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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Headset $234.95 Delivered @ PCByte via Amazon AU


First time poster. My headset is dying and was looking for something wireless to replace it.

Black colour only seems to be this price. Cheaper than current listings on static ice, thinks its been around this price previously on ozb.

It might be free delivery all round, not sure, so I've just assumed it's plus delivery or free with Prime.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just some feedback on these - A colleague and me brought a wireless headset at the same time - I went Hyper X Cloud Flight S, He went with these - He's had issues with the wifi range not working properly after some time, Corsair has sent him a new slipstream dongle that fixed the issue - Might have been a one-off. My HyperX has had no issues. These do sound more 'natural' then the HyperX, although can be adjusted via software.

    If you're a PS + PC Gamer, Id head down the HyperX Path, if you like that more bass, as the software doesnt work on PS, whereas the hyperx have that more bassy sound that I like when playing shooters in the PS

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      I bought two sets of the Corsair Void RGB (home/work), and in both cases I experienced problems with the dongles, and with the headset staying on my head.

      Sold one, bought Logitech G933, which is now my primary headset because I'm permanent WFH at this point.

      I'm moving away from Logitech now because of GHub. I'd be interested in how well these remain on one's head.

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      Thanks, interesting feedback, did read about the wireless range being poor compared to other headsets. Just a PC gamer here so don't expect these to move far from my PC, but definitely a consideration depending on your use case.


      Ive had the Hyper X Cloud Flights for a few years now and they've been solid. Great battery life decent range and sound for the price. I'v always been happy with HyperX headsets.


        I just bought a wireless headset after reading what I could find about them online and watching a fair few reviews I decided on the HyperX Cloud II Wireless. They seem to be the best reviewed overall for wireless headsets. I've been very happy with them so far.


          I have the wired version and they're great. I heard the wireless version is also excellent apart from the mic being mediocre


      Ive got the SE model of these and havent experienced the same issues with range as you did (I have nothing else to compare them to though so I could be wrong). I am able to go anywhere with the same room (kitchen/lounge/dining area) just fine, so probably within a 10m range. If i go in to other rooms though where it has walls to contend with, the connection gets flakey and will then drop out, requiring me to turn them off/on to get them to reconnect. This is fine for me, I can still make it to the fridge and back to grab a beer without losing sound :)

      As far as sound quality goes, they were a bit of a disappointment to me when compared to headphones Ive had in the past such as Sennheisers, Audio Technicas and Oppos, but none of these were gaming headsets, so i think the comparison is more than just a little unfair to the Corsairs, especially if you factor in price. :)

      Many people have had issues with comfort when wearing for an extended period of time due to the clamping pressure, but to me that has never been an issue, and i find them no worse than any of my other headphones. Overall I have been very happy with them, and my only real issue with them is lack of bluetooth, but i knew that before puchasing, so all good. The soon to be released Corsair Virtuoso XT includes bluetooth for those that need it, but probably at a significantly higher price.

      At this price, I would definately recommend these to anyone considering purchasing.


    Got a set of these for $279 on a previous deal and love them. Range is plenty good enough, I can walk 2 rooms away and they stay connected. Havent had an issue with them staying on my head, but the top pad could be a bit less firm.

    Battery life is great too. The only quirk Ive found so far is the auto sleep/wake is based on movement of the headset. So if im sitting really still for the 10 minutes they can actually hibernate mid game

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    I have these headphones (paid $230 a couple months ago) and whilst I think the audio quality is great, it can get a little warm/uncomfortable on your ears and head.

    Corsair is releasing a new version (the Virtuoso Wireless XT) which will hopefully be coming to Australia soon! If you have a bigger head, I'd consider waiting or trying something different.


    How do these compare to the Steelseries Arctis 7 or Actis 1?


      I have the Steelseries Arctis 7. Range, comfort and battery life are very good. Downsides are the controls on the outer ear cups are not the most intuitive or easy to use compared to others. Also the stereo directional sound is average, I have a harder time picking out footstep of enemies for instance in FPS compared to my HyperX Cloud II although these are wired.


    Here's my 2cents for you OP.

    I was in search for a gaming wireless headphone that had great audio and a decent mic, had a reasonable battery and most importantly on my list, was comfortable .

    I bought these about two months ago , only to return them the following day.

    Here are the things I really liked:
    - the design was pleasing to look at as they are heavy duty and look well manufactured
    - they have RGB, (but it's off to the sides so if you're streaming , it'll be hard to see).

    Things I disliked and these were the reasons I opted out:

    -audio quality was not on par with their price point. Even after spending an hour or so tuning it so it felt better, it still felt weaker in both the bass and the treble side of it all

    • The RGB apparently drains the battery reasonably quickly and many people recommend turning it off when using wirelessly to presumably double the battery life .

    -the main reason for returning was how heavy and uncomfortable they felt . After 45min of gaming, it started to hurt my outer ears lobes as there is no padding against the inside drivers. It was physically uncomfortable also due to the shape. They're circles instead of an oval which matches the human ear . So if you have larger than average ears, they won't fit all the way around and will leak outside noise in.

    What I did get instead after extensive reviews was the Razer blackshark V2 pros. Honestly super light weight, super comfortable , tons of adjustment option using Razer synapse which makes everything pop. Only dislike is no Bluetooth option but doesn't matter for me as I only use it for gaming on the PC ( comes with the 2.4 GHz wireless usb dongle and an aux cord for your phone /PlayStation ). Battery life is great, I charge them once a week as there's no indication for battery life remaining, and I use them for about 2 hours a day. You can also use them while plugged in and charging (not usb C unfortunately, just micro USB but works fine )

    Lastly the price point - JB hi-fi had these on sale for 191 a month or so ago so it was a good deal with 5% gift cards

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      191 is a great price, couldn't see that in my ozbargain search!

      Only got my old Razer Megaladons to compare to, but I'll be sure to look out for these issues!