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Free Large Pizza 4pm-6pm Daily (5000 on 23rd July & 8th August, 1000 Each Day 24th July - 7th August) @ Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is giving away up to 285,000 large pizzas - according to their Insta

From 4pm to 6pm AEST Daily

  • 23rd July / 8th August - 5000 Free Pizzas
  • 24th July - 7th August - 1000 Free Pizzas Each Day
  • 23rd July / 8th August - Pizzas for Podium - Whenever Australia steps onto the Podium, we'll release extra pizzas the next day. Check our socials for today's giveaway!


  • 23/7 — 5000 All out for today
  • 24/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 25/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 26/7 — 2700 All out for today
  • 27/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 28/7 — 2400 All out for today
  • 29/7 — 4800 All out for today
  • 30/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 31/7 — 3700 All out for today
  • 01/8 — 3100 All out for today
  • 02/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 03/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 04/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 05/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 06/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 07/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 08/8 — 5000 Thanks for playing. All codes have been given away.


Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please click here for Full T&Cs and click here to see our Privacy Policy. A surcharge of 10% Applies on Sundays & 15% on Public Holidays.

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closed Comments

  • Boo!! No Pizza!!!

  • Bummer to slow :( Anyone got a code they don't want :P

  • Man I tried before 4.01pm and it’s all gone.

  • Thank you, got one

  • Those went very quickly!
    It errored for me the first time, clicked retry a couple of seconds later and already got the email.

  • Got one but can only use for Cheese or Hawaiian - then the voucher didn’t work..

  • Didn't get any errors and scored one just as it went up. Nobody else I know managed to get one.

  • XD not even 60 secs.

  • +2

    have you guys received the email code yet?

    • nope, not yet :( my partner got his

    • Yes

    • +3

      Got mine straight away

  • +2

    Still waiting for the email

  • (profanity) love me some dissapointment

  • Remember to use autofill next time if you want even a shot at it. Also go rig the Olympics or something so they give more codes. :^)

  • No meatlovers? Disappointing.

    • T&C says it's an option, so I dunno why people aren't getting the choice.

  • +3

    It said I got one, but no email code yet….
    My partner got one too, his code came in straight away.
    Fingers crossed it comes through.
    Anyone else still waiting for the email?

    • +2

      Yeah, still waiting.

      • +3

        Still waiting too. 22 mins without a code.

      • voucher came through now haha!!!

        • Yeah, I ended up getting it yesterday too.

    • +2

      Same :(

      • +2

        Still nothing for me.

  • +5

    Won one! But still haven’t received the email help! Messaged Pizza Hut they may be inundated but I need to order n collect in 1.5 hrs Any one else?

    • haven't got anything yet

    • Thanks Pizza Hut came thru I sent pic I was a winner, messaged me the code

  • +1

    5000 gone in 5 seconds … So 1000

  • +4

    Reading the T&C's again

    A Winning Entrant may also obtain the ‘Golden Ticket’ prize that consists of an
    additional ‘year’s supply of pizza’ (Golden Ticket Prize).


  • +1

    Didnt realise it was eastern states time. A bit late lol

  • https://imgur.com/a/BN0co8Z
    Check junk mail peeps. Thats where I got mine. It came within minutes.

    • +1

      Nah, no luck.

  • +2

    If, like me, you were told you were a winner, but have not yet received your code via email then message Pizza Hut here:


    They do say:

    "We Would Love To Hear From You"

    If you have any luck - please let everyone know.

    Good luck!

  • +1

    Like some of you have reported, I too haven't got the email yet although I was 'declared a winner'. Hopefully it will come thru. Can confirm my friend has received the email with the unique code though.

    Could anyone who's got the code confirm if there is a $3 minimum Cart value to Checkout?

    • +6

      I ordered without adding anything. Can confirm you dont need $3 min cart. It says in checkout that you dont need to pay and "its on us"

      • Perf! Awesome, thanks!

      • User zapwap below mentioned that $3 minimum is required. I would like to see more users give feedback on this - is the fee store related? Or do you have to enter the order in a certain way?

  • Is anyone trouble processing the order in cart? I keep getting voucher not found even after entering the code multiple times. Called them up and they said there's nothing they can do and to try again later… Even though code expires at 6pm…

    • does it? I thought it expires until august

    • Code does not expire 6pm. Its till 31st Aug. The timeframe to get the code is 4pm to 6pm. But obviously its gone within few mins from start time of 4pm eastern time.

  • +2

    Damn… that's what happens when you use no antibot features at all. I wouldn't be surprised if several people got 100s each, the dominos ones that had 1000 each through facebook lasted a couple of minutes at least

  • doesn't the code expire till august or is it 6pm? someone confirm

    • +1

      31st of August, it says.

  • I got a voucher and could successful apply in my cart, then it disappeared before I complete the order. I tried to put the code in again then it said voucher not found. Does anyone have this experience?

    • Yes

      Friend had this happen.

      Message them via their Contact us at bottom of webpage.

      The more stuff up messages they get the more amends they'll make

    • Yes exactly the same happened and I submitted through contact us. Nothing yeh submitted @ 4.30

  • +2

    Haven’t received the email yet even though I was successful claiming in time :(

  • +3

    I got a pizza (it said I was a winner). Has anyone else not got the code yet? It's been over an hour and I still don't have the code, I've checked spam and promotions…nothing!

