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KitchenAid Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat (Tan Colour) $48.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Was looking at standing mats to go along with a sit stand desk.

Apparently these do work based on Ozbargainer feedback and online reviews.

Currently this is best I could find online for a reputable and large standing mat.

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    Yep, helps a lot when using a standing desk. Could stand for longer as it is much more comfortable.

  • Can vouch for the quality.
    Pretty thick and cushy compared to the ones from bunnings

  • great price!

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    price on title please…

    -price police 2021-

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      My bad for leaving out the most important detail haha. Thanks mod for updating!

  • Only TAN Colour available:(

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      if you go to the back of a carpet store, you can just cut a piece off the scraps in any color you wish.

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    I purchased one from Coles (one of their Aldi-like special buys) for $30 and it's great. Thick and allows for longer work sessions without fatigue. Can't compare to these though, just saying it's great to have one.

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      I impulse bought one of the Coles mats for $20 last month

      Flippin fantastic! It's being used in front of the kitchen sink. I don't know what the brand name ones do differently but for $20 the coles one is great - thick and really comfy to stand on. If I were to change anything it may be a wee bit on the slippery side when you have socks on, but it's not really a problem.

  • redacted

  • What odd timing. Just about to buy a (Fezibo) balance board.

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    they are good. and are cheaper instore ofcourse - I think just under $40 in store when i bought it last time.

  • Seems like a stupid question but did a quick google search, the benefits of standing v sitting for work is burns more calories, does it really create less back pain problems?

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          Personally, I can't stand sitting down.

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          Apparently the simple truth eludes everyone here, both positions suck for long periods, the only way is to switch in between, and the only desk that allows you to do that is a standing aka height adjustable desk

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            @solidfruit: Spot on.
            My physiotherapist always says “The best posture is your next posture.”

          • @solidfruit: The best option is to get up and walk around. Even if you do this, very few people lift and drop desks on a regular basis. The idea is good but in practice…

            • @bargainshooter: pretty easy, just set a timer even
              The main thing is being aware of posture and getting up. It's easy to slouch even if sitting on a gym ball.
              If ya spending a bit on a desk it makes sense to buy a height adjustable one for a bit more (and tax write off)

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        Ok but what about for people who actually work…

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      Standing up does not really burn significantly more calories - tests show a potential 10% increase. You're generally inactive in both situations. What you need to do is get up and walk around. Sitting for long periods is not great but standing motionless for long periods is also not good for your feet, your calves, circulation. Ask retail people who have to stand behind counters. It sucks and standing desks have been hyped up to generate sales.

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        Out of standing motionless and sitting motionless , only one has been used as a form of torture …

        • Never seen that James Bond scene where he's tied to a chair… and they attack his jewels?

      • So I conclude the best way is to sit on an exercise bicycle and pedal whilst working

        • Treadmill desk :)

    • Have chronic back pains since I started working from home, I'm a notorious sloucher. Physio recommended stand for two thirds of my day, and sit with chest out and shoulders back for the rest. But that just made my legs AND my back hurt. I echo what others are saying, a mix of sit/stand, walking and stretching regularly will help your back the most.

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    Is this mat good for kneeling for a period of time

    • its not a yoga mat, but yes.

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      Who are you kneeling for?

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        Someone benevolent enough to allow them a modicum of knee comfort during their subservience/grovelling/etc

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    these don't work, i still got tired standing on them.

    • I think its more for those that stand for long hours (i.e. cashiers, chefs, a doorman ect), It's more beneficial compared to hard concrete/tiles.

      • chefs hahahahaha, just imagine a chef bringing his own piece of luxurious squishy carpet to just stand in one spot hahahahahaha!

        • well workplaces generally provide their own rubber mats, but I'm just saying its a thing. Standing on a softer surface is more beneficial on your feet and back

          • @brandogs: I wish Chefs were well looked after, like in other industries.

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    $50 for a 50 x 96 cm Polyurethane foam? No

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    Does anyone know an alternative option?
    I really need one but don't have Costco membership.
    This one doesn't look bad.

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    Awesome, bought two for the wife. One for kitchen and one for the bedroom.

  • Why is this a bargain? How does the price compare to elsewhere?

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      Exactly it doesn't send cheap if you are using it for office work as the dimensions look different. I got the Zen space desk anti fatigue mat when I got to the desk for $10 more than this one (

      For general purpose or as a cheaper alternative it sounds like those Kmart ones or similar would be fine.

      Also prefer sitting but good to alternative, hated sitting for long periods on the rubbish chairs at work, but easier if you have a good office chair.

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    Can personally vouch for quality of these. One of the thickest comfort mats on the market. Got 2 of them from Costco over a year ago when they were a steal for under $35 each. Has not deformed at all and still very comfortable to stand on to this day.

    edit: F it, I just bought another one, it's still a bargain at this price.

  • Do you have to stand without slippers on or is it also effective withs lippers?

    • Either better than standing on hard floors/carpet

    • Either.

  • Only tan available now

  • Love Love Love these! I bought this for $29.99 from Costco a couple of years back. I guess the instore price is still the same if I remember correctly. Very good quality and hardwearing. Maybe worthwhile checking in your local Costcos.

  • It’s been close to nine years since I bought mine and still works well

  • Its been 48.99 for a while.
    I accidentally spilled boiling oil on the mat once and it didn't do any damage to the mat - if that's an indicator of quality.

  • Anyone know if these are available for purchase in Costco stores?

    • Wasn't in stock at my local Costco

  • its back in stock for anyone who missed out

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