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Sonos Sub Gen 3 Black (w/ Bonus $125 JB Giftcard) $849.15 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Selected Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Had my eye on this for months and ended up pulling the trigger two nights ago… now this. Damn.

Great price at 15% off and also a bonus $125 giftcard. Don't forget to use your discounted giftcards.

Sonos Sub Gen 3 White is the same price, but doesn't come with the bonus $125 JB giftcard.

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  • +3

    Temping to get a second one

    • +3

      In a brief search, it doesn't sound like a second gives too much benefit over just having a single one.

      • +1

        Oh I meant For another room. One is definitely enough for a room.

        • Ah, that makes more sense!

  • Why no deals on the white!

    Will try to get a white one tomorrow on the phone.

    • +2

      Deal ends at 7am tomorrow.

      • Curses!

  • Is this a good deal?

    • +3

      Yeah quite good. Usually doesn't get much cheaper than this, plus a gift card on top is nice

  • +1

    Thanks OP….pulled the trigger. I have been looking for a good deal since long time

  • So any easy way to get JB vouchers at a discounted rate before 7am tomorrow..?

    • Suncorp rewards.

  • +1

    Thanks, been waiting months for a good deal on the gen 3 sub. Finally a good deal. Stacked with 5% JB gift cards

    • What are you pairing this with?

      • Sonos Arc and 2 x rear Sonos One’s

        • +1

          Is this a good price to get your setup? Total comes to $2495 with $275 in vouchers

          • +1

            @hexad: You should be able to get the setup for around $2300 through various sales at various stores but as you get $275 in vouchers, probably a good price.

            • @Aussiebargainer: Thanks! I might get the arc and sub first then!

              • +1

                @hexad: Get the surround speakers from IKEA https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/symfonisk-wifi-bookshelf-speake.... They are Sonos and pair with the rest of the setup and Sonos app to save some $$.

                Just be mindful where you want to place them and how. I mounted mine under the kitchen island facing the tv with 3D printed brackets

                • @cute as ducks: Awesome, thanks! I'm watching videos on arc and earc, my current tv only has hdmi arc :(

                • +1

                  @cute as ducks: Probably more worthwhile getting the Ones instead for better sound quality and form factor.

          • @hexad: How you calculated vouchers for $275?

            • @exclusiveJeet: i included the gen 3 sub too as it sounds like aussiebargainer is getting it too

              • @hexad: Is it sure that we get vouchers after this 15%? I was interested in Arc+sub

                • +1

                  @exclusiveJeet: lol only reason im looking at this. im hoping they give it despite it in the same order! whats the worst case? haha return it unopened!

  • +4

    I paid $20 more price matching.

    But good deal none the less

    The sub well worth it, you can hear and feel the sound difference

  • +1

    The start of Blade Runner 2049 with this sub… It's glorious.

  • this or SVS PB-2000

    • +2


      • ok maybe with SB-1000? Both active, similar size/weight, 2x6inch drivers for Sonos and 1x12inch for SVS…
        cant find the frequency range for Sonos, must not be as good as SVS due to smaller driver.

        • +1

          Definitely not as good as svs

  • Anyone got this sub in an apartment?
    Tempting but prob a bad idea…

    • +4

      I raised the question previously and the short answer I got is don’t be a (profanity) ahhaha.

      • The sound is controlled, not just loud for the sake of it

        You can feel the punch without the bang, if that makes sense ?!?

    • yeah I do, definitely agree with aceboy's comment. Gives you good deep bass in a noticeable and satisfying way without being offensive and shaking the walls. Though if its late in the evening dead silent then your neighbours will undoubtably hear it. It does have a 'night mode' in the app which does very well to reduce any loud / low pitched sounds.

  • Can I use my $150 giftcard (from the arc deal) to reduce this to $699?

    • +1

      No, the giftcard from the Arc won't arrive for 2 weeks unfortunately.

  • If I buy this Sub and the Arc, there won't be any issues getting the two seperate gift cards will there?

  • Bought one using my JBhifi cards from Suncorp Rewards!

    I hope there no issues with receiving the $125 gift card

    • Did anyone receive the gift card yet?

      • +1

        Yes I received mine today via email

        • me too!

  • Just did an order and it indicated “15% off with exclusions”

    Does this mean I’m not getting the $125 gift card now?

    • +1

      I think it means that some items/categories aren’t eligible for the 15% off. I got that error when adding a camera that wasn’t eligible.

  • +3

    Just picked mine up, very happy. Sound is tight and controlled. Doesn't just pump out dull booms like subs I've had in the past.

  • Did anyone receive the gift card yet

  • +1

    Just received mine. Purchased 15th July.

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