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Wagner Airless ControlPro 250M Airless Paint Sprayer $584.74 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Airless paint sprayer, it's $925 at Bunnings (or $878.75 with powerpass)

For water- and solvent-based materials such as emulsion/latex paints, enamels, vinyl, gloss, varnishes, acrylic paints, wood preservatives, stains, primers, undercoats.(Not for flammable materials)
High-efficiency airless technology with reduced spraying pressure for softer spray and maximum control, longer service life and up to 55 Percent less overspray
Lightweight airless spray gun with two-finger trigger for more precision and to work for longer without tiring
Direct intake from the paint container - for fast, clean painting, no need to decant or refill
Practical carrying handle to easily change work location

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  • Uk plug?

    • Appears so, but you can change the plug yourself, uses the same voltage/frequency as Australia so you will be fine

  • Can this be used for any purpose? Walls, metal, fibre etc.

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      I'm pretty sure it can. You may just need a suitable tip. But it is a quite hardcore one, very good for big jobs (like painting walls, ceilings), but too much troubles and waste for small ones. I have a smaller one – ControlPro 150M. It was very good for house renovation – ceiling in a big bedroom takes 2–3 minutes. The result is great too, but needs some practice - it sprays 0.9-1.2 litres of paint per minute.

      • How much skill do you need to do a ceiling in 3mins? I can imagine making a lot of mess to begin with!

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          I'm not a handyman, so it took a bit. There are plenty videos about it on YouTube. The important things I noted for myself – don't shortcut on dilution and testing. Many people recommend pattern testing on cardboard – it is an important step. As the paint feed rate is quite high, you won't have much choice other than painting your ceiling in 3 minutes, otherwise it will drip. But my learning curve was way shorter than painting ceiling with a roller, where I absolutely failed, in-spite of using top range stuff.

      • How's the finish compared with a roller doing basic flat paint on walls?

        • I bought the sprayer as a desperate step after failing painting with roller. My result was very nice and uniform (especially comparing to my roller results), and I spent less paint. If you need to paint several rooms – it is a good investment. You will save a lot on paint and rollers too.

          • @Cupa Bundy Drinker: Can I ask what you paid for your and where you got it. I’ve had to paint a lot recently and I think it will only continue, keen to get some decent results and improve the overall speed, although I imagine it’s all in the prep for a sprayer

  • what is the difference between an 250m and 250r ….currently doing major reno and this might speed up painting vs roller …..

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      Consider just hiring one. Have everything preped and just hire for a week end.
      You will still want to roller the last coat on the walls to give it some texture.

  • +1

    Always wanted one of these as a kid. This and a photocopier.

  • Thanks got one. Got a tone of home renos under way and will be up to painting in mid August when this is estimated to arrive

  • thks, grabbed one …..besides doing some interior rooms, i also need to do 2 fences so should come in handy. difference between the m and r models is m has metal caddy, the r a plastic caddy.

    seems price crept up to $614, still cheaper than local ……

    • Now $682.47

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    i love these things, i jump at an opportunity to paint at friends houses just so i can bust it out!.. i did my friends massive back fence took 2 hours with 3 coats.. if i rolled that fence with 2 people helping it would of taken at least 2 days of sweat and tears… although i did get this one from edisons https://www.edisons.com.au/unimac-740w-electric-airless-pain... i think i payed $300 i cant comment on the wagner but im sure its awesome as the edison one!.

  • +3

    Tried my luck at Bunnings and the price beat, $614!

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