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Combat Ant-Rid Bait Strips, with Fast Kill Action, 10 Strips $1.60 in-Store/ C&C Only @ Big W


Similar to previous deals, Big W has these 10 packs of ant bait strips on sale for $1.60 with free C&C/direct to boot available at certain stores. I wasn't able to see a delivery option when shopping online but my local Big Ws all listed as having stock available for shopping online.

For those who prefer convenience of delivery, Amazon has price matched at $1.60 per pack but has a minimum order quantity of 5 (ie 5x10 strips) which funnily enough brings this up to $8, the same price as Coles and Woolies who have a single pack of 10 for the same price. If you are a Prime customer, delivery of the 5 packs is free.

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    Were useless at my house. Had to then get the brunnings spray to get rid of the ants.

    • I have to admit I've had mixed results. Unless you can find the source of what's getting the ants to come into your home in the first place (eg toddler leaving bits of food everywhere) then they'll keep coming back. That being said if you've been able to clean up whatever was attracting them, I've found the baits seem to work provided you put enough of them out.

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    They've worked well for me. Just need to see where they are entering the house from and place the bait there. We had a window sill with gaps and after an hour they were all over the bait, then the next day they were gone. Been 3 weeks now.

  • Thanks OP went with Amazon. Have used Ant-Rid liquid solution before which worked but found it hard to apply vertical location like walls as it simply trickled. This should be handy.

    • My strategy
      1. standard insect surface spray to kill ants which are there.
      2. Ant-rid

      Not sure which one does the trick but seems to work.

  • No stock within 160km

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      Honestly go for the Amazon option. Saves the hassle and delivered to your door!

      • Cheers, I missed reading that.

  • I bought the liquid bait traps (4 pack from coles)

    Just one trap used and the ants started dying near and inside the traps and eventually they all disappeared

    Very happy

  • Talon Gel is the way to go, best thing I've tried

    • Found Talon to be the best

  • Worked well for me and used it multiple times. Just left it somewhere along the trail and after 2 days or so the ants disappeared.

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    Had a really large ant infestation recently, went through like 7 packs of 10 in 2 weeks. 1 strip was being consumed in 1 day.

    Was seeing a lot of dead ants so I guess it was working.

    The annoying things about these strips are:
    - a strip quite big, so not that easy to place in an ant trail (compared to a gel at least). Some ants also had a fairly difficult time getting into the bait so they just went around it.
    - you might get some chemical in your hand when opening a bait
    - you might get a bad batch where the adhesive at the back does not work (got this from the one I got from woolies. The ones from amazon were OK)

    Not sure if it reaches the queen though. I switched to the Yates ant and nest killer towards the 3 week mark https://www.bunnings.com.au/yates-10g-home-pest-ant-nest-kil.... This killed off the nest in the walls.

    Overall it's a good thing to try at first given that it's dirt cheap at the moment.

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    What worked for me is sugar mixed to Borax, little bastards go for the sugar and bring Borax back home. Colony destroyed. Search on Google for ratios.

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