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Apple AirPods 2 $188 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Hi all,
Found this deal on Amazon. Went to the local Officeworks and they will honour the price beat being directly sold by Amazon (not another retailer).
Obviously make sure it is still in stock.
Hope it helps for some.

Mod Update 22/7: Officeworks Price-beat has been removed from the title, as they have matched the price

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Seems like a good thread to share this info on:

    I have heard from a staff member that it's recently getting circulated around to all employees that Officeworks are always meant to be price-matching Amazon, even if it's Prime only. This goes in contrast to previously when it was quite hit & miss when individual employees would allow it. Hopefully we see this in practice!

    • Game on if true

    • They do but will add delivery fees.

      • Even if prime only?

      • I haven't found this or have I been questioned.
        Two seperate occasions over the last week price matching Amazon.

        Delivery cost isn't even mentioned

    • Not true at all. I don't know who you heard that from but there's even stuff in our POS systems which specifically says not to price match certain items on prime day and stuff.

      • True indeed - they said “Get on Workplace or look at the PBG Guidelines Document”

        • Just had a look and there's been no amendments to the PBG and there's nothing on our staff website that mentions it.

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    AirPods Pro is also listed $295 from Amazon AU, if anyone wants OW to price beat before they update their price ($298).

    • Apple Airpods Pro @ Apple retail - $399. Officeworks price beat (from Amazon AU) - $280.25. Good deal there too.

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    They are price matching Catch which is cheaper if you were savvy enough to buy discounted gift cards.

    Also wireless1 on Catch is same price, if you want free shipping without club catch.

  • Worth it to splash out for pro?

    • Depends on the price difference.

    • +1

      Different style of earphones, different target market I’d say
      Noise cancelling in ears vs just standard apple earphone styling

  • Decent price

  • I managed to pick up two pairs of AirPods 2 a month or two after they were released, bought them brand new, sealed in box off Gumtree. This price isn't half bad, but you might find a better price on the second hand market. Obviously not now though, lockdown and all.

    • +1


      • I got two for $300, so $150 each. Forgot to add that.

    • Fell off the back of a lorry?

      • There were a lot for sale after the Free AirPods during the Back to Uni Education Promo. Most likely that

  • +1

    I don't understand why when I posted the same price as this a few weeks ago via OW pricebeat I get 1/5 as many upvotes :( - maybe people just really like Amazon.
    It's a good deal!

    • +1

      $175-180 is the usual sale price. Not so much of a deal as the votes suggest.

  • +1

    Was going to buy a set from OW today, but they’ve dropped their price. OW web now has them at $188.

  • -1

    Overprice. I have a soundpeats 3SE (less than $50) and this one. I can say that the Soundpeats is much better than the airpod 2, about sound quality, battery life and control.

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