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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB Carrier Version (White) $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Select Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


Pretty great deal. $999 for 256gb/12gb ram, exynos 990

  • Australian carrier variant only. Device is unlocked, and works on all Australian networks
  • 108MP Triple rear camera with Laser auto focus, 50x space zoom & 8K video recording capture
  • 6.9" Dynamic AMOLED 2X edge Display
  • The most precise and responsive S Pen yet

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      • +29

        Oops, i'll show myself out

        • +1

          You should have said Bazinga!

  • +10

    Yeah …nahhh

    • +3

      What's your objection?

      Is it Exynos?

      I want SD too, but I think this is the best flagship on the market, comparatively.

      I'm a Note10+ owner and finding it hard to justify the jump to Note20 Ultra for fairly minor iterative improvements.

      But at sub $1000, the capacity to reduce that out-of-pocket with a salary packaging claim, and a decent resell for my Note10+, there's little cost for me picking it up…

      Still can't pull the trigger though. I want the Bronze, and want non-carrier.

      • I think I'm just too tight….lol !

        • +1

          Maybe not.

          A flagship smart phone is a luxury consumer product. The vast majority of people's use case would be more than adequately met with any entry-level phone at a small fraction of the cost.

          I justify it because of
          (i) tech interest,
          (ii) enjoyment/appreciation of a heavy-use item,
          (iii) relatively low cost:income in my case

      • am on the same page! I am on note8 and still waiting for the prices to drop, can't justify the upgrade just yet - battery life atm is good (can go full day). Would prefer snapdragon due to better battery life as well.

        • +1

          Note8 to Note20 Ultra would be a big upgrade.

          I think holding off for a better price than this ($999) is risky. I usual notice stock levels start to thin out around this time when sales hit and the next flagship release is imminent.

          But if you're still loving the Note8… right on! 👍

        • Ah, loved my Note 8 whilst the battery lasted (just over 3.5 years) but got challenging towards the end to last even half a day. Being a heavy user and avid camera user, bit the bullet when the S21 Ultra deals came some months back, couldn't be happier. Four generations of update was so worth it, loving every bit.

  • +1

    Unable to understand what carrier version means …it can be used in Australia only ?

    • +1

      I think it just means its branded, it's unlocked though.

    • +6

      means it may either have the telstra/optus/voda blotware installed…. but since JB is with telstra it will most likely have telstra (branded) blotware.

      • +3

        Bloatware can be easily replaced by XSA version which is the non branded OS.

        • +1

          would that make it 'rooted' or 'non std' so that square dongle refuses to work?
          not even allowed to turn on dev options

      • +11

        I got a carrier version Note 10+ for $650 in a deal a few months ago. It had a couple of Telstra apps preinstalled, but I would not call them bloatware because these apps were as easy to uninstall as any app that you get from Play Store. A couple of taps, and they're gone, no need to flash a custom ROM or anything.

  • +2

    Seems to be a good deal though I have sworn off of Sammy phones after a decade using them. I'm either cursed with them or they're too easy to break the screen's even with the best of protective cases and tempered glass covers. The curved screen's made it even easier!

    • +35

      well keep the samsung and change your hands. the problem could be it.

      • -14

        Yeah I'm sure that's it, change my hands, the problem is it. Gotcha.

      • Ah ChiMot Ah

    • +2

      I agree to this… durability is a problem.

      • +6

        I've had two Samsung phones and none are damaged/broken in the slightest. Curved screen and all, Samsung phones aren't terrible durability wise. Might just be that I haven't dropped them too much, if at all.

        • +1

          Funny thing is, I haven't dropped my phone at all and my screen is having issues with bulged battery, and with Samsung now, just two years old. And, yes, if you have strong cases and screen guards all the time and be very careful, it should be fine, I agree with that. But not everyone on is careful everytime.

        • +3

          Agree, I've had 5 Samsung's now and haven't broken one. My note 10+ only has a quad lock case on it and I regularly take it mountain biking and even crashed a few times and still no worries. Some people are just unlucky I guess.

        • I've dropped my LG several times. Once from 2m up (trying to do timelapse, fell off shelf)
          Replaced back glass, but surprisingly the rest of it kept working.
          Don't think cases help much really

    • +2

      Samsung has always used the toughest glass on their phones but even that can't help a curved screen from breaking. Not a fan of curved screens and Exynos. But a big fan of galaxy note. Still not convinced to buy. Hard to trust Samsung.