    • +2


    • +2

      Yeah, still nothing. RIP in pepperoni.

    • +1


  • Missed it, I forgot.

  • I think u have to manually type in your details to submit the form. Auto fill fails for me b4.

  • +4

    Maybe someone has already mentioned this. But when you’re ordering using the code, make sure you complete the order at one go. If you put in the code, then go out of the cart to do whatever, when you come back into your cart, although your pizza is still in the cart, your code would be missing and you can’t use it again although you haven’t actually used it. I know, not a very clever system. But that’s what happened to me during the previous promo. Not sure if it’s the same this time but I wouldn’t risk it…

    • Just wait 15 mins. You should be able to input it again

      • +2

        It's been over 1.5 hours, still days voucher not found.

        • +1 Same thing happen to me, Still waiting. Will try again later

    • What I did was forwarded email to a family member or friend and they should be able to redeem it

  • Got it, and the email came straight away. Not a bad deal, so unsurprising it was gone so quickly.

  • +1

    'Won' a pizza but no email came

  • -1

    I totally forgot about the 6pm one and missed out on that one too, darnit!

  • What a useless website is this??? First it says voucher not found while I can see it added a free pizza to cart then when try to checkout it says, "You have not reached our pickup minimum of $3. Please add more items to your cart".

    • Happy to use your voucher if you're not keen mate! :)
      I have some wings in my basket that I'm keen to try.

  • +2

    For those that didn’t receive voucher, what domain do you have in your email address?

    I was using my Hotmail.com address and nothing received

    • gmail

  • Got the deal and man they were good! Top stuff!

  • Congrats to all who managed to submit the form. Waited patiently until it counted down to 0 then as soon as the form is presented, filled it in and hit submit. It was not accepted and then continuously kept on resubmitting and not accepted repeatedly until it said all pizzas had been given away and ended up with nothing. Was quite successful during the last giveaway but not this time.

  • +3

    Still waiting for code. Not in spam. Anyone else still waiting?

  • Code was received within minutes of form this arvo and just used the code for pick up tomorrow, no issues

  • What rubbish, gone in seconds

    • Like throwing chips to hungry seagulls

    • From today, it'll be harder (more rubbish in your word).

  • +5

    I managed to get the "You're a winner" page but haven't received the code 6 hours later.

    Stitch up!

  • +2

    Checked all my email folders still NO VOUCHER 17 hours later. Despite last night providing my email address as requested by PH service team when I messaged them to resend. I will try to email. Anyone else complain and PH resent the voucher?

    • +1

      Glad I'm not the only one. Was worried I put in the wrong email but I used autofill so no wouldn't have

      Sent message on Facebook and also the contact us form

      Haven't heard back from them yet

      Wished I had screenshot the winner page for proof now

      First World problems complaining about not getting something for free lol

    • +1

      Best to contact them on Facebook! they sent me my code just a few hours ago.

      • Thanks for the update, no e-mail either so will drop them a message on FB. Did you have to provide proof? I didn't screenshot the winner page…

        • No proof. I just used my real name and real email when i went to grab the pizza voucher yesterday (it's the same name on my Facebook account) so,maybe that's how they found me on the system?

        • +2

          Here you go. This is my Facebook message. They told me to check my junk folder (which I don't think gmail has)


          • @PurrCharbel: Cheers, appreciate the reply. Have just sent a message will see what they come back with!

            • @Craze: Update: PH got back to me via FB message and gave me a code. Thanks so much @PurrCharbel!

              • @Craze: Did they try to give you the runaround too?

                • @jayboi: Nope, I just explained that I was a "winner" but didn't receive the code. They said they would look into it but messaged me earlier this arvo (a day later) with a replacement code.

  • Did anyone else also only get to choose between cheese or hawaiin? Is it due to the location of nearest pizza hut being stint?

  • Do we really need to enter our phone numbers? Do they actually contact or just via email?

    • The code went to my email so I suspect not.

  • +1

    Hi all. I had the same issue with it saying i won,but nothing receiving anything.

    I contacted them on Facebook,and they sent me a code a few hours ago. I just provided my email .

  • +1

    For peeps wondering if there is a $3 minimum spend to get the free pizza. Answer is no.

    The shop assistant looked at the receipt before giving it to me and he didnt look too pleased lol. Supreme Pizza was very nice though :D

    • -1

      So did you order it by website or phone? You then collected in store and they said nothing about it?

      • Of course nothing. There was similar free pizza promo last year.

        • Sorry wasn't aware of the promotion that occurred last year and I'm normally one to order in store compared to via app or website.

  • Well if you thought you had no chance yesterday, today there are only 1,000 pizzas. Yesterday there were 5,000.

  • Just tried to use mine and it said voucher not found? What the? Anyone else have this issue?

  • Less than 3 min to today’s

  • Campaign not found?

  • +2

    Lol, Olympic-level form-filling contenders only.

  • Wow. Sold out within 3 seconds. I had that prefilled as soon as the clock ticked over.

  • +1

    Less than 1 second!

  • Im a winner again today again but still havent received yesterdays voucher :(

    • Same, my son won one the first day, me yesterday and we both don't have the e-mail yet. Did you end up getting yours?

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