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Airmax Nasal Breathing Device Starter Pack $34.95 + Delivery @ Sleep and Sound


The Airmax Nasal Device, patented by ENT doctors, is a specially designed medical device that increases airflow through the nose, to help people breathe better and prevent snoring.

What is the Airmax Nasal Device?

The specially designed Airmax, made of super soft medical grade silicone, has small wings that expand the narrowest parts of the nasal passage to allow increased airflow. This comfortable device provides an effective and very simple solution for all people who have difficulties breathing and snoring.

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    Would this increase my chances of getting covid? As it opens my nose up more than it naturally is.

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      Hmm, strange question… would you want it too????

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    I really wish Ozbargain stopped being treated like a market place.

  • +1

    actually work or scammy?

    • Hi Kewk, Yes. For many people, the AIRMAX Nasal Device has been clinically proven to aid in reducing snoring. :-)

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      I can't speak for this particular nasal dilator, but I use these and they work very well, however, they lose effectiveness as the shape eventually deforms. The one listed here may not deform and might be better in the long term.

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    what’s the bargain though?

  • Any chance of a free trial / sample?
    So many of these type of devices on the market so need to find one that actually works for me.

  • Amazon has it for sale with free delivery if your a prime member.

    • Do you have a link? The cheapest one I could find was $95!

  • Outrageous price for a piece of soft plastic.

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