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Creality K1 Max AI Fast 3D Printer $1167 Delivered @ Creality


Hey guys first time posting a proper deal I think. Been benefiting from this site over the year, figured it's time to give back. Please forgive as I don't know how to format:

I was eyeing the K1 Max off the official AU creality website for weeks waiting to pull the trigger and noticed their black friday sale is on starting today.

Here's what I personally did to get a sweet deal on the printer, their upgrades (K1 Max+Hyper PLA*2+Nozzle) as the smooth pei build plate has been out of stock (but i got one for ~$50 from ali express):

1) K1 Max+Hyper PLA*2+Nozzle on sale = A$1,256.78
2) Added x10 Hyper Series PLA 3D Printing Filament 1kg A$44.99 each but deal is Get 5 for the price of 4 OR Get 10 for the price of 7 (I got 10) = A$314.93
3) Add the student beans discount (I think its uniquely generated) but gets you 6% off total order = $1474.70 AUD total paid for the above.

note: the x10 material discount is interchangeable it seems, so I did x5 of hyper PLA and x5 silk pla in color.

Enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    careful you don't shatter the screen.

    What made you go for the K1 over Bambulabs?

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      Probably the build volume with the K1 Max (300x300x300mm) vs the P1P/S X1/c (256x256x256mm). I'd go the Bambulab route otherwise

      • +2

        That's 27 L for the K1 Max
        and only 16.78 L for the Bambulabs

        ^3 really makes a difference!

        • -1

          Still.. it's only 35 pints difference. :)

          Or… depends on how you look at this…
          The whole 35 pints difference. :)

      • +1

        And all the k1 (speed/max) has enclosure (p1p doesn't, but X1 yes) - means more material choices - it's all depends what you are going to print :D

    • +5

      A few factors!
      -Cost was one of them, its about $1000 cheaper roughly. I'm just a casual user and wanted a really good upgrade from my ender 3 and CR10s V2 pro from 3-4 years back (still work fine though).
      -I didn't need the AMS system (only reason I can see myself getting bambu-labs X1-C would be that) as I'd rather print in white and paint over it (also the current AMS system not only produces a ton of waste but really increases print time by a lot due to filament swaps).
      -Non-proprietary functionality of creality is something I've always liked. I read that bambu labs requires you to login to print, and if the servers ever shut down, you couldn't use the printer (unsure how realistic this is though but I took it as a factor!). Also Bambu's 6 month free membership plan seemed strange to me, they didn't list any other pricing scheme for their plan when the 6 months run out (which I feel that they should on the site).
      -The build volume of the K1 max was a big point. I use my CR10s V2 pro all the time for larger prints, X1-C'S smaller plate would've been a notable change for me.
      - I've read maintenance is easier on the K1 max compared to Bambu for when things go wrong (which they likely will with any printer eventually).
      - The sale really helped me pull the trigger. I guess if Bambu's was more competitively priced, I might've considered it but the price difference was too large to warrant the purchase.

      • +2

        Being open source is a big deal. Although the Bambulabs is impressive, I don't want to support the shift in this industry away from open ecosystems into subscription and data harvesting corporations (especially Chinese ones).

        • +3

          Subscription and data harvesting? It can work without the internet.
          Aftermarket gear for these machines absolutely exist.

        • Being open source is a big deal. Although the Bambulabs is impressive, I don't want to support the shift in this industry

          Android is opensource. iOS is impressive.
          I know people who don't buy Apple products for the same reason - they don't want to support… whatever they would support by buying.

          • @SickDmith: Android is open source, ios is not open source, both are impressive.

        • +1

          Good luck using the Creality mobile app. Be prepared to be hammered with ads. Creality open source my arse. They have violated the klipper firmware by not making the source code available. Eventually they made it open source from all the pressure

      • +7
        • A Bambu p1p is 900, a p1s 1069.
        • Non proprietary doesnt mean you cant get cheap parts from others selles. CHT high flow doubled my max flowrate, the known limitation of the bambu.
        • You absolutley can print offline, either with an sd card like a normal printer or in LAN mode from your computer, just cant start a print from the phone.
        • After about 500 hours, ive done literally zero maintenance

        Each to their own, but the Bambu actually made me enjoy printing again.

      • +2

        First thing first, if you are working on something commercial or prototype, don't buy the bambulab - as their T&C can have everything from your account.

        the bambulab can be configured as intranet mode https://wiki.bambulab.com/en/software/bambu-studio/remote-co…
        yes, bambulab is not fully opensource, prusa mk4 is way too expensive and slow production time, and the k1 missed something from x1 or mk4 - the stabilizer, mutl-colors PLA, full auto leveling and accuracy… and Creality app has too many app and if they opensource this part will be much better. I hope there is k1 pro or something coming out this year….

        • @s12321 You have no idea what you talking about…please go away. This is the reason why the X1E was released. I dont agree with the price though

          • @Hellfire666: @Hellfire666 the X1E is likely A$4495, you may consider Prusa Pro :)
            I think for print quality Bambu lab is better, for opensource, privacy and security Creality is better in control. :)

            • @s12321: @s12321 again you have no idea. Open source my arse. A condition for using klipper is to make the source code available. Creality did that after the amount of bad feedback and pressure from Klipper.

  • +3

    Is the headaches of dealing with a Creality printer really worth the extra 40mm of build volume over a Bambu P1P/P1S? You can pick these up in the US for around 350$USD and theres a reason for it.

    • I guess that's dependant on personal experience. I've never had an issue with either of my 2 printers, albeit when you get an ender 3 you know what you're getting into because it forced me to learn about assembly and maintenance. The cr10s v2 pro never had any issues (just bed levelling goes out every few weeks but usually my fault from pulling on a print without waiting for it to cool, re-leveling is something I've learnt to fix easily now)

    • +1

      For practical prints 300mm vs 250mm is significant.

      I purchased one of these today as well, the speed that these things can print is amazing but will hold onto my modded ender 5 plus until i'm confident the K1 Max is relatively pain free, some very mixed reviews online, suspect its a bit of luck of the draw for build quality.

      There are also a bunch of coupons floating about you can apply to get this cheaper again.

  • -4

    The gift that keeps on giving… the joy of getting a creality to “working”

    • Maybe you were doing it wrong.
      My first printer a creality worked straight out of the box and prints PETG beautifully with no mods.

  • +1

    The non-max recently dropped to 300 USD in the US lol

    • That's the regular K1 not the K1 max, and it's $350 USD

    • A$655, not sure if there is further discount. :D

  • Thanks for sharing, ya got me tempted

  • +2

    Use code BFCM45 to bring it down to $1122

  • https://store.creality.com/au/products/k1-speedy-3d-printer?…

    K1 speedy is $655.

    Almost half the price of a P1S.

    Good deals.

  • +1

    This code is better, down to $1096.


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