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This or a 3080 aorus extreme (with that cool LCD display ) for the same price ?
18/08/2021 - 14:23
$80 shipping and handling ? Lol what
09/08/2021 - 12:09
Same , worth a shot considering the very low risk.
08/08/2021 - 13:46
Australia says no to overpriced GPUs
07/08/2021 - 12:20
Thanks for your opinion . Now buzz off
31/07/2021 - 08:47
Bit the bullet and bought one for my sis when this post came up. Should be a decent picker upper from her GTX 970. Cash rewards calculated...
30/07/2021 - 23:10
Next month you'll probably be able to get a pre built with a 3070 at this price. Card alone is a no go
28/07/2021 - 19:36
hmm I wonder why they've specified only v8 models. What's stopping it from being used with the V11? Looks like the same width/push button...
24/07/2021 - 12:46
Here's my 2cents for you OP. I was in search for a gaming wireless headphone that had great audio and a decent mic, had a reasonable...
23/07/2021 - 12:45
Consumer affairs NT , I'll look into that thank you
23/07/2021 - 11:34
I see , so T1 in this case has forfeited the bond as he was paying it on behalf for his brother as a good gesture , basically in a sense...
23/07/2021 - 11:17
I agree, family dealings like this can get messy 😓
23/07/2021 - 11:15
I see thank you, technically then T2 is to have the bond returned to him when he decides to vacate even though T1 has paid 100% of the...
23/07/2021 - 11:12
Im trying to stay out of it as it's a dispute between the two but they're basically involving me in it because I'm the landlord holding the...
23/07/2021 - 10:53
I guess I'm T3 then , compensation for all the complications :/
23/07/2021 - 10:50
Yes given the situation I will continue holding that bond for T2 . The issue is what happens after T2 decides to end the rental agreement ....
23/07/2021 - 10:50
I live in the NT, bonds are usually just sent to the landlord's bank and a reciept of the transaction is given (in my case a screenshot of...
23/07/2021 - 10:33
Hey guys. First time posting , but I'm actually in a pickle because I'm not sure what to do in this situation . I've got a home with 2...
23/07/2021 - 09:55
Just thought I'd update , yes it worked . Apparently there is an issue with the auto generated email being sent to Hotmail accounts . They...
21/07/2021 - 16:36
Definitely an amazing cooker, Ive had one for 2ish years and I don't ever use my stove and oven anymore . Literally all I need is this and...
21/07/2021 - 06:30
Thanks OP bought 6 because its on sale. Oz bargain spirit
20/07/2021 - 14:32
Which section did you have the option to provide your delivery details and address ? There was no option when submitting the claim, just...
18/07/2021 - 20:41
So did I but here's the strange bit : I didn't receive any email confirmation although my claim tracking number says that is has been...
17/07/2021 - 10:43
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