Are Sealed Apple AirPods Pro on Facebook Marketplace Fake or Not?

Hi guys,
Am looking to possibly but some Airpod Pros ~ $295 at OW, JB etc.
Noticed a whole heap for sale on Facebook marketplace, new and still sealed for ~$200-$250.
Not sure why so many sealed airpods for sale and screams fake to me.
However, when you check the serial number on the box from their adds, they check out in Apples formal serial number checker.
What's the go here? Are people selling fakes that have proper Apple serial numbers.
OR are just a whole lot of people selling sealed Airpod unwanted gifts.
Will probably go new just to be safe and get the warranty, but sometime tempted.


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    Could be fake, could be stolen, could be anything. Don't think the Pros were offered free with Macbooks so won't be that. Avoid.

    • They were 'free', you just had to pay an extra $100 to get upgraded from 2 to Pro.

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    Serials can be faked. Also can post real pictures and give you fake ones etc etc.

    For me personally I just get them discounted at like JB/OW etc. Extra cash spent just for security and potentially saving you from headaches with fakes.

  • Thanks for the replies. Yeah, probably not worth my time and energy looking at FB marketplace when I can just go into OW, JB and save the hassle with possible fakes.
    Any deals around that I should know about that could better the $295 price on Airpod Pros? as I can't see any

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    Likely the box is a generic box that the Chinese companies use (ie; they buy a real set, use that for all their products)

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    A fool and his money are soon parted

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      Not this fool :) I'll always check first and going new retail on this instance.

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        Smart move, pity a lot of others are not as smart - would save them a lot of grief and moaning about their misfortune on the boards of OZB

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    Almost all of the ones on Fartbook are fakes.

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    If it is too good to be true then it often is. For a minimal <$100 saving buying from FB marketplace is not worth it. Buy from Officeworks or JB you get a full warranty if something happens you are covered.

    I'd set up an alert and wait for them to come to ~$250 eg

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    I would only buy AirPods from reputable retailers. There are some very high quality clones out there.

  • I managed to pick up 2 pairs of real, sealed and boxed AirPods 2 a while back from Gumtree for ~$50 off retail. I asked for the serial code and verified it when I had a look at the box in person.

  • Had bad experience from ebay seller. Bought airpod 2. The serial number on box and airpod checks out legit on Apple site. After few mths took to Apple store to get it checked and they confirmed it was fake. Lesson learned - always buy from brick mortar store or if buying online then make sure they are established player and have ABN.

  • Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I ended up changing tact and purchased some Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 buds instead. On sale for $350 at JB's. They are amazing BTW.