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10kg Pro Smoke Charcoal Briquettes $21 Online Only (50% off) + Delivery ($0 to VIC, Adelaide, Sydney) @ Barbeques Galore

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  • Price in title

    • Oops, sorted!

  • What are the Pro Smoke briquettes like compared to everyone's favourite Heat Beads? The fact that they're "extra large" might be a little off-putting for someone who owns a baby kettle and mainly use the "snake" method of slow cooking these days. That said, these may do better in my charcoal rotisserie..

    • For professional use only.

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      Had a chat with the sale person a while ago about these. He told me that it is very nice, but it produce lots of smoke, and cant really control it much.

    • Don't know about this brand, but everytime I try something different from Heat Beads I regret doing it. Best thing for you is stock up HB when they are 50%off

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    I have been using Hot Shots from Bunnings lately - 10kg for $14.68. Works well for my smoker.

    • I want to try them for kebabs. Do you think they should do the job ?

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    Bamboo briquettes … interesting.
    Same price as Heat Beads coconut.

    • I've always used the regular Heat Beads, but never tried the coconut ones. Are they very different?

      • I'm a complete grill n00b, mainly just hot n fast type grills like steaks, butterfly chicken. One obvious difference is for some reason it takes ridiculously ages for regular Heatbeads to start compared to the coconut for me. I don't know why, I can accept probably user error lol, but for the same general technique, same chimney, volume, etc. etc. the coconut briquettes have flames well out the top in about 30min, the regular ones, well, lost track of time out of frustration. Multiple times.

        And one time there were a heap that went out during a cook (or it never fully started?). Again very variable and unscientific, but never had that issue with the blue bag briquettes.

        So I'm not buying regular heat beads again even if they're at that $4-5 discounted price … though it's always tempting lol.
        Gonna still slowly finish the existing bag I have too.

        I've got waaay too much charcoal now to buy any more even though I'd be interested in trying bamboo … once. Getting stuck with 10kg wouldn't be fun.

        • Are you not using a charcoal starter like below from bunnings? It helps a lot and reduce the time spent on making the coal red.
          And you typically dont need the chemical starters if you use the starter, though it helps to speed things.


          TIP: you don't need a fancy one for this. This jumbbuck does the purpose.

          • @touchriver: Yep I'm using that cheapo chimney fine.
            I use a samba natural cube and some old cut up egg cartons too which works.

            No issues lighting the Heatbeads blue and Samba coconut briquettes last season. Usually a block of lump in the middle too … just because lol. The only change was swapping out to regular Heatbeads when I ran out of coconut. Exact same set up otherwise.

            At first I thought it was a once-off or some other stuff up as I had read people generally have more trouble starting coconut briquettes, but it happened the following two times. It may not make sense but that's just how it has gone for me.

  • They also have the Kamado Joe lump charcoal for 18% off ($45 down from $55) but still seems so pricy for 9kg.
    Any other cheaper options for good charcoal or is this deal it?

      • Briquettes are different to charcoal. If it's to be used in a Kamado, you should only be using charcoal

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      Big bags at Greek groceries like Gaganis if you are in Adelaide are good quality and price

      • Thanks, I'm on Perth. Will keep an eye out

        • Ok I am sure you'll find some equivalent if you ask around 👍

    • Hi there, the Pro Smoke charcoal offer is our current hot deal with 50% off as well as the Kamado Joe lump charcoal which you have mentioned.

      • so thats a no for cheaper lump charcoal options

        • The Pro Smoke deal is currently what is on offer now. If you have a look on our website, you might find other charcoal options that cater for you.

  • Are these briquettes suited to the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 you had on sale a couple weeks ago?
    and any chance the unit will be on sale again in the near future?

    • Hi there, you can use briquette charcoal on the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560. I would recommend checking out website regularly for the best deals and offers.

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