      • It's not about tough glass, it's about how it's mounted and where the force is directed on the chassis.

      • Exynos 990 is no good, Exynos 2100 is great this year. Probably a good distinction to make considering the hype around it all and people asking repetitively the same thing.

    • What did you buy instead, curious to know.

      • Pixel 4a 5G which I really liked but then I needed to switch to iPhone, first time since iPhone 3GS and my second iPhone ever lol. I had to change for our new work vehicle only supported Car Play, still you can't really tell the difference between iPhone and Pixel once you've removed all of the Apple apps and replaced them with Google apps. I'm using everything I used on Android such as Google maps, Chrome, GBoard, Bluemail, Drive, Google Photos etc and the hardware is excellent.

        • Compared to Galaxy Note you get 1/2 functionality on iPhone.
          No S-pen, micro-SD on 10+, >2x memory/RAM fo rmulti windwo/tasking, USB-C fast charging/25W charger, & USB 3.2 for 10x speed (eg. Samsung T5 1TB+), file manager, DeX desktop experience with external screen/keyboard/mouse/drives, Windows 10/11 integration, etc, etc

          • +4

            @taki: I'm not into fanboy wars mate, I'm using the phone that suits me at this time. I've had around a dozen Samsung's, a few Pixels, a couple of Nexus and good knows how many tablets. I know Android and I like it, I'm still using an android tablet, maybe half a dozen Google Nests and hubs, 4 Android TVs etc

            You're not wrong about the charging though, it's the one thing I noticed right away though iPhone doesn't burn battery anywhere near the rate that Android seems to in compatible usage.

            And btw, imo DeX is a steaming pile of crap that Samsung tries to push every time I connect my phone to my PC.

    • You're just unlucky. Note 8 here (curved), dropped phone like five times within three years, mostly to tile/hard surface. Screen still intact with no image faults. Back glass have small cracks but that's a given.

      • My last one (S20 Plus) fell out of my pocket when I was sitting on a stool in my kitchen, onto the hardwood floor and shattered front and back whilst using an Otterbox (Defender? I think that was the name) case. It was a 1m drop at best, I can't describe how gutted I was as the phone was a few days old.

        • +1

          oof, condolences :-(
          especially when it was in an Otterbox

  • is the carrier version means the phone is single sim here?

    • +1

      You can have 2 network, one eSim and one physical.

      • -1

        eSim only on major carrier now, so kinda means locked

        • +1

          Doesn't mean locked at all, locked means you can't switch providers. But yeah notany providers support eSim at the moment. All tier 1 providers support however

  • Nice phone .. owned one for 6 months .. only downside is that the angled corners make the phone feel pretty large .. my S21 Ultra feels way smaller and comfortable.

    • s21 ultra seems bigger by looks atleast.

      • Yup my s21 ultra is bulky and huge. Wish I bought the note 20 instead

  • Is this dual sim ?

    • eSim + physical so dual.

  • is this dual sim with snapdragon chip.

    Never mind mind it's a no to both

    • Exynos rejection warning?

      • Snapdragon withdrawal

  • i remember reading somewhere that there was an issue with the camera oh the s20 ultra. Does any one know it there is a similar issue with the note 20 ultra?

    • +2

      it's fine .. same as my S21 Ultra .. in my quick rough opinion

    • +1

      It was resolved in the note 20 ultra by the introduction of laser auto-focus.

  • +7

    For those who don't like carrier software, if you have opportunity you can go to samsung store and they will install non carrier firmware

    • +2

      It's super easy to change it yourself as well.

      • Yep, for people who don't have windows os like me

      • Any guide you can link me to for this? Would love to do it. Thanks.

          • @abs898: Wow that's an amazing site, and very clear. Thank you so much.

          • @abs898: Started the process but SamFirm errors when it cant find the model SM-N986B. Researching other ways, but if you know of another reliable source/method I'd be keen to learn more. Thanks.

            • @smifter: Are you able to pm me the screenshot?

              It should autodetext your phone, could be the drivers

    • Hi, have you done this before? I went on the samsung site and had a chat to them to see if i can make a booking.. they told me that they can not book such a service because they classify it as moding…

      • +1

        Done it for my S6 edge and note 9. Just go to samsung store directly. Book it with different reason. They will do it, may be say battery life is bad and you want stock software, they will do it

        • Thanks. I booked it for Saturday asking for a software upgrade. Fingers crossed

          • +1

            @BlitzR: Gd luck, just tell them you were getting poor battery and read that non carrier sw will help. Be gentle and greet them with smile.

