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LG 279L Top Mount Refrigerator GT-279BPL $599.97 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Came across this one in the last chance deals from Costco. Looks to be a good price delivered.

Comparison to other stores:

$695 plus delivery at betta - https://www.betta.com.au/lg-279-litre-top-mount-refrigerator...

$749 plus delivery at binglee -

$699 plus delivery ($55) at jb -

Hope this helps someone looking for a fridge in this lockdown and can get it delivered without having to leave the home.


Specs from website :

This dark graphite top mount refrigerator from LG is built to keep ingredients fresh for those who like to cook, with the convenience of long term storage. LG's LinearCooling compressor is designed to reduce temperature fluctuations, thus maintaining the freshness and taste of your food. The inverter technology in the compressor system helps to reduce noise and vibration, making it super quiet and durable. Other features include DoorCooling to keep the front of your fridge cool and LG's own Smart Diagnosis app that allows you to troubleshoot common problems without the need to make unnecessary call outs.

Energy Rating 3 Star
Brand LG
Product Dimensions 555mm (W) x 1,665mm (H) x 620mm (L)
Product Weight 52 kg
Size Packaging Dimensions: 600mm (W) x 1800mm (H) x 600mm (L)
Capacity Refrigerator Capacity: 207L
Freezer Capacity: 72L
Model Number GT-279BPL

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    I bought this model but in white colour in mid December from TGG.
    It was $495, plus $50 if delivered
    I combined with 10% off gift card and 5% cash back
    Costed me around $425 in total


    great price


    Just be mindful that I was informed by Costco that they only entertain warranty claims if you have an active membership otherwise you need to go to the manufacturer.


      Which makes sense for large items like fridges.

      Do other sellers - Appliances Online, JB, HN etc. - add to the hassle by requiring you to contact them first to get a fridge fixed, or do you call the manufacturer or whoever handles the post-sell service, like described for Costco?

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        It's more about having choice. Under ACL, consumers have the right to solicit the merchant to deal with faults under statutory warranty (consumer guarantees).

        @naruto128 I would assume that only applies to claims under the express (manufacturer) warranty. They can't palm you off to the manufacturer for statutory warranty under ACL.