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Citizen Nighthawk BJ7135-02E $279 Delivered @ StarBuy


Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk

Case Diameter: 42mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

WATER RESISTANCE WR200/20Bar [Swimming / Snorkeling]

B877 Movement

Luminous Hands and Markers

Date Display

Stealth Black Dial

Designed for aviation enthusiasts, the Promaster Sky’s detailed aesthetic features a rotating slide rule and a high visible dial with 8 arabic numbers and luminous hands and markers for night visibility. Equipped with Citizen core Eco-Drive technology, allowing the watch to generate energy from both sunlight and indoor light thus ensuring constant battery. Additional features include dual time functionality, date, 12/24 hour time display and water resistance up to WR200/20 bar suitable for swimming and snorkelling activity. The classic black dial, black stainless steel case and sophisticated black calf leather band allow for both professional and everyday use. 42.5mm case. Calibre B877.

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  • +5

    Holy $#17 that's cheap!

    These guys offer some good deals at times…
    So tempting… oh so tempting…

    Be a good alternative to wearing my M2431013 Chronoliner… aaahhh sssooo temptinggggggg…..!!!

    Damn lockdown… Want to go find one and try it on before punching in the CC numbers… $250 is so cheap and little more for this.

    • Why is this cheap? Or a better question might be why would you pay more than $279 for it? Or even why isn't this Eco $199 like some other sale price ones? All these Eco-drives have similar guts, just with different shells, and most not obviously more valuable than the next.

      • +2

        Nighthawk have a good history. It is also a GMT travellers (Pilots) watch with dual timezone and additional functionality of rotating inner bezel (Pilots ruler). The watch is also 200 m water proof compared to 100 m for all other eco drives.

      • +7

        That model retails for $799. The cheapest I could find it on the web for was $450. The average price is $500-$550.
        So at $279, that's cheap for this model. I've got one in the shopping cart and am so tempted to order for the sake of it.

        It's not 'only' about the movement, which is an Eco-Drive B877 in this case, rather the design, features, materials used, tech if any, heritage if you are into such and a watch guy/girl etc.

        You will find there is Eco-Drives ranging from $150 - $5,000.

        If you're only after a 'watch' that tells the time, then just use your phone or look at the microwave. Otherwise, get whatever you feel is a reasonable price for the look you like.

        Some people spend money on shoes, cars, clothes, or watches. Some buy all of them!

        The same can be asked, why Breitling, Rolex, Zenith, AP, PP, Omega and the list goes on have movement bases in certain watches that are less expensive to others in their range. That doesn't mean I or anyone that has an interest in watches buys only 1 with the same movement. Many brands share and use other movement bases and refine them. Take ETA for example. Lots of swiss brands share ETA/Valjoux as base movements and you can find the same base in all sorts of brands with wide pricing variations. Rolex used Zenith movements for the Daytona for a while also when they couldn't make a suitable one in-house. Breitling has developed movements with Tudor/Roxel, and the discussion could go on and on and on…

        If you like it, can afford it and want it, then buy it. If you don't see value in this or any other, then pick up the most suitable piece or method for telling time that you can.

        • +1

          My microwave time is seldom accurate due to day light savings and years of not changing it.

          • @Dr Fruit: Well, in that case, I guess you should consider a sundial! ha!

  • +2

    Where's watchnerd?

  • I want one of these so bad
    But unfortunately only have 1 wrist set aside for my watch

    • +1

      You got two arms, don't you?

  • +5

    So, I caved.
    Decided to order one. Thanks OP.
    Just hope it wears bigger than the usual 42/42.5mm. guess if not, can always flip it.

  • This watch has been on sale for a couple of months. I think this is the normal price for this watch.

    • Where was it on sale?

    • this is the normal price for this watch.

      Mind telling us where?

  • anyone know what courier company they use? if I'm not at home, do they leave the items at nearby post office so I can pick up from there. they reason I asked because I recently had so much trouble with one of the courier companies, they would come and leave a note but would bring the item back to depot( in Melbourne airport), so now the only option for me is take a day off from work waiting at the home or take a day off and drive to depot to pick it up during weekdays.

    • +1

      Auspost Express Next Day. It'll be left at your nearest Post Office for collection if delivery fails. Starbuy are very quick to dispatch orders.

      • +1

        thats great, thanks, will place the order :)

  • Tuesday and sadly not yet shipped.
    Think they may have had more orders than stock on this one.

    Anyone else buy one and yet had it delivered?

    • Haven't seen any tracking email yet showing it's been shipped

  • +2

    Delivered… Wears ok (size).

    Reasonable ticker in general, great for $279! Thanks OP!

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