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Black & Decker Bagless Vacuum Cleaner $32.50 (in-Store Only), Black & Decker 3.6V Lithium-Ion Dustbuster $17.50 @ Woolworths


Black+Decker 1380W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner $32.50 - Image in Post as the model is not listed at the retail website Black+Decker Website Model No. VM1450

Black+decker 3.6v Lithium-ion Dustbuster $17.50 Black+Decker Website Model No. NVC115JL

All these products were stacked together at local store. Credit to @kajke for posting BLACK+ DECKER 1300W Steam-Mop $34.50 (Was $69)@ Woolworths

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    Sorry little confused here, odel No. VM1450

    1380W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner , site says cord length 5mt and li battery too …?


      Could you clarify your question? The product is Bagless and not wireless if that helps.

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        On the b&d website it says

        Product Specs
        PRODUCT TYPE Vacuum Cleaner
        POWER SOURCE Corded
        SUCTION POWER 100 Air Watts
        BATTERY TYPE Lithium-Ion
        DUSTBOWL CAPACITY 1600 ml
        CABLE LENGTH 5 m
        COLOUR Black
        WEIGHT 4.7 kg
        Vacuum Household Dust and Debris
        Vacuum Spilt Cereals and Food Crumbs
        Vacuuming delicate surfaces (with brush tool)
        Upholstery Brush
        Crevice Tool

        Probably just a typo

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    I have this dustbuster. It's OK, if you just use it for vacuuming crumbs on a couch or elsewhere. It's quite p!ss weak but it's just enough to do the job. The good thing about it is its extremely simple, and when I left it ages off charge and the battery dropped to below safe charging voltage, I was able to take it apart and jump start it and it's been good since (that was over a year ago, maybe 2). Replacing the single 3.6v cell would be easy enough too so the repairability is decent


      Yeah I came here to mention the dustbuster is a joke - 3.6V is barely enough suction to clean dust off a table.


    No mention of the battery capacity. Does it last 10 minutes?


      mine lasts about that, maybe a bit more. The motor isn't very powerful so doesn't smash the battery too hard. I have a more powerful Vax unit that I picked up, much more powerful but much less battery life. In some ways, the B&D unit is more useful as it lasts longer and it's not really for deep cleaning carpet

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    Waste your money.

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    Steam mop is half price too. I got one a year ago although I feel like I paid under $25. Definitely goes ok for those $$$


    I purchased a B&D stick vacuum on clearance from Bunnings and it lasted all of 6 months with very little use.

    As the price was so little, I just ended up throwing it out.

    I would recommend spending a bit extra and getting something half-decent that will last.


      Black and Decker isn't the same brand it used to be - it's just another cheap Chinese brand now.