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Arsene Wenger: My Life in Red and White - Paperback $13.99 (RRP $32.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


There is only one Arsene Wenger - and for the very first time, in his own words, this is his story.

In this definitive autobiography, the world-renowned revolutionary football manager discusses his life and career, sharing his leadership principles for success on and off the field and recalling vivid tales of guiding Arsenal to unprecedented success.

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    • Arse out!

    • handbrake off!!


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    Everyone should buy this so that Wenger can buy Arsenal

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    I had a copy on me when I ran into Arsene himself once.

    He almost signed it.

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      Just like when he almost signed Ronaldo and Zlatan

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        zlatan doesn't do auditions!

      • Comment of the week.

      • +6

        Thanks for explaining the joke to the thickies.

      • Yooo, funniest shit I’ve seen all week.

    • Arsene is that you?

    • Might get it on loan for the winter season

  • Oh dear, the way my brain interpreted that name at first.

    • That name? Lol

  • Has Arsenal done better in any season since he has left?

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      There was a period under Emery that we did very good. After the unbeaten run, but it went down hill from there. Sacked Emery, hired Arteta. First season as a first time manager was ok, hopefully with this season he can work on what he has built.

      • surely this will be his make or break season. at the conclusion of this season he will have been in for 21/2 years

        • +1

          Most definitely his make or break season. He needs results this season and get back into champions league position. He has young talent at his disposal, particularly Smith Rowe, Saka and Martinelli. And they just got 2 new young players to suit his formation. Granted we're selling players at a loss, but he has reduced the wage budget a bit.

    • +2

      Not really . Every subsequent manager has had worse win rate

    • +3

      No. Arsenal gambled and lost.

      15-16, 2nd, Wenger
      16-17, 5th, Wenger
      17-18, 6th, Wenger
      18-19 5th, Emery
      19-20 8th, Emery ~ Arteta
      20-21 8th, Arteta

      He was actually a good coach and a great father figure, though a bit dated. It's a shame some fans were so disrespectful to him at the end.

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    a pain in the arsene.

  • Bought. Thanks Natsky123

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    I hope I could get a signed copy!

  • AKB

  • +7

    i have the audio book which is self - narrated and it is a good listen. Arsene doesn't let it rip as much as i was expecting about what some supporters (me) perceive as major past and present issues in the club. But would recommend for all football supporters/gooners and coaches.

    what do we think of tottenham?

    • +6


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      Are they that small club up the road?

      • Yeah, but they have Son and Kane who are great players.

        • That doesn't make them a big club though does it?

    • Class. First team to win the double. Not from Woolwich.

    • That shows he is always a true gentleman. His style may have been outdated by the end of tenure but his team always played attractive football

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    It’s the “4th” best selling book on Amazon

    • +1

      I don’t think it’s in the top 4 anymore. Even Alex Furguson’s bio dropped out of top 4 and only just sort getting back into it.

  • +2

    Co-authors - Fam and Blud

  • +10

    What was Wenger thinking, sending Walcott on that early?!

    • +6

      He’s having a laugh…😆

      • +4

        I've got a pony on Liverpool, so I probably won't see that again.

    • +4

      Thing about Arsenal is, they always try and walk it in

  • +2

    I hope there is a epilogue chapter of him just laughing at the s**t show that is Arsenal FC right now

  • I thought it's some sort of hair colour deal by the looks of the thumbnail

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    Wenger wouldn't buy it for that price!

    • +4

      He’ll offer the price plus £1…😆

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    Great book. Wonderful man.

  • Name checks out.

  • +5

    The trouble with Arsenal is that they always try to walk it in.

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    that game at old trafford was one of the most brazen cases of daylight robbery i have ever seen. Mike Riley was the 12th & 13th player.


    • +1

      Oh man that still makes my blood boil to this day. Ferguson and his players were given free reign to ensure we didn’t reach 50 games unbeaten on their ground.

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    Love all this mid table banter
    Should be a cracker game, 1 month away from Brentford vs Arsenal

  • Wonder if Jose has a copy?

  • wish he expanded more on players he bought. i enjoyed his childhood/adolescent chapters

    not recommended

  • Are the Arsenal Fan TV bonus chapters included in this one?

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    In Wenger we trust.

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    Growing up I always thought Arsenal was named after Arsene lol.

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    How do I see that price? I get $27 when clicking the link… expired already?

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    Great book and at that price, worth the dollar. While I knew he did a lot for the club, you understand a bit more how he actually was instrumental in bringing and maintaining the club's top 4 position. If he can make it to Champion's league and top 4 with a team with Marouane Chamak, with honest money support, he would have been able to do anything!

    • +2

      I read another auto biography written by someone else about Wenger. He was instrumental to Arsenal but also he changed EPL. He set standards of how a football player should be.

      It's a shame that he never got major financial support near the end of his time at arsenal. When he joined arsenal he was miles ahead, but near the end he was some what outdated.

      • I blame Kroenke and the way they ran the new stadium's finance. They should have backed a bigger part of the bill. In some ways, if they did, he would have been able to buy better players because of how they had to be financially viable. If you notice, none of the big "transfer fees" were while they were paying the stadium. Reading the book explains it.

        Love how he was always rigorous with health/diet and since the early days. Like you say, miles ahead of everyone and only Ferguson was his real rival for years until everyone caught up with his methods.

        • I blame the Kroenke's as well. Moving from Highbury made some sense. Since they needed to increase capacity.

          As for transfer. Yep during the stadium repayment period, they rarely spent much. So Wenger had to do bargain buys and find diamonds in the rough.

          • @Deuce: It's amazing how Wenger managed to finish in the top 4 with a shoe string budget but as soon as they had more money to spend, they did it (spending the funds) so poorly.

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    Copy cat to SAF

  • +1

    Amazing human, very intelligent and revolutionised the premier league. Could listen hours on in on his philosophical discussions (look them up in YT).

    As an Arsenal fan, I will never forgive those that hounded him out in such a way, ungrateful and shortsighted individuals

    • As much as I loved Wenger's style of football, his past success meant he was sometimes so stubborn with his tactics and every other team in the EPL started to work out how to beat his team.

      • +1

        agree to some extent - but I ask what is Arsenals tactics now, seem to be all over the place

  • I'll wait for Mourinho's review of this book
    Plus, cant take a club seriously when they have both Ar_e and An_l on their club name…