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Sonos Arc Soundbar Black (+ Bonus $150 Gift Card) $1189.15 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Selected Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Excellent deal with the 15% off code and the additional $150 gift card.

$0 delivery to selected areas.

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  • I really want white but doesn't list the gift card bonus…

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      i think someone confirmed with JB that the gift card was for the white too in the last post..

      • I had a manager specifically decline the gift card on the white model.

        • thanks,,good to know

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            @brokenlead: in saying that, always ask, maybe you get a yes!

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              @MrFizz: Yeh that was me on this deal

              Got a white with 15% off PM with Sonos upgrade code, $150 gift card and then paid instore with discounted GCs from various ozB deals

    • Where is GC bonus listed? Can you link here?

  • great price!

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    Good deal, especially if you stack with discounted gift cards (e.g. AAMI/Suncorp 5% off long-running)

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      JB Hifi only allows up to 5 gift cards to be entered per transaction according to the FAQs so don’t get too many from aami/Suncorp

      • +1

        I just used 8 gift cards to buy this so it appears you can use more than 5.

  • Will buying two of these in a single transaction come with two gift cards?

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      Probably not. Why would you want to risk it? Make it two transactions

      • yeah did that, thanks!

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    15 off the sub too.

  • Better than the Bose Soundbar 700?

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      Wondering as well. But everytime we compare the two brands in store, we like the Bose sound much better.

  • Damn if I was in the market instant purchase with this price

  • Thanks, got it to upgrade from Beam.

    • Have the Beam myself (with sub and 2x 1’s).
      Whilst it does the job I’m always envious of the arc and wonder what I’m missing.

      • I just had a look online and apparently some people returned the Arc and went back to Beam for various reasons. But I'll see how it goes. I've just got a bigger TV so I think the wider soundstage should be a benefit.

        • I find the vocals (centre channel) on the Beam to be very low when paired with 2x Symfonisk’s as rears. Do you know if this would improve on the Arc?

  • How do you get the gift card?
    The code works

    • Arrives by email "in 2 weeks"

      • Is this automatic or do I need to do something. Thanks for your help

        • You shouldn't need to do anything, it'll be automatic.

  • Do I need to do anything for gift card? Can’t see it anywhere (sorry I am a newbie)

  • how do you get the 15% off im new to this. Sorry if its been asked before.

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      Go through checkout and enter ONLINE15 in coupon box

  • Ordered white I hope Gift Card are available for white as well…will call tomorrow and check

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      I got one in store on the weekend on a white

  • Been looking to get the arc, sub and 2 ones. Total comes to $2495 with $275 in vouchers, is this a good deal?

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      This is a good price for the arc and sub - but wait for the ones to go on sale properly

      • Cheers that’s what I thought, use the $275 discount on the ones when they go cheaper!

        Bit confused by the return policy tho, does jb allow for change of mind? Past post and whirlpool suggest it’ll be fine if it’s within 7 days even if opened.

    • +1

      With the vouchers yes. Without the vouchers it's the same price as getting it through Sonos with unidays discount.

      Edit: Oops forgot about the One discounts as mentioned by HeisenbergMelb.

  • Thanks, bought!

  • Thanks ordered!

  • THANKS OP, beeing eyeing on it.

  • Thanks OP. Moving houses and I'm in the market for a sound system. RTINGS highly rates the following setup, any advice? https://www.videopro.com.au/p-14320-samsung-hwq950a-1114ch-h...

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      I thought the Samsung was fantastic for the TV however I went for the Sonos for the ecosystem and the capabilty to expand.

      • Thanks for the input!

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      If you've got the room and don't mind wired rear speakers, a good traditional 5.1 setup for around the same price will always outperform it in terms of sound quality.

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        What more do you get out of 5.1? The soundbar has center left right and rear left right plus sub.

        If you go for small compact 5.1 I don't see the benefit other then being able to move the front left and right further apart.

        • +1

          It's more about the quality of the sound via using the individual components.

          Due to size and components used to manufacture, the sound quality of individual components will almost always be better than a similar priced soundbar setup.

          That being said, this does involves wires across the room and the associated hassle of hiding them.

          I have a Sonos 5.1 setup with Ones as rears and the old Playbar. While not 'audiophile' quality by any stretch of the imagination, when adding in the multiroom capabilities - it's the perfect compromise for myself.

          • +1

            @participant123xyz: Yeah, I've tried a range of sounbars and nothing comes close to a good centre and front speakers. Second hand Krix make for an affordable and far superior setup. You do have the hassles of an amp and wires etc. so absolutely not for everyone.

            • @Scrobo: How much is a second hand krix?

              • @Jklaro: Check gumtree or FB marketplace, but can be found regularly for about 30% of retail.
                Australian made, very high quality speakers.
                The speakers at your cinema are more than likely Krix.

