This was posted 3 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Thankyou Body Wash 1L $6.50 @ Coles & Amazon AU ($5.95 @ Chemist Warehouse via Price Match)

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    50% off Thankyou


    • os

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      dad get off the computer

  • Showing as $6.50 for me in NSW

    • thanks - corrected :)

  • How is Chemist Warehouse with price match? Is it relatively straight forward? Annoying it is not available for click and collect.

    • straight forward. No Drama, just show them the link, price ,source (shop)

  • is it possible to contact chemist wh to pricematch online?

    • I tried it before but it’s very slow and inconvenient. Better off to go to Coles…

  • Good as handwash.

    • Profits go to a spooky christian mob tho

      • And the problem is?

      • Is that still the case? Only links I found between thankyou and Christian organisations were old and there's nothing on thankyou's web page that looks like red flags.

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          They obviously don't advertise it, they'd have every reason to obscure it given the negative reaction on its discovery.

          If it doesn't bother you then have at it. If it does bother you (I like the scents they use but will never buy it) then good to know about.

          • @0jay: I’d never heard of this and quick researching suggests they used to give money to an evangelical group who as well as providing aid in third world countries, were also proselytizing. They ended the relationship and setup an auditing processes to ensure what their funds were being spent on (which frankly they should have done to start with). This was in 2013.

            Is this the evangelical links you are referring to?

            • @Bozman:

              Is this the evangelical links

              Looks like it, it was a few years back now I think, don't really remember the details but there was something a bit squirrelly about it too, like they were claiming donations that were completely opaque both in terms of funds and what those funds were being used for.

              Aid is a really problematic term/practice even when governments/NGOs do it but especially when it's some unregulated religious mob with no ties to established aid programs.

  • any flavour recommendations? lol

    • I like the mint and flowers. It's 99% mint and 1% flowers.

  • Thankyou

  • IMO, thankyou products should never be on sale or discounted. This means less money goes for a good cause.

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      Less money > no money.

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      Look at the bigger picture. By discounting, they get to sell to those who may never pay the full price. That's incremental sales, on top of existing customer base who are happy to pay the full price knowing that it's going to a good cause.

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        knowing that it's going to a good cause.

        What’s the cause?

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      The company is run as a for-profit organisation. It's the company profit that goes to the cause.

      If Coles puts this on sale, how much would it reduce their wholesale price, if at all?

    • All valid points :)

  • $5.85 via Amazon S/S

    • thanks, but only Botanical Geranium & Rosewood - others currently more expensive than Coles

      • looks like amazon have price matched, but min order qty 2. for each type

    • When I open Amazon link I am not getting S/S option.

    • I use the body wash and it’s great.