  • +1

    Pen is awesome, camera is meh. Source: I have the HK version with dual sim and Snapdragon.

    • I have a Note 9 and rarely use the pen.. is the pen on the Note20 better in any way? Also my note9 came with a free phone cover, does the note20 also come with one?

      • This is my first note series phone, so can't compare. It did come with a clear cheapo cover but it could be region specific.

        • i actually like my clear cover. I've had it for a few years and it hasn't discolored like other cheap clear covers

    • +1

      yep … miss the pen on my S21 ultra .. it is actually occasionally useful

      • +1

        But S21 ultra supports the pen, you just have to buy it separately… and maybe the new case with the pen slot.

    • How is VoLTE and 5G with the snappy dragon?

      • No 5G with any carrier in Oz, I think. I personally had no luck with Optus and Telstra 5G. VoLTE works on Optus, not sure on Telstra.

        • Sorry … I love snappy dragons but a waste of money if no 5G.

          Grey imports will come back one day .. when the telcos are forced to stop screwing us with these crappy VoLTE and 5G constraints.

        • +1

          VoLTE works well on Telstra

    • -4

      Ah, I forgot about the pen in the Note phones… why even include it? I know the previous iterations have all had the pen, but c'mon now, who still uses a stylus?

      • +6

        I use it all the time for work on my note 10+, recording measurements and have the notes pinned on my front page for tasks i need to do or the gym routine that i follow, covid rip gainz. I suppose it's for some people and not for others but it's awesome!

        Oh and when people give you a phone number, case number or reference code over the phone
        "do you have pen and paper?"
        hell yeah I do!

      • +2

        You missed a lot then lol.

        I used it quite often!

    • Compared to what?
      Usually pixel users are amongst the most disappointed when they switch to Samsung because of the camera.
      Are you one of them?

      • +1

        Ha spot on. I came from Pixel 2.

      • Camera and OS.

        Not a fan of Samsung OS, but it is cleaner and smoother nowadays.

        • Update is slow though. Region dependent of course. It's past mid July and I'm still on 1st of June security patch.

          • @billy77: If that's a grievance to you then you shouldn't move to anything other than a pixel. Only gets worse.

        • I want to buy a Pixel 5 because it feels more responsive compared to my S21 Ultra … don't know why Samsung can't get that snappy feeling like OnePlus and Pixel.

          And no .. it's not related to Nova etc.

          Of course, all animations are disabled (as I have done for 10 years).

          • @matt-ozb: I have pixel 5 and s21 plus. You are right, Samsung still gets snappy feeling when compared with the pixel. But screen-wise, Samsung is way better.

  • -1

    The curve screen durability is bad on the Note 10+. Will only consider flat design screen and not something that is brittle and crack prone. Wonder how mass market fold screen will fare.

    • This problem can be solved by a good case like otterbox defender.

      • +3

        Making a large phone larger.

    • I have the note 20 5G.
      It has the flat screen , JB hi Fi did a deal to sign you up to Telstra for $89 12 months ago gave a $1300 gift card to be used for the phone.
      I had trouble sending texts , receiving phone calls and accessing internet for about 3 months, but changed the SIM this month and it works again.
      Great phone but unfortunately they are discontinuing the note range.
      I use the stylus to take pictures without touching the phone.

      • If I remember correctly, they decided to skip 2021 model but promised Note's comeback in 2022, although nobody knows whether it will be the same old form factor, or maybe a big foldable device. Anyway, even if Note as we know it is dead, S21 Ultra supports pen, so the idea of a flagship phone with pen input lives on.

    • anything flat anymore? Looking around, all new phones, esp flagship level are curved

      • Yes I know. Hence why I went to the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year. 6 months later green screen tint appear. I’m looking at pixel 10 at this rate. My Samsung note 10+ Screen crack from a bump despite having a bellkin screen protector day 1

      • Check in store.

        The s21 Ultra has less screen curve compared to note 20 Ultra

  • regarding jb egift cards. Since most places that offer 5% off, the max you can buy per card is $500. If I was to purchase 2 x $500 cards, can they both be added at chekoout (i only noticed 1 box option)?

    • +1

      i think once you add one, you can add further in same box like ebay. it wont show you a separate box for each card as system isn't yet smart enough to guess no of cards you have.

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