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8000 Bonus flybuys Points (Worth $40) with $50/$60/$70/$80/$100 Online Order for 2 Weeks @ First Choice Liquor


Hi all.

I was gonna buy some whiskey and decided to check if flybuys had any offers going on.

I got a spend at least $50 for 2 weeks to get 8000 bonus points ($40), which is pretty good.

IMPORTANT: You need to activate the offer via the app or online.

Stacks with:

As it's targeted the amounts vary:

Bonus Points Worth Min Spend Weeks Thanks
8000 $40 $50 2
8000 $40 $60 2 Fobsessive
8000 $40 $70 2 flawlessvictory
8000 $40 $80 2 ju111ce, kerfuffle
8000 $40 $100 2 AussieOz

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  • Site says 3000 points?

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    Its a targetted offer. Mine is to spend minimum $100 every week for two consecutive weeks in order to get 8000 points. You need to activate the offer from your flybuy account.

    • How do you get notified of the offer? Email?

      • +1

        I have flybuys app installed on my phone, you can find the offer there if you are targeted. I check the app for new flybuys offers from time to time.

        • Cool, thanks. No offer for me.

      • @C0mbat: I haven't been paying close attention but as I've been receiving offers by email I had assumed that all the offers were sent thus.

        However, maybe this is not the case, as I have two current offers (for Coles) but it seems I've only received an email for one of them.

  • Must be targeted.
    I only have Free collection in under 60 minutes.

  • +1

    Bummer! No decent offers in my account!

  • +6

    Collect 8,000 bonus points when you spend $80 or more at First Choice Liquor Market for 2 consecutive weeks, for me.

    • +1

      Same. Pass for me

  • +1

    2 x $70 spend for me.

  • None for me so far

  • Maybe they are taking care of my liver

  • Lucky me!

  • I have 2 FB cards and the one I hardly use got the offer to spend $50 for 2 weeks. Nothing for the other one.

  • $50 spend x 2 for me. Bonus!

  • brought one just before midnight Saturday and one on 12:00 sunday. then i just read in in the t/cs which not very clear week 1 from 22july to aug 1. so is week 2 from aug 2 to aug 9th? so on what dates do the weeks exactly start and end?

    • Always starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday

    • @coolsteps: tl;dr1

      Just to expand on kerfuffle's comment (a little 😉).

      The "weeks" always end at the end of a Sunday (i.e. at 23:59:59AEST). The first "week" is usually longer than a week (to give you more time to get started on the offer). The rest of the "weeks" then start on a Monday (at 00:00).

      This is in line with the norm: When something ends on a certain day/date, it means at the end of that day/date.

      As for your two orders, don't know if it's the same for First Choice Liquor, but the Coles multi-week offers' Terms & Conditions state:

      Eligible online orders must be placed and delivered or collected within the weekly dates to qualify.

      If so I would collect2 your first order today (make sure the cashier marks the order as "collected" in their system), and cancel your second order and reorder it tomorrow.

      Finally, to actually answer your question

      so on what dates do the weeks exactly start and end?

      Week Starts Ends
      1 Wednesday, July 21 at 00:00AEST Sunday, August 1 at 23:59:59AEST
      2 Monday, August 2 at 00:00AEST Sunday, August 8 at 23:59:59AEST

      1. Week 1: Wed 21 Jul → Sun 1 Aug
        Week 2: Mon 2 Aug → Sun 8 Aug 

      2. If you ordered for delivery, I would suggest you confirm that the Terms & Conditions require you to have it delivered today, and if so try contacting Customer Service to convert it to Click & Collect for pick up today. Failing that, cancel the order, reorder it now, and collect it today. 

      • +1

        thanks for clarify it Robin.

        • @coolsteps: For future reference (at least until I get targeted with an offer), do the Terms & Conditions state that you have to have the order collected/delivered the same week?

          • @robinCTS: no it does not state that. but i would collect it before the cut off date just to be safe and so that they dont cancel you order as they only hold on to it for a couple of days before cancelling it.

  • Did anyone already got the flybuys points?

  • +2

    I made my first purchase last week but the offer disappeared from my activated list, is this normal?

    • +2

      same with me

      • Right, then likely we should see the flybuys points on Monday (next week).

        • +2

          It’s normal, you still need to make the week 2 qualifying spend

          • +1

            @grasstown: did u guys get the 3000 from qualifying drinks?
            I still haven’t got mine…
            edit: lol literally just got it

      • +1

        Same here, flybuys is really terrible system…

  • I am holding out for the week 2 purchase hoping for some additional points, cash back etc….

  • 10.5% cashback today at shopback.

    • only for a specific wine bundle

      • Are you sure? I don't see any restriction.

  • i think i stuffed up. i logged onto my 1st choice account that has my flybugs number and paid with flypay that has another family members flybuys number. did 2 purchases but all in the first week so only 1 lot of 3000 points was credited to their account. they also had a 2000 point offer to try flypay which hasnt been credited yet. has this happened to anyone else? i forgot to make the second week purchase by yesterday. now shopback come out with another offer for today not sure if i should be tempted to drink my sorrows. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643271

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