PSA: Citibank Premier Credit Cards Now Offering Smartphone Screen Insurance

Just received an email from Citibank that Citi premier cards will now have smartphone screen insurance cover. I have the lifelong free Citi premier card but use it sparingly. Last week applied and got the Amex Explorer card that has this insurance but the new Citi's one is better. All you need to do is pay the monthly bill using the card. Thought may be useful for some.

Each claim up to $1000, Yearly max $1650, Excess $50

Each claim up to $500, Yearly max $1000 (two claims), Excess 10% of repair cost.

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    so i can just pay my $10 belong and get coverage, that is the way I am reading it ..


      As long as it's a post paid…

      Got a Monthly Mobile Plan? Then we’ve got you covered. Just pay your Monthly Mobile Plan bill each month with your eligible Citi credit card or Linked Diners Club Card. Unfortunately, this offer doesn’t extend to prepaid plans.

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        belong is post paid ! :)


      $5 a month with Dodo


        actually i do have one of those too for the kids! nice!


      I'm quite surprised that it didn't require a handset to be included in the plan. I've changed payment for my $8.99 Exetel plan to my fee free Premier card. In effect this insurance will cost me 9 cents per month for the 1% CC fee.

      This definition makes it clear that SIM only plans are included:

      Monthly Mobile Plan means an Eligible Mobile Telephone subscription where the Eligible Cardholder enters into a contract with a mobile provider for a
      mobile telephone and SIM or SIM only plan with a monthly automatic billing arrangement.


    What happens if you have a monthly prepaid plan like Felix? How would they know if it is monthly post paid or prepaid?

    I guess checking through up to 12 months of history if you paid annually for Boost is just too much work for people paid low wages in overseas call centres.


    I don't know about other company policies, but with this Citi one, damage must render the phone inoperable.



      That isn't hard. It just makes sure for most people if it is going to get damaged do it right!


      their exact wording …

      Our insurance covers you for Accidental Damage that affects your eligible mobile phone from working the way it should, like if you can’t make calls for example. We'll also cover you for unavoidable Theft.

      A little bit of wear-and-tear or self-inflicted damage won’t be covered either, but if an accident occurs that affects your eligible mobile phone from working the way it should, that’s what we’re here for.


        Unavoidable theft, hhhmmm!!


    I gotta say for a Credit Card that is on the way out, they still keep giving and giving!

    It's almost emotional but who could compete with this Citi Signature?

    Anyway, check out the exclusions according to the email I've got.

    What's not covered:

    • Accidental damage that does not affect your mobile phone's operation and functions

    • A lost mobile phone

    • Defects where there is no evidence of Accidental Damage

    • Intentional loss or damage of your mobile phone

    So an accidental damage that doesn't affect the phone's operation and functions is not covered. The actual phone has to be totalled in order for this insurance to apply!

    Perfect companion for recent Telstra's JB Plan with Gift Card!


    Isn't the Amex one screen damage only whereas the Citibank one is anything else?

    I've paid for mine outright with Amex, and now changing to using Citibank to pay the monthly fee. So I should be fully covered I hope. But then my phone is >$1K…


      Sounds like it. Good thinking


    How often do you break your smart phone screen that this is an important consideration?


    Amex one is better as it covers phone that is purchased outright