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Dyson V7 Motorhead $379 Free Shipping @ Dyson eBay


Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin lightweight cordless bagless vacuum cleaner brand New. Price $379. Good for small room or car.

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    $341.10 using promo code HOME10 for eBay plus members.

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    You can use "HOME10" to get 10% off with eBay Plus

  • I have this, battery time isn't great on Maxx mode but you wouldn't really need to use this function on tiles/wood. Works really well on carpets but definitely get the animal version if you have pets or lots have long hair ๐Ÿ˜…

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      What't the difference between this "lightweight" device and eg. "animal"? Is it just the power or is it actually different size? Or is it more power and more accessories (different cleaning heads) for the more advanced models?

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        Just the heads accessories

        • Thank you!

          So "battery time isn't great on Maxx mode" is valid for all Dyson handheld vacuums, and statements like "Good for small room or car", "Animal is better for this and that" are only about the extra accessories…

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            @pizzaguy: To clarify for the future buyers, the number next to V defines battery, suction power, bin volume, novelty factor etc., ie. V11 is newer and generally outperforms V7 in everything, incl. high price. "Animal", "Absolute" etc. are about the accessories.

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    How does this compare to the xiomi ones in a similar price range

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      I just got Dreame v11 delivered for $339 (kogan, with free trial of "first"). In my research is equates loosely to the V10 which is obviously better than the V7. Main thing is if you need specialsed heads etc as AFAIK the xiaomi have just changed their head connector (v11 is the newer style) and a lot of the heads aren't available yet. I'm all hardwood/woven rug so no issues with standard head.

      Replaced an old v6 and it's significantly better.

    • I'm in the market for a new stick vacuum and am going Xiaomi. The V7 seems an old model, battery life isn't great.

      Now to weigh up between the G10 and the V11. Only difference I can see is the V11 has a bigger battery (but the G10 is easier to switch).

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        V11 comes with the fluffy style head which i think is meant to be better on wood floors. May be other stuff IDK.

      • Actually V7 is newer than the V8, itโ€™s a compromise between V6 and V8 for cheaper. Neither really compare to the V11 though.

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    According to 3camels for has been as low as $199 at the end of 2019. And a few times at mid $200s in 2020.

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