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3000 Bonus flybuys Points (Worth $15) with $50 Online Spend on Selected Items @ First Choice Liquor


T&Cs (missing online) 123

Until Sunday. Limited to one transaction per account.

The offer is for a shop on over 100 selected wines/spirits/premises/liqueurs.

Stacks with:

The Selected Items list can be seen from the deal link.


  • Points can take up to 4 weeks to be credited, though for some (most?) people they appear within a day or two. You must wait the 28/30/31² days from the offer expiry / transaction date³ before contacting customer support. If you do so earlier, they will just tell you to wait out that period before contacting them again.

  1. Tᴇʀᴍs & Cᴏɴᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴs (ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ) :

    Tᴇʀᴍs & Cᴏɴᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴs (ғʀᴏᴍ ᴇᴍᴀɪʟ)
    Standard Flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at flybuys.com.au.
    2000 Bonus flybuys Points Offer
    Points offer valid online only at First Choice Liquor Market. To qualify for this offer you must spend the qualifying amount online and enter your flybuys card number online at the time of purchase. Transactions must take place between 19/7/2021 and 25/7/2021. 3,000 BONUS POINTS will be applied when you spend $50 or more online on selected items at www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/specials/bonus-flybuys during the dates specified. This offer is limited to one transaction per flybuys account. Points not awarded on purchases deemed to be wholesale quantities. Retail limits apply to all products. Points awarded after savings and discounts. Points will be credited within 4 weeks after expiry of offer.

  2. Apparently some support team members have claimed the wait period is a month, not 4 weeks. Personally I think they're confused because it's 4 weeks from the offer expiry. So if the offer lasts more than a day and you purchase on the first day, the wait period can be longer than 28 days (up to 5 weeks for week long offers). 

  3. Apparently some support team members claim that the wait period is calculated from the transaction date. I think this is related to the same confusion as detailed in the footnote above, i.e that it's a month from the transaction date. 

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  • +5

    Spirits wise these would be my picks for over $50:

    Absolut 1lt $60



    Chivas regal extra $58


    Will be waiting for an upsized cashback though even if only 10%

    • +3

      Just FYI - if you're still waiting, deal was updated with a 20% upsized cashback.

  • Also Glenlivet 12 yo after $15 worth of points is only = $50

  • Two Wyborowa Polish Vodka 700mL for $72 total.
    Less $15 from this deal
    Less SB 20% cashback (would be surprised if it tracks)
    Counts to week 1 of "spend $60 each week for two weeks for $40 worth of points" targeted Flybuys.

    Net cost:
    $23ish for two bottles of vodka!!!

    • I forgot to activate the Flybuys deal before ordering, smh

  • My regular flybuys points were just credited, the bonus flybuys not yet though.

    • Same

    • same here, are they going to credit the rest of the 3000 within a month or something?

      • +1

        @DJDuong: As per the notes in the deal, they have up to four weeks from Monday to credit the 3000 points. And there's no point in contacting them prior to that.

  • Pls if someone could confirm if the T&C are correct -> One transaction per Flybuy to get 3000 points ?

    • i would like to know too. ? i made the same mistake place second order using same flybuy account

      • This offer is limited to one transaction per flybuys account.

        Given the T&C from the email, it's only once per account. If you try twice, it's likely that it won't work and T&Cs are not on your side. You can try to argue that the T&Cs were not available online (but good luck with that).

        See issues with Toilet paper promo of 2000 FB points. This was unlimited per account, but not credited to some. If you're prepared to spend hours on your phone then you can try.
        I would only do once per account.

        My advice: cancel your second order and place again with correct account and flybuys - you still have time for this.

  • can you order using a different flybuys account for first choice than pay with a different flypay account?

  • +1

    For reference, I've just received the Flybuys points

    • Thanks, just checked, me too.

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