    • +1

      The Samsung is a great option if you have the space for it. The arc is awesome too though can’t go wrong with either. Sonos software support + ease of use is better

    • If you've got access to TGG Commercial, it's $1253 + delivery for the Samsung

  • I am using LG OLED C8PTA + playbar + sub + 2 x play 1 + PS5. Is it worth to replace the playbar with this sonos arc?

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    would love to hear peoples opinions on this as to whether a soundbar can justify a 1k price point ?

    currently using studio monitors and a 10" sub which are meant to accurately reproduce sound
    wondering if a soundbar could have any advantages to a standard 2.1 setup ?

    • +1

      As long as your studio monitors are set up properly (ear level and facing directly at you), they will greatly outperform a soundbar in terms of sound quality.

      The only advantage a soundbar like this would have is the surround sound effect… but even a decent 5.1 surround setup for around the same price would sound better in my opinion.

      • +1

        Agree, no advantage with SQ unless running a full surround wireless setup.

        I got an arc on the weekend, and am underwhelmed with the soundstage with it when compared to my 2.0 setup… but wasn’t surprised there at all. A bit wider than my Beam too, per physical dimensions. Was hoping Atmos plus Truplay might help, but nothing amazing.

        Only advantages to me are streamlined aesthetics and hdmi arc (my speakers run optical or Wi-Fi so kinda still need a second remote).

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        outperform a soundbar in terms of sound quality.

        This is a really good point. There's a big difference between striving just for highly accurate sound quality, and an immersive sound stage. Personally when I'm watching shows or movies I'd much rather feel immersed in the entertainment, even if it doesn't sound 100% accurate. I think that's where a soundbar like this will just pull ahead vs a standard 2.1 setup.

        The real win for a sonos soundbar though is in function and aesthetics. I use one cable from my arc to my tv, that's it, everything else is plugged into the tv. It's ultra clean, supports dolby vision and atmos, no giant amp, no ugly speakers (You can get beautiful compact speakers but they also cost an arm and a leg). I don't have to worry about switching inputs, or dealing with amp interfaces, I just load the app on my phone and can adjust the EQ, change individual speaker settings, etc.

        Just super clean setup that you plug in and never need to touch again, that sounds brilliant.

        • I find my 2.0 speaker soundstage far more immersive than the Arc alone - taller, more expansive L+R sweep, more enveloping. YMMV.

          But totally agree re simplicity and looks - to me they are the only areas where a soundbar wins out. I can't hear a soundbar winning over a decent 2.0 or 2.1 setup for sound. And dont get me wrong, I'm not a s/bar hater - I've got Beam and Arc in different rooms for hdmi arc and aesthetics!

  • I have a Sonos sound bar and I bought a
    cable cover for wall mount to hide the gap:
    Great little aesthetic piece for 20$ !! :)


    • That thing is just a cheap 3D print at-home job. I 3D printed mine for a few cents and in under 5 minutes. $20 is ridiculously overpriced.

      Consider getting a cheap 3D printer, it pays itself off overtime for stuff like this.

  • Thanks OP, got one to go with my new 77G1(waiting on stock).
    Got another $50 discount using gift cards.

  • Interested at how this thing compares to HiFi set ups of a similar price point. Over 1000 seems a bit excessive for a soundbar.

    • Answered a similar question above, ctrl + c, ctrl + v below

      The sound quality of individual components will almost always be better than a similar priced soundbar setup.

      That being said, this does involves wires across the room and the associated hassle of hiding them.

      I have a Sonos 5.1 setup with Ones as rears and the old Playbar. While not 'audiophile' quality by any stretch of the imagination, when adding in the multiroom capabilities - it's the perfect compromise for myself.

    • +1

      It doesn't compare at all for sound quality, but kills it in ease of setup and aesthetics/space saving.

      I personally like the look of floorstanding speakers and a nice centre speaker, but the hassle of an amp and wiring and everything is real :)

      A set of 2nd hand Krix speakers will blow any soundbar away, but if you are tight on space, can't go loud because of neighbours or just want ease of use, then that is a different consideration.

  • +2

    Noooo did't pay attention to when the coupon would expire, thought I'd sleep on it.

    What a mistake that was! Haha.

  • Can anyone confirm that there are no issues with getting gift card with this offer. I mean they can be claimed together

  • anyone got their gift card bonus from JB yet?

    • No information mate

      • No information yet

        • +1

          I got it around a week ago

          • @Ashmit: what date did you buy it? After how many days have you got it?

            • @exclusiveJeet: Ordered on 20th … got GC on 30th

              • @Ashmit: Good for you. I am waiting for two weeks but no luck yet. Raise the ticket but no reply for that even

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