form basic Korean sentences
New vocabulary words

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  • Thanks op. Been trying to learn some korean to impress my gf

    • Is she Korean?

    • +5

      Nah they don't want to let u know what they are talking about at the dinner table

    • I also have a korean gf

      • Would you recommend her over an Australian gf.

        • +1

          Korean girls are awesome but get ready for a spicy temper

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          • +1

            @King Tightarse: Generalising millions of people into a few words. Nice work

            • +1

              @DarkProject: Some generalizations are reasonable and valid. For example if you travel to Italy you may find the people quite expressive and emotional. If you travel to Germany you may find the people quite stoic and reserved. If you travel to Japan people may seem generally polite. Of course everyone understands there are exceptions to every rule but there is nothing wrong with observations of general trends. So long as you understand it as a simple comparative observation and not a rule.
              Personally I love Korean culture but yes, I think the people are not afraid to express their tempers when they feel like it, compared to other places i have visited.

          • @King Tightarse: yeah my gf can get moody when shes on her period, i guess aussie girls would be the same meh

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      당신이 찾고있는 것이 나입니까?

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    North or South?

    • +1

      Not sure why you were negged, this is a legit question. Is North Korean exactly the same as South Korean? Or is it slightly different or totally different?

      • slightly

        • 이런 애들 많이 발굴 했으면 ㅠㅠ 멸치랑 탈모 개저씨 그만 보고싶음 일본 특유의 경박스런 혀놀림 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ

  • how do you say i want some sweet n sour pork?

    • +6

      탕수육 먹고싶다

      • churs, imma put that in my instagram bio!

  • +2

    Great deal for Victorians according to sky news

  • -1

    They say 디즈너트 and I think that’s beautiful

    • What's 디즈너트?

  • +1

    안녕 친구

  • +2

    Prefect, heard their shows on Netflix are good. Hate reading subs while watching

    • They sure are!

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    우리집와서 라면먹을래?

    • +1

      I saw in the internet that this is the most famous way Korean suggesting sex…….

      • nowadays is quite different. like this. girl said : do you want come to my house and see my cat? boy : i believe you dont have cat .. girl said : (whisper to his boy friend ear) MEOW~~

  • thanks dude~! I was looking for something like this

  • -2

    If I go to North Korea do I have to cut my hair like Kim? I mean they don't even classify marijuana as a drug over there it's a little price to pay

  • +1

    Listening to Twice and Blackpink
    Random person: Do you even understand what they singing?

  • 아포방포

  • +2

    고마워요 딜보트, 아름다운 언어입니다.

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