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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium $30/Year for 1 Device (Was $60/Year) @ Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes Premium seems to be offering 50% off their normal price of Aud$60 for one device. Even greater discounts for more licenses. Could be useful for a group buy of 10 licenses for two years which works out to just $18.60 for each license for two years. This is a pretty good deal for one of the best antivirus and antimalware products around.
Microsoft's inbuilt AV is not good enough and this is one of the cheapest ways (unless you have an .edu email address) to get one of the best products on the market.

Note: Coupon code is inbuilt into the URL.

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    Subpar protection according to avcomparatives and a test, but it’s a good sidekick for windows defender.


      Not if you have to pay for it…

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      Never heard of the website. What's their complaints?

      I don't agree with the Ops assertion Microsoft's inbuilt AV is not good enough

      The problem with just about every AV program that is running in the background is the cure is worse then the disease. Malwarebytes is pretty good and has minimal intrusions. It does have a few false positives.

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        I have virtually no problems recommending MalwareBytes.

        * Minimal overhead for OS (0.1% CPU and 8.3Mb RAM when background).
        * Full scans have picked up threats in old HDDs that Microsoft never found in months
        * Nice interface and monthly round-up reports for stat nerds
        * Daily scan runs during login and is complete for me within <2 mins with virtually no noticeable change

        * False positives with some VPNs even after whitelisting
        * Updating MalwareBytes seems to like to deactivate Microsoft Defender and not re-activate it even though they can operate side-by-side.

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        The problem with just about every AV program that is running in the background is the cure is worse then the disease.

        Huge generalisation, and not my experience for more than a decade running Kaspersky on my middle of the road laptop plus two older lower spec laptops. Windows Security is pretty solid these days but some subscription AVs offer additional protection options, improved detection, blocking, and virus removal. The AV Test /AV-Comparatives (.org) websites mentioned here will tell interested people more.

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      Typo. AVTEST and AV-Comparatives. I believe these two are the best 3rd party antivirus test platforms.

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    better check this website before buy such product


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    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can detect new viruses but it cannot delete/get rid of the viruses. Tried to contact the distributor in Australia - https://dnaconnect.com.au/
    They are even worse, so snobby, not helpful and technically incompetent. Stay away from this small brand.

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    Don't do it. For a long time now Malwarebytes has been closer to a virus than protection.

    So many false positives. Any detection/false positive on a cookie and it crashes your browser to quarantine it. I would rather get a cookie than lose my work without warning.

    Constant popups that cannot be disabled. I don't want endless popups telling me about the harmless cookies it found.

    I have paid licenses and it pops up ads that cannot be disabled.

    The latest update a few days ago failed on all three of my machines. Time to use the Malwarebytes Support Tool - an application dedicated to repairing computers messed up by having Malwarebytes on it…

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      Have been using Malwarebytes for a longtime on multiple PCs and experienced none of those issues.


        Ya never had those issues and I run it on 2 laptops + 1 VM.

        But I do also have a Pi-Hole so dunno if that's relevant.

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      I have a MB lifetime license that I got back in the day. Remember when they were cheap as chips? I have none of the issues you mention. Perhaps you settings are dialled too high, or you're visiting nefarious websites.


        when I upgraded MB program I lost the lifetime licence. Now it pops up telling me to pay. How did you get to upgrade the app?


          You just enter your license information…
          When it asks you to pay, choose the option to either Enter license or Activate license (something like that).
          Then just enter your license details from your lifetime license.

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      Malwarebytes does not do any advertising on paid versions. Even on the free version, advertising is almost non existent.

      And I'd rather a software company have a dedicated support tool for their support team to gather the necessary logs than me having to trawl through folders and zipping files to then email them. I would easily argue that any good software company offers a support tool.

      A simple clean uninstall using the support tool, reboot and reinstall should fix any issue of failed updates, crashing browsers and advertising…

      Otherwise, I would think it's likely a PEBKAC issue.


        How do you know what Malwarebytes does or does not do as a company?

        A quick Google returned this:
        Are they all also liars or idiots as you have implied?

        Google "malwarebytes crashes chrome", there's too many hits for me to even link. Now try "malwarebytes failed update".

        The fact that I have three or more paid licenses should be ample demonstration that I was not always down on the product, it used to be good.

        I sometimes wonder about individuals who get so attached to a company or product that they go on the internet to push it and aggressively defend it against any negative feedback. Maybe you should have a think about what goes on between your own chair and keyboard.


    thought I'd chime in too since I've been using it for the past 10 years or so, have the lifetime membership alsp and I run it on all my machines with no popups and no dramas whats so ever. I dare say the issues you are having may be derived from the optional web browser toolbar thing they have which I've never bothered